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Trilaterals Over America by Antony Sutton

Want to know more about the Trilateral Commission? Antony Sutton and Patrick Wood wrote the original book “Trilaterals Over Washington” in 1976. This book exposes one of the most powerful non-governmental bodies in the world. Antony Sutton re-did the book in 1994, and titled it “Trilaterals Over America.” This link will allow you to download the entire book in PDF format. Here is an excerpt:

In brief, this group of private citizens is precisely organized in a manner that ensures its collective views have significant impact on public policy. They meet, they review, they discuss, they report and after this discussion make their recommendations public.

For what purpose? The Trilateral Commission would hardly expend all this energy and funding for an academic exercise. . the objective has to be to establish public policy objectives to be implemented by governments worldwide. Further, the members are not elected. . they are chosen. The Chairman of the Executive Committee, the committee that chooses members, is David Rockefeller, who is also founder and Chairman of the overall Trilateral Commission. The entire structure reflects Rockefeller choices, not impartial or representative choices…

While publically portrayed as a high level discussion group, the Trilateral Commission is dedicated to New World Order. The most comprehensive statement of New World Order is to be found in Trilateral co-founder Brzezinski’s book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, published just before the Trilateral Commission was founded… (Antony Sutton)

Download book in PDF format here.




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