Toys or Life?


I have met several people lately whose life outlook is, to say the least, bleak. They believe that there is no hereafter, no Creator, and that we are here merely to procreate, eat and sleep, and whoever gets the most toys before he dies wins. I must say, where is the incentive? Toys wear out, if you eat too much you get fat and can’t enjoy the toys, procreating only lasts so long, and you always wake up from sleep. These goals are just not enough for me. Boring.     

I choose to believe in a higher authority than almighty man. I look around and see the miracle of life. The masterpiece of creation. I see us as evolving beings that can use our freedom of choice to become like our Creator – perfect in every way. I choose to reach for the stars, not stopping until I get there. I can think of no worse an existence than that of thinking that life is nothing more than a collection of toys. When the toys are gone, life is gone – utter destruction, nothing left. I choose life.      

Toys are not bad things, but they are not the reason for existence. We exist because our Creator made us. He made us to be like Him, and we can become more like Him through the choices that we make. This earthly existence is not all there is; if it were, I would choose to die – to exist no longer. I live to gain the crown of everlasting life. I choose to obey my Father. I choose life. 

Copyright (c) 2004 – 2007 Barbara Peterson

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