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Oklahoma Declares Sovereignty

2nd Session of the 51st Legislature (2008)

By: Key

A Joint Resolution claiming sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over certain powers; serving notice to the federal government to cease and desist certain mandates; and directing distribution.

WHEREAS, the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”; and

WHEREAS, the Tenth Amendment defines the total scope of federal power as being that specifically granted by the Constitution of the United States and no more; and

WHEREAS, the scope of power defined by the Tenth Amendment means that the federal government was created by the states specifically to be an agent of the states; and

WHEREAS, today, in 2008, the states are demonstrably treated as agents of the federal government; and 

WHEREAS, many federal mandates are directly in violation of the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States; and

WHEREAS, the United States Supreme Court has ruled in New York v. United States, 112 S. Ct. 2408 (1992), that Congress may not simply commandeer the legislative and regulatory processes of the states; and 

WHEREAS, a number of proposals from previous administrations and some now pending from the present administration and from Congress may further violate the Constitution of the United States.


THAT the State of Oklahoma hereby claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.

THAT this serves as Notice and Demand to the federal government, as our agent, to cease and desist, effective immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.

THAT a copy of this resolution be distributed to the President of the United States, the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate of each state’s legislature of the United States of America, and each member of the Oklahoma Congressional Delegation.



101 Responses

  1. If this resolution is for real, it is unbelievable that a governmental component of the United States should be so ignorant of the United States as this joint resolution shows the Oklahoma Legislature to be.

    First of all, these Okies haven’t the slightest idea of what the Tenth Amendment is. The Founders stated that all powers of the Constitution come from the people, not the states, and the meaning of the Tenth is that those powers not granted to either the federal government or to state governments in state constitutions are retained by the people. The Tenth is a “PEOPLE’S POWER” amendment, nothing else, and it makes the people the fourth branch of government alongside the executive, legislature and judicial and the fourth layer of government with the federal, state and local governments.

    Second; the statement that the Tenth “defines the total scope of federal power” is absurd. The Constitution contains many powers outside the Tenth, which as just mentioned, our Okies haven’t the faintest idea of its scope.

    Third; the 10th does not mean the federal government was created by the states. The Founders said just the opposite. Chief Justice John Marshall, a Founder, explained in a 1819 Supreme Court decision that the federal government was created by the American people not the state governments. The Preamble of the Constitution supports Marshall’s view for it says, “WE the people of the United States … ordain and establish the Constitution.” The statement that the states created the federal government is un-American.

    Fourth; the implication that “all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States” being invalid is baloney. Marshall also stated in his 1819 decision the doctrine of “implied powers”; that is any powers that are “necessary and proper” that are needed to carry out the enumerated powers. Says that clearly in Article I, Section 8, paragraph 18. This nonsense that the US is restricted to only “enumerated, powers, “listed” powers or “named” powers is nonsense.

    Fifth; the federal government is not the agent of the state (as explained above); it is supreme in all matters (Article VI), and “mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers” was shown in the previous paragraph to be a ludicrous statement if one doesn’t know anything about implied powers.

    Is it possible that there is not one politician in the Oklahoma Legislature who knows anything about the United States Constitution? While Oklahoma may have legitimate grievances against the present right-wing federal administration, that is no excuse to be totally ignorant about the United States Constitution.

    • “…may have legitimate grievances against the present right-wing federal administration,”. Where do you live?

      One question, who makes up the State, it isn’t a entity in of itself…the state is the people and the people are the State. Sorry, but you are wrong on this one.

  2. First, my dad was an Okie, and I guess that makes me an Okie’s daughter. Second, by the sound of your posting, ignorance is not restricted to the Oklahoma Legislature.

    The 10th Amendment:

    “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the STATES respectively, OR to the people.”

    That about covers your items 1&2.

    Your item 3:

    Were “We the People” present physically to create the federal government, or were we represented by our states?

    Your items 4&5:

    Implied powers: I guess that is why Bush claimed that the Constitution was just a piece of paper. After all, with implied powers, why look at the actual words?

    The federal government supreme in all matters? Hogwash! The Constitution was designed to restrict the powers of the federal government, not to give it unrestricted power over the states and the people residing in them.

    Since you doubt the authenticity of the resolution, here are the links:




  3. Awesome Oklahoma! All 50 States should do this!

    Join the Ron Paul Revolution!


  4. sounds like you got your daily dose of a neo-con who is engaged in revisionist constitutionalism.

    “Nor prohibited by it to the States”…says it all. The states hold the trump card. Not the Fed. Nowhere does it say “Nor prohibited by the federal government to the states”.

    Oklahoma should be proud. And don’t think for a minute that they took this step without first vetting it with several constitutional authorities to make sure it was valid and lawful.

    Maybe, as with REAL ID, this will catch on and the states will assert their power over the federal government and restore some of what we have lost.

    As for those who insist that the Federal government is the end all, be all of everything….bite me!

    Go Oklahoma!!!!

  5. Good for OK for standing up for their rights and beating back this Neocon Military Junta Totalitarian takeover attempt by Cheney and co. It all started in earnest with the false flag operation on 9/11. We let them get away with it so fasten your seatbelt folks. They have been enboldened by this outrageous crime and will carry out another one to finish off the Constitution and install their Totalitarian Junta in the name of “security”.

  6. REVOLUTION is the Solution!!!

  7. I guess that means all that military business – like all the money flowing from Tinker – will leave. Then there’s all those oil production units enjoying all those grants and subsidies. Do you know that oil companies get to write down the cost of their production units using 35$/BBL. Imagine how much in taxes they’d be paying to “us” if they were required to depreciate assets based on the market price of oil.

    Ok – let’s see – no federal tax giveaways for oil production – no more military industrial complex business – no grants to Oki Universities.

    Hmmm – now how is Oklahoma going to make a living. Do they like weave carpets or make flutes out of bamboo?

    Go for it Oklahoma – but before you do you need to pay us back for any highways schools and libraries paid for out of US accounts. Soon as we “rebalance” go for it – maybe I’ll buy a bamboo flute the next time i ride through!

    There’s a lot of us who wish we go get out of this farce of a nation we’ve allowed eyes wide open.

    • What an idiot. Oklahoma is a net contributor to the federal budget not a net recipient. Our oil and gas industry and coal industry would triple without federal regulation to stifle it. Like Texas, Oklahoma is one of a few states that can be totally self sufficient if need be and if the current government seizeure of power doesn’t get checked in the very near future Oklahoma will not be standing alone. Currently 33 states have either passed or are considering similar legislation to guarnatee their soveriegn rights. The Fed is supposed to be the weakest level of government not the strongest as any true study of the constitution and the federalist papers clearly defines. Washington is to be the servant not the master.

    • You need to look just where your taxes accusal go. The collections of the IRS go to the Federal Reserve to pay the interest on the notes that the Treasury got when they sold the notes to pay for all of the programs that the UNITED STATES CORPORATION came up with to give to the populace.
      The government proper runes on the import export taxes that it gets.
      Public benefits are paid for out of what the the FR sells the government for Treasury Notes. That is how the make ‘money’ out of nothing.
      It costs the FR about 50 cents to print any denomination of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE that you want but the IRS has to collect all of it back plus interest from the people.
      So whether you want them or not, you have to pay for government benefits, so pay your taxes and get you state to tell the government to turn down the benefits.

  8. Light at the end of the tunnel.
    The federal government has trampled on the constitution so long and yet there is hope that the states can and will stand up and say enough.
    THANK YOU and God Bless.

  9. Additionally, as per art 1 sec 8 of the Constitution, federal laws apply ONLY to Wash DC, not the States:
    “..to excercise Legislation..over such District [ie. Washington DC , the District of Columbia] ..not exceeding ten Miles square…..”
    Now what Oklahoma should really do is start a sound money system , silver/gold /certificates to replace the private “Federal Reserve NOTES (IOU’s!)”
    created out of thin air by the infamous Bauer’s aka RED-Shields aka Rothschilds aka RATchilds and their subordinates the Rottenfellers and Warburgs. “The borrower is servant to the lender” and this puts the evil sicko’s -who get rich from wars and have killed millions of people in their engineered wars so far and are planning nuclear WW3 right now- in charge of the federal govt which borrows at interest every dollar that exists. (see Russo’s http://www.freedomtofascism.com ) Also,Oklahoma and the other States had better get their National Guard troops back home to protect We the People from a federal/UN trroops (google the military’s “Partnership for Peace” scam) invasion.
    1. Honest gold/silver based money system
    2. State ,County,local militias to protect from a subsequent military takeover attempt by Fed Banksters as they will try to maintain their trillions of dollars “Central Bank of ISSUE “scam!

  10. Hard to believe if true! A huge step towards hope for the USA, which has fallen so low.
    The ;last post is right about the militia, totallty right about money system, a bit wrong about bi-metallism. There are models for sound monetary systems, eg a book by economist Dr Margit Kennedy, advocating as base a basket of commodities .
    Go OK, go!!

  11. To cadavre , the people of OK. have been paying plenty of federal taxes that have more than paid for their highways just as the rest of states have.Where pray tell do you think the federal government gets all its money???? I am quite sure that the people of OK. have been paying the income taxes, gas taxes, alcohol taxes, tobacco taxes , and the list could go on and on just like all of us other states have.Why is it people like you think the federal government just gives,gives,gives.Sometimes they do give but they usually do for some interest other than the states or for the good of all people therein.If you look at all the federal taxes paid by all people of america you will see the federal government takes,takes,takes and gives back little to “we the people”.Down with the federal reserve…….a private banking institution that has help run our economy into the ground.Read what the founding fathers said about our monetary system.Learn.

  12. The encouraging note glimmer of truth within this article on this futile act of the Oklahoma Legislature is that it was necessary to go as far as Oklahoma in order to find an organized group that still believes it is possible for elective government to reflect the will of the people, or that the will of the people could be in the best interest of the people.

    I’m sorry folks, but the best reason I can find that the species hasn’t gone flat out extinct is blind, dumb, and cruel luck.

    Don Robertson, The American Philosopher


    It’s time to overturn this filthy corporate oligarchy and get back to our Constitution. I want America back. The Ron Paul Revolution is just beginning…

  14. Not being totally versed in the U.S. constitution I’ll bet this is going to turn some heads in your federal government and just maybe get them to step up and put their collective ship in order. If in fact Oklahoma has a case, a wise course of action would be for all the remaining states to pass similar resolutions simply in the interest of democracy.

  15. Good ! More states should excerise their sovereignity and use their States Rights, power, as given in the Constitution…..

    Every act of the Federal government, against or without the consent of the people is injustice, usurpation, and tyranny….

  16. All the states should have done this SOONER!

    Go, SOONERS!

  17. […] a courageous move, the Oklahoma legislature has taken a step toward sovereignty. The State has introduced a and passed a joint resolution proclaiming their soverignty and putting […]

  18. Good for Oklahoma, all States should follow suit. After all, the federal gov’t constantly violates our right.
    They violate the 1st Amendment by opening mail, caging demonstrators and banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
    They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
    They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
    They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov’t.
    Support Dr. Ron Paul and save this great country.
    Last link (unless Google Books caves to the gov’t and drops the title):

  19. If this is genuine (and I have not been able to confirm
    and there was nothing in the local papers about it)
    then I give credit to the legislature for having the guts to
    put the federal government in its place.
    As to the bizarre notion that it is the people and not the states which created the Constitution, this is a
    debater’s trap. First of all, the States (not the people)
    selected the delegates to the federal convention in l787. It was state sovereignty vs. federal sovereignty that was the principal item of debate among these delegates. And the Constitution was ratified, not by popular vote of the people, but by delegates operating through state ratification conventions. You see, we are not a democracy where popular vote decides. We are a republic which means the people act politically through selected or elected representatives. On the local level, the people act through their city councils and county commissioners (or equivalent). On the State level, the people act through their elected representatives in the legislative and executive branches. On the federal level, the poople act through their elected representatives in the legislative and executive branches. The executive is selected by electors elected by the people. The people, therefore, rarely directly decide anything. And the people created the Constitution only in the sense they did so through
    selected delegates chosen by the various state legislative bodies. It is not just “we the people” but
    ‘we the people of the United States’ (or States united, since there was no such thing as a country named the ‘United States.’
    It is incumbent upon the states to assert their sovereignty on behalf of the people or we are doomed to the tyranny fo government our founders feared. Even Alexander Hamilton, himself a strong government supporter, said that the States formed the
    line of defense against usurpation of authority by the newly created federal government.

    • The mainstream media isn’t saying anything about it because they’ve been bought out a long time ago. The ceo’s belong to the councel on foreign relations which is fighting for their precious new world order. Many ceo’s of some of the largest businesses also belong to the councel.

  20. Will be sure to post this at RedDirtReport.com. Thanks, Barbara!

  21. I agree – Revolution is the solution. Americans have never been so in agreement on anything before. It is time to drain the swamp of Zionazis and crooks.

    July 4th? Say three million well armed and pissed off people? Should take an hour or two at the most…

    The blackmailed perverts that make op our congress are in the pocket of Rothschild’s banking system and the plan for the New World Order – The world run from Israel. I just don’t see that happening.

    I will move to the first state that succeeds from the union and that state will do quite well.

  22. Apparently thomas a bonsell is incapable of even capitalizing his own name, let alone interpreting the Constitutionso perhaps he should not denigrate others. The 10th Amendment is an either/or… if a power is not enumerated in the Constitution, or prohibited to the states, it is is reserved to the states OR to the people. This guarantees that the states would not become subservient to the central government, a body that many of the colonies distrusted. Having just overthrown one dictator, they were not anxious to aqcuire another one. I hope this clears things up a bit.

  23. A newscast doesn’t go by without seeing a state or local official moaning about lack of funds. But NEVER do they state the obvious reason for this: the federal government is bleeding us white for permanent war run by a bloated, corrupt military-industrial complex. Every state should seriously consider distancing itself from the feds. What greater blessing could the states bestow on their citizens than to begin the process of shutting off the flow of treasure to the IRS and re-directing that flow to state and local coffers for projects and services we really need?

    The federal government has become a thumb in our eye — it’s time for states to rethink our relationship with it, and this Oklahoma legislation is a good start.

  24. The constitution gives the states the right to withdraw from the union and i believe that all 50 of them should do it. Then write a new constitution that succinctly states exactly what the federal government is allowed to do or not to do. If our current constitution can be interpreted like the first commentor on this list, it obviously needs to be rewritten.

    And, don’t worry Oklahoma, your people have more balls than the rest of the nation put together. The feds won’t invade you, their troops are too busy protecting Isreal.

    BTW, the civil war wasn’t about freeing the slaves it was about whether or not the federal government would honor the constitution and allow states to withdraw. The southern states are actually an occupied country. And our federal government has been illegal since that time.

    Yes, Oklahoma should pay for all of the infrastructure that the feds have erected and I’m sure they’ll have plenty of money to do that just as soon as the feds give them back all of the illegal taxes that they have taken from the people Of Oklahoma.

    • We don’t need to rewrite the Constitution. It’s because of the way it’s written that we can fire the fed.

  25. Thank You Barb… You saved me a ton of typing!! ;-)

    I hope he enjoys wiping that cold gooey egg off of his face! Ha!

    Now, let’s get the rest of the states to follow suit! Woot!

    The Revolution has begun! And, it will NOT be televised…

  26. This is how it is done.

  27. Neary a peep from the media.. just the usual back to back
    reports on robberies, murders and the rest to scare us all
    into wanting more Police, more protection and a bigger and
    more powerful government that controls every aspect of our

    I hope this is true..

  28. If this is genuine, pick one …

    – Well done Oklahoma.

    – OK is OK.

    – Lead by example, OK.

    – Good luck.

    – All the above.

  29. This doesn’t look like that big of a deal, really. The question is what are they going to do next. All this did was say they are sovereign as is stated in the 10th Amendment. This is not a declaration of secession from the federal government at all.

    It only looks like they are preparing to do something the central government says they can’t do. This could be related to a divisive issue like abortion, gay marriage, etc. Or it could be about business.

    Until the other shoe drops, who knows? But I wouldn’t get all excited like OK is leaving the Union. That isn’t what this says at all.


  31. A Constitutional Conference that is! We need to recreate the Constitution to rein in the runaway Executive Branch! Let’s start by limiting the President’s reign to only 6 years…no more re-election for the executive power! Also, we need term limits for both chambers of Congress! More legislation that keeps Big Money out of our courts! More campaign finance reform. Reign in the lobbyists! Bravo OKlahoma!

  32. You are right, Kooch… Yet… It is a start…

    The thing is, is this is a hint as to what is really happening in all 50 states…
    That being… The People are beginning to realize the depth and enormity of the lies of the shrub & co… Along with all of the post 9-11 draconian laws and executive orders that have stripped our Constitutionally Creator Given Rights as Sovereign Human Beings…

    So this isn’t a declaration of secession… Yet… But it’s a darn good start as far as I am concerned…

    I also just sent off an email to every member of both houses and the governor’s office, telling them they should follow suit… In it, I provided a link to this article…

    I hope everyone else who knows about this does the same with their state and local governments…

  33. THANK YOU, Oklahoma people. Let’s see every other state do this. And then follow through with making the feds “cease and desist certain mandates.” There’s a long, long list of unconstitutional federal mandates that need to be ceased and desisted!

  34. One thing I’d like to point out. “We the people” did not include the vast majority of the people. Only those who could vote at the time. White men who owned property. Not Blacks, not women, not poor Whites. In the succeeding 232 years, dribs and drabs of power have been drizzled out to these groups with great fanfare, but the reality is that if you’re anything but rich and white, in America today, you’re still second class at best.

  35. We don’t need a “peice of paper” or “permission” to leave a union where we the people are not represented fairly, I mean how many times does the state have to walk all over us for us to get the message? I think it’s time for the Northwest to get a clue, and secede from this farce of a union.

  36. As a neighbor of Oklahoma sitting in Kansas, I also wanted to believe this bit of news. So I searched the following:
    and selected “Current Status” on the left side toward the top.

    Next I chose “House Joint Resolutions” and left the other inputs blocks alone.
    I then selected “Retrieve” and it listed all the HJR Bills on the left side in numerical order.
    Scrolling down to the listing called “HJR 1089” shows that it has gone “dormant” after being referred (shelved) to the Rules Comittee. There is no further listing of activity on this bill HJR 1089 other than the vote that took place on 3/13/2008 as noted on this Oklahoma Government web site:
    (long link…hope it carries over)

    Now I am REALLY curious as to which of the Oklahoma elected officials are hiding this in Committee.

  37. I’m moving to Oklahoma.
    You Okies got room for a beat-up old Marine veteran?

  38. If this is for real, I believe it might be a small turning point in the history of our country. I agree that the other 49 states should issue similar proclamations telling the federal government to resume it’s legal role instead of being the ruler of these 50 separate but equal states.
    that being said, I may have to consider moving back down to Oklahoma. I lived there for several years in the OK City area, and it really is a good place to live if you don’t mind the religious repression.
    Side Note: If the legislature and Govenor take this proclamation to heart, watch for some very serious repercussions to come from inside the Beltway. Telling the Feds to heel is dangerous. Volunteers for the Oklahoma Militia anyone?

  39. Oldphart,

    Just checked it out. Yup, it is hung up in the Rules Committee.



    However, I cannot find any reference to it going dormant. Maybe there is still hope.


  40. AAhhhh, thats ok , Its just a Goddamn piece of paper

  41. Barb,
    There is reference to it being dormant on the flags listed.

    Look at the legend for flags and the # = Amended by the house, d = Dormant, s = Committee Substitute

  42. AAAARRGGHH!!! So let me get this straight. Just about everyone voted for it, then it went dormant in the grip of bureaucracy. This corrupt system is designed to strangle every good thing that comes its way.

    I looked up the bill in Iowa from 1995 that stated the same thing:


    Does anyone know if this went dormant also? I looked through the site and couldn’t find the status.

  43. For all you, oh my god the fed government is all. Think what this means to OK and Iowa. No mandated speed limits or seatbelt laws or minimum drinking ages in order to receive federal highway money. If Oklahoma pays it in they should receive it back without conditions. Or not have to pay it in the first place. Let the voters decide those issues. And if you think this is a GW Bush problem it has been for the last 4 or five administrations this stuff has happened. Rep or Dem has been just as guilty of removing States rights and individual freedoms. It is high time to reverse this process and tell Washington to stick it.

  44. Ditto. Thank you B. Peterson.

  45. You go Oklahoma.
    We have a government that for many years have thought that they could convince others to do us a favor and have done so by secretly raping their economies and making ourselves great. Every time something like this happens, whether it be by individuals or by governments, it will always come back to get us with big teeth.
    We have lived in good times and every time someone tells us that bad things are going on in our government, we don’t want to listen. When bad times are upon us then we’re mad enough to do something about it but by then things have snowballed so badly and people at the top are fearful for their lives so they can’t tell the public what has really been done to our country.
    Sad that we are in the state that we are and don’t know it for the most part.

  46. Questions answered! Hey guys, I found the answers to some of our questions, and posted an article titled “Oklahoma’s Charles Key Vows to Continue the Sovereignty Fight” to the front page. Check it out!


  47. hurray for Oklahoma,

    As an interested bistander, here in Canada, All I want to say is any state legislature that has the horse sense to stand apart from DC and your out of control federal crime network is OK in my books. pun intended.

    1 down 49 to go!!!

    A legislature that actually defends the U.S. constitution and its state’s citizenry. Sounds like a state that I would want to live in.

  49. Our country is disintegrating. We MUST join together and oppose this corrupt, war-mongering, bullshit governement. How fucking stupid are we? Obama? McCain? These are the two best choices to run our country? Why do we tolerate this bullshit? How can our secretary of defense never have served a day of his life in the military? Why do we allow ourselves to be poisoned by pesticides, chemtrails, bad medicines? We do we continue to be addicted to oil? Why the fuck aren’t we manufacturing electric cars by the millions and exporting them all over the world? Why? Because how could the Federal govt. tax free energy? If everyone had a solar panel that charged their cars, how would the pigs get fed? Rise up people. This is OUR world. The illuminati is REAL. Don’t allow them to always add ” theory” everytime we say “conspiracy”. Why haven’t we found Osama? -because he is on the CIA payroll! I love this country and I love our citizens, but we have allowed this bullshit to continue for too long. Buy guns and bullets while you can. There is a storm brewing and we need to be the thunder and the lightning. Or…. we can all sit back and talk about whether or not baseball players are on steroids or if Paris Hilton has put her lazy eye to work. This is OUR country. This is OUR world. We must not let them divide us any longer. There are ONLY two races of men in this world….. Decent and indecent. If you love America, if you Love freedom, then you must tell everyone you know about 911 truth. You must tell everyone you know about the Rothchilds, the Bilderbergs, the council on Foreign relations. If you love this country you will call out and expose the secret societies, the smug power brokers who laugh as we dance while they pull our strings.

    Enough is enough.

  50. Re: Go for it Oklahoma – but before you do you need to pay us back for any highways schools and libraries paid for out of US accounts. Soon as we “rebalance” go for it – maybe I’ll buy a bamboo flute the next time i ride through!

    Pay US back? lol give me a break…The residents of OK should be drawing dividend checks from lease of the land those hwy sits on. The OK residents pay for those hwys to be built and maintained and the feds claim ownership. Instead, the lessee attempts to sub lease the hwy’s to foreigners for toll roads. BREACH OF CONTRACT!
    You need to remember where the feds get their money to start with…it just doesn’t fall out of a damn tree…

  51. Bob Schulz of We The People Foundation is preparing Redress of Grievances to present to our Representatives this month (June). With all this action against the illegal Feds, something good has to come out of this. This Redress of Grievances is powerful. Please visit http://www.givemeliberty.org/revolution/
    & help. Watch the two videos first (15 mins total time) & sign the petition & volunteer to present them to your representative later this month. It will take very little time & no money to help. So please help; take part in the Freedom Revolution.

  52. I HOPE this goes somewhere. I am sick and tired of the way this wonderful country is being ran. I think the 2 party system is a JOKE!!! It is 2 sides of the same coin. Every politician needs to be thrown out of office because they are corrupt in some way. I guess the shrub does want to open the offshore drilling areas that his father restricted. Afterall, he has to make as much $$$ for himself and his cronies before he leaves office, if he leaves office. The BILLIONs they have already collected aren’t enough. It is time for THE PEOPLE of this great nation to stand up and take OUR country back. Obama??? McCain??? There is no choice for president!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA AND TAKE A STAND!!! Way to go OK!!!!!

    Waiting and watching…

  53. Congratulations Oklahoma!

  54. In case you missed the reference above — the Oklahoma House Of Representatives passed the Resolution, 92 to 3. As a ‘Joint Resolution” it was then sent to the State Senate where it was languishing in
    committee when the legislature adjourned.
    OK Rep. Charles Key, who sponsored and introduced the Joint Resolution says he will continue the effort to have the matter presented for vote before the State Senate when the legislature reconvenes in Jan. ’09.
    Here’s hoping.
    Now, many find this insignificant. But it is not. In the
    early l800’s Virginia passed a similar resolution written by James Madison. Around the same time, Kentucy passed a similar resolution now known to have been written by Jefferson. Now, every state needs to address this issue. If for no other reason than to be able to identify those who are not loyal to the principles of our founding fathers as regards limited government so they can be voted out of office. “We the People” have to demand of our state representatives to make such a declaration on behalf of its citizens or all is lost. And if “We the People” paid as much attention to our legislature’s (state and federal) voting records as we do about football scores or the latest “Britney” fiasco we would not be in this mess.
    Like it stands, our national complacency and apathy has led to the government we deserve, not the one we
    fought for in l776 or codifiedin l789.

  55. To those calling for a Constitutional Convention, this is NOT what we need. It would play right into the hands of the bastards who would use the convention to replace the ten amendments of the Bill of Rights with the ten planks of the central platform of the Communist Manifesto.

    What we need to do is actually OBEY the Constitution WE HAVE!

  56. This sounds really quite good. I’m not a U.S. citizen but I try to follow U.S. politics as what happens there eventually has repercussions elsewhere. OK and the state reps who backed this are sure showing some guts and strength of character to push this through.

    I just hope that this really changes things for the better and doesn’t die on the vine like resolutions on impeachment against G. dubya and Cheny. The globalists though have a pretty strong hold in D.C. and in some other states in the Union so I also hope that it doesn’t start something worse….if a lot of states decide to join in with OK and a lot don’t it could lead to a very bad disagreement between groups/factions of member States of the U.S. on either side of the issue and the last time that happened resulted in the bloodiest war in U.S. history. Hope it don’t go that far for certain.

  57. I wish someone would compare the eleventh amendment with art. 3 sec. 2 those two are in conflict with each other . I think someone said that if there is a conflict between the U S constitution and a federal mob amendment the amendment will fall and the U S constitution will prevail .and I know the the federal governament is in want of Juridiction so dont wave your rights and if you dont keep demanding them they assume that you waved them
    Thank You Joe L’Amarca

  58. So a copy of the resolution was sent to the White House and the House of Representative, and the Senate… And as usual, the MSM is keeping this quiet. But the Truth that the People are actually fighting them is there and will come out.

    Vive La Revolution!

  59. It is good that Oklahoma declared its sovereignty. She is the first that has done so, and many other states are considering it. States such as; Vermont, New Hampspire, Georgia, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Main, and a few more. All states have the right declare sovereignty under the Constitution. This idea was even taught at West Point in the 1840’s and 1850’s. Hawaii is also seeking its sovereignty, but under different circumstances. It seems that Hawaii is actually under American military occupation; and was never really a state. They have always been a country of their own, and now they are seeking to break a way from the United States. Barak Obama was born in Hawaii; and since Hawaii was never really a state of the union or the United states, Obama is not a naturally born citizen. In other words, he is ineligible to run for the presidency or to be President of the United States.

  60. Restore the power of Potus Comitatus Act to ‘the Okies” and every other state. For starters.

    From a paper by Dana Somerville, Journalism Student at Michegan State:

    “…President Bush asked Congress to consider allowing the military to assume police functions in the event of national emergencies. In the media there have been references to a posse comitatus law that currently prevents this…Posse comitatus is Latin for “power of the county.” The term refers to a sheriff’s common-law authority to arrange citizens into a posse in order to enforce laws. It appeared in English law in the 1400s after a riot that took place.

    “While in England posse comitatus referred to the grant of police powers to civilians, in America, posse comitatus refers to the military enforcement of civilian laws. Americans, from the beginning, have been leery of laws being enforced by the military.”

  61. From 0ccupied Florida. That is truly a wonderful thing. Lets hear it 3 times for The South; HURRAH, HURRAH, HURRAH. GO OKLAHOMA, CHET sR.

  62. its a good start , just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up . What would the feds do if even 6 states did this , all our troops are engaged , who would be left to enforce martial law , because that would be their response ( imho ) .

    My mom , side of the family was from OK , she would of been proud .

  63. Absolutely..Oklahoma is OK…! The push back on this administration (fascist regime) has begun..see what AZ did…Governor Napolitano has approved the “prohabition of the real ID act.”..

  64. Now, for the rest of the states to do the same. Let the people awake to arise from the chains of fascism/corporatism and corruption.

  65. I hope Texas will do this, or go back to being the Republic of Texas. Then maybe we can put our own troops on the border and stop the illegal human tsunami that has been occurring there since the 80s and use diplomacy instead of war in dealing with other nations. Only citizens of the Republic can run for office and no dual loyalists allowed.

    Balls. I love you.
    Now can the rest of the states realize the truth about federal laws also please thank you. Go on and put a leash on that monster that is supposed to be working FOR us.

  67. I wish people would cease prattling on about why their Constitutions are being abused. What’s the first syllable of that word? Con!!
    A true Constitution should have Nouns in it, and should NOT be written in Past or Future Tense, only Now-Time.
    Hawaii happens to have the only accepted Constitution by the World Court at present, so why don’t people want to know this? ‘Cos the Truth hurts! Just because George Bush won’t recognize it, does not mean it’s invalid…what the hell!!….he only reads upside-down children’s books!
    Oklahoma is not now, or ever has been, a State, due to the fact that America was in International Bankruptcy from 17 Sept 1789 till Sept 17 1999.
    A bankrupt corporation can NOT annexe any property whilst in International Bankruptcy….that’s banking LAW!!!
    There is not one State in the US that is legal, nor has there ever been. America was a sovereign nation before 1789, but the greed of the few, outweighed the needs of the many, and International Bankruptcy was organized via Benjamin Franklin (Declaration of Independence), the French government, and the Crown in England (Bank of England), because those Yankees wanted the South with all its wealth, and the South said “get stuffed”.
    So, why has no-one in the US done anything about correcting this scenario?
    The Education departments of all States made damn sure you were dumbed down enough to only look for a J.O.B. (Just Off Broke), and only the smart ones who asked enough questions were told the Truth…that there is NO law, only commerce! That’s why nobody has done anything about it….you CANNOT interfere with Commerce!
    ALL agreements, contracts and laws ever written, are total fiction, and a scenario of Adverbs, Verbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, Suffixes and Prefixes…but NO Nouns!!
    No Nouns, means No Facts, therefore No Closure!!
    So, in each and every situation of commerce, fiction is with everyone’s mindset, because that’s what was taught.
    There can NEVER be closure to any contracts on Planet Earth, till everyone learns to read and write in Quantum Mathematically certified language, which can be read forwards and backwards, and says the same thing.
    This language had been the mainstay of many countries till those people were slaughtered for NOT changing their language procedures, and what is left of the world is what we have today.

  68. My dad used to say Oklahoma was God’s country and my reply would be, ‘that’s because nobody else wants it’.

    I lived there many years and would NEVER go back. And the reason I would not, is because of the LACK OF RESPECT Oklahoma has, for individual Sovereignty. There is only a bunch of emotionally insecure control freaks that live there….all Texas wannabe’s.

  69. I hope Texas follows suit.

    How did it get to this point? Elections have been stolen the last several election cycles with hacked voting machines. Check out our book & website, http://www.hackedelections.com . Citizens have to take back elections, or we will just continue down this road to fascism – unless each state, like Oklahama, says, “Enough is enough!”

  70. The Lakota Nation is also trying to succeed. They are calling off all treaties beacuse the US Govt has violated ALL treaties with the people.

    Google it. It’s gaining some support….

    Our US Govt is completly out of control and they don’t care one iota what THE PEOPLE think or want. IF something is not done, very very soon, the police state is which we all live will be completely un-fixible.

    Get active in your politics and leaders…YOU owe it to your children and grandkids.

  71. I’ve been stating this for years. ALL the states need to secede and we the people need to take our power back to the grassroots level.

    Why pay federal taxes to a corrupt government, into a fake treasury department, through a fraudulent IRS collection agency for the Federal Reserve, which is owned by the world’s wealthiest banks?

    Even if that structure weren’t such an oppressive house of cards – when we pay $1 into Fed taxes, it probably comes back to the communities as 5 cents – after the federal agency administrative layers, waste and corruption.

    Disband the congressional branch – it’s owned by the war monger corporations, the justice branch has been loaded with elite neocon cronies, and the executive branch – has been kidnapped, where now the election process is a joke. War corporate owned Mainstream media steers the outcome, Rovian bullies and corrupt officials like Kathleen Harris rob the citizens of their rights to vote and the electronic voting system is accessed by neocon programmers – who switch the results to their satisfaction.

    It is so broken – it no longer serves the people. Instead of trying to fix it. Wipe the slate clean and start over. .

    Good for them! And hope to see more of it from other states.

  72. There is no one in Oklahoma that wants to live in Texas. Teaxas is a good place to live but way behind Oklahoma in so many ways. All of the Texans come here for thier vacations. Oklahoma is the most rugged state in the country by far and the best come from Oklahoma. Sue needs to stay in Texas where it sucks so bad that it makes the Oklahoma winds to keep us cool.

  73. what might be of more interest in this discussion .. is that you can find no other reference to this event int the main stream media .. a google news search for “Oklahoma legislature declares sovereignty” produces one hit .. and that ironically is at “RussiaToday, Russia – 20 Jun 2008” ..

    “they=the ruling class – the top 10% that control 90% of the wealth” own the mass media .. if they don’t want the population at large to hear about something it just does not happen .. and they know that if enough people do not know about something .. it will no t become an issue .. and they can just wait for it to blow over .. this is the real problem .. for it was by taking over the media that they have been able to take control of the governments ..

  74. Rock on Oklahoma!

  75. Sue Ann,

    You wrote:

    “My dad used to say Oklahoma was God’s country and my reply would be, ‘that’s because nobody else wants it’.

    I lived there many years and would NEVER go back. And the reason I would not, is because of the LACK OF RESPECT Oklahoma has, for individual Sovereignty. There is only a bunch of emotionally insecure control freaks that live there….all Texas wannabe’s.”

    We all have our preferences, but lumping every person from Oklahoma into a neat little category of “control freaks” is a tad on the unreasonable side, don’t you think? That is like saying that all Californians are hippies, all Texans are cowboys, or all Americans support George Bush’s war for oil, which is simply not true.

    Vague generalites such as this are what stops the flow of communication and sidetracks discussion into the name-calling stage.

    If you think the Oklahoma State Legislature is corrupt, say so and let’s talk about it. If you say that all Oklahomans are corrupt, prove it.

  76. Ben Franklin said: “whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation, must begin by subduing the freeness of speech”.
    Our media is controlled by big money and the Feds. As a people we tend to believe what we see on the news and in print. We are distracted by the worship of our sporting teams and hollywood “gods and goddesses”. We the people, must wake up and organize, rally and march on our state capitols and DC. We must elect officials that will uphold the constitution and protect our freedoms. I love our country but I strongly distrust our government. It’s states in our Decl of Independence that when a Govt becomes tyrannical it becomes the duty and right of the people to alter or abolish it. Checks and balances.
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, freedom of speech, the right to bear arms. All and more have never been more threatened than they are today.
    Go OK! Lead the way and the rest of the country will follow!

  77. I think a good place to start is to inform Okla. State Supreme Court Justices that they will no longer be able to interpret our laws by the Federal Constitution. Remove those that refuse; or abolish that agency completely.

  78. GO OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. go OK go! YOU ARE “THE MAN!!!”.

  80. GOD bless ‘us’ again PLEASE.

  81. I can’t believe some of the idiots who are criticizing this action by the lawfully elected representatives of the people of the State of Oklahoma.

    I usually avoid terms like “Okie” and “idiot” but in this case I can’t. Some of you talk of money, and government subsidies, so tell me geniuses, what good is your subsidy when it’s been STOLEN, as is now being done by banker criminals? And what good is your federal subsidy when you are locked up in a Fema Camp as a domestic terrorist?

    You did know YOUR government has build Fema camps to hold millions of Americans didn’t you?

    You are so concerned with “money” you’ve let them steal your liberty away. Give me liberty, I can make more money. Take my liberty away from me, I’ve got nothing. I am a slave.

    And so are you. Rahm Emmanuel, a FOREIGN citizen is now the second, arguable the first, most powerful person in America. He was, maybe still is, a member of a foreign army. And he wants to take our guns away!

  82. YEA! we got to take the power back!
    “Zacharias Manuel “Zack” DE LA Rocha”


  84. Bob, youre absolutely right. Fema has constructed 300 camps across the US and the new Executive powers of the president take away Habius Corpas (However its spelled) and they can keep you as long as they like for NO REASON at all. All they have to do is deem you a terrorst or enemy of the united states. Soon, simply speaking out against your government could be taken as terrorist action. Oh, protected by the freedom of speech you might say? Nope, not if Martial law is enacted. As a matter of fact for a minimum of 6 MONTHS, youre constitutional rights are… thats right folks… SUSPENDED. Not the kind of power I want my president to have. I’m so greatful for the states to be doing this. Those of you that are against this know nothing of your government or how it was founded. This is supposed to be a republic…. maybe read the constitution for yourself, you might find that out. The governments power over us is Far too heavy.

  85. Go Oklahoma – I am tracking the states involved in this sovereignty move and will be setting a special section aside on my blog. You can anonymously submit your state information if you like but be sure to have contact information and bill numbers for me so I can verify your state’s participation in patriotism. I’m in Florida and I have been putting our representatives on notice.

  86. This bill is dead. It was passed by the Ok House, but was voted down in the States Senate. Sorry to say it, but sadly the Senate of Oklahoma thinks its a bad idea. At least we still have California. They claimed and passed the same type about 20 years ago.

  87. Is this the spirit of what makes us great,
    A dormant faceless wonder
    A relic of those fruitful days,
    A fossil, we should ponder?

    Or maybe even a museum,
    A flag, behind the glass,
    Fifty stars, red, white and blue,
    How did this moment pass?

    But for the lax, and waning few
    Who had too many cheeks to turn,
    Behind the glass, engulfed in flame,
    Watch our constitution burn.

    And there, our declaration lies,
    Declared quite obsolete,
    The value of my fathers dreams
    Are gone, and I repeat

    Is this the spirit of what makes us great,
    A dormant, faceless wonder
    And liberty, only a dream
    For vigilant and somber?

    Does freedom strike the hearts of men
    And tears fill in their eyes,
    The eagle, in its disarray,
    Oh, hear the mournful cries

    I do not believe the global dream
    Which politicians flaunt,
    Is better than the liberty
    A few of us still want.

    Oh! I concede, our dream is real,
    A phoenix from the flame
    Will compromise the socialist
    Thus salvaging our name.

    Those who remain United still,
    Will celebrate these men
    Whose constitutional decry
    Avowed that we should win.

    A call to honor founding blood
    A revolution song is heard
    A flow of anguished pain, in tears,
    Decries that justice is the word.

    There we shall stand, a tyrant to
    The scourge of our great nation,
    Who deemed the citizens as bond,
    With greed, infatuation

  88. I hope that Michigan does the same. I for one will not be trampled on by the fascists in the controling liberal government. The biggest friend our enemies have is the democratic party and its slaves of following no minds.

  89. Let’s just be honest here… This isn’t about governement power. If it were these states would have pulled this back when George W. did all his power grabbing. This is about the fact that a ‘black’ democrat is now the holder of the presidential seat. Old white guys are panicing and are going to do anything they can to make his administration fail. If that means trying to rally up states to ceceed from the nation, well they will do that. If it comes to another civil war, they won’t be sending their kids to die… They will send yours.
    I believe that this is a matter of racism, bigotry and ignorance. Anyone with an IQ knows this is meaningless and that the states would fold up without federal support. I’m not saying I approve of everything the federal government does… but I damn sure don’t approve of a lot of what Oklahoma state government does. We have one of the most corrupt backwoods, good ol boy systems around. The rules don’t apply to politicians. Only to those they want to keep down. Now things aren’t going the rich white guys way so they are throwing a temper tantrum. That’s it in a nut shell.

    • Wow, actually laughed a little at that last comment… someone actually cried racism when Oklahoma takes a step toward sovereignty (I think that authority was given to the states through some important document.) And this person assumes if you oppose the war, and you endorse state sovereignty, you must be two different people.
      Seems to me it is much easier for the individual to affect his or her state government. Also if you don’t like the laws of one state, you may move to another.
      When the federal government uniforms our laws, doesn’t that automatically undermine the minority? It seems there would be no reason to have individual states- why not just have one big stateless country?
      There’s a clear reason why we divvy up our country like we do, so the individuals rights can be properly met.

  90. Here’s evidence of politician committing treason–violating oath of office to uphold Constitution. Yet, no one does anything constructive–yes, one man is questioning the bully, Rep. Murtha, but gets nowhere. Why isn’t Murtha arrested and charged with violation of his oath of office? Why? Because there really is no Constitution anymore. It’s all gone. The “oath of office” appears to be toward the shadow government that is totally in control. Notice the way the shadow government conducts a vote–the minority rules.

  91. Any news lately? Im from Oklahoma

  92. Hey – whats up. Thanks for the info. I’ve been digging around for info, but i think i’m getting lost!. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i guess! Keep up the good work. I will be coming back over here in a couple of days to see if there is updated posts.

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