ISP’s confirm ‘2012: The Year The Internet Ends’

Fight to save the Internet from becoming just another Pay-Per-View TV experience!

Read the entire article from ‘I Power’ HERE.


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  1. I don’t know how serious or authentic this current project of theirs is, but I can tell you that these kids used to make humorous World of Warcraft (PC game) videos. They were very popular in the WoW community, and their WoW videos made for great publicity.

    Here is their main page:

  2. Sorry for double post, but here is his most infamous WoW video:

    It was quite a publicity stunt in the context of the WoW community. Makes me somewhat skeptical of this current Internet scenario of thiers.

    I’m not trying to discredit these guys in any way, just food for thought. The corporate and regulatory threats to the internet are very real and very serious.

  3. Scott,

    I tried to view the video you provided, but for some reason it did not load. Maybe that is a good thing, as the videos around it looked like something I would definitely stay away from.

    In the posted video the messenger might be dubious, but the threat is real, as you have pointed out.

    Here is another site about the subject:


    “Crawford said the network operators allege that the Internet is in danger of collapse, mostly because “they’re not making enough money off of it so they have to push it back into a managed box.””

  4. is an outstanding resource.

    I support the I POWER message completely.
    If there is a battle that we must be prepared to fight fiercely, it is this one.

    I personally have signed multiple Net Neutrality petitions, written letters to my Georgia Senators, and called their offices urging their support.

    Sadly one of their responses (Isakson or Chambliss, I don’t recall which) characterized Net Neutrality as ‘a political issue’ and that it threatens the free speech of corporations like Comcast and AT&T. Pretty much the standard lobbyist line for smashing the openness of the internet.

    Anyway, great blog, keep it up! =)

  5. This video is good, but the camera needs to focus on the clea…er..girl, instead of all those geeks. :)

  6. While you are at it, Google IMBRA and right to assemble. The new IMBRA law in the US makes it illegal to introduce an American to a foreigner online for dating purposes without first providing the foreigner with the criminal background check of the American!

    The US government interferes with people saying hello. The judges are saying that foreign women cannot complain legally that they are being represented by feminists in Washington DC against their will. A foreign woman officially does not have the right to determine her own level of security in terms of how an American man can contact her.

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