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Oklahoma’s Charles Key Vows to Continue the Sovereignty Fight

In a follow-up to the article “Oklahoma Declares Sovereignty,” I located a piece from World Net Daily that addresses some questions regarding the reason behind HJR 1089, such as the one that Kooch posted to this site yesterday:

It only looks like they are preparing to do something the central government says they can’t do. This could be related to a divisive issue like abortion, gay marriage, etc. Or it could be about business.

Well Kooch, you were right. The impetus for this  was due to the Fed’s heavy handed intrusion into Oklahoma’s stance on illegal immigration:

The Sooner State became a hotbed of federal vs. state authority clashes earlier this month when a federal judge blocked a portion of Oklahoma’s tough immigration laws, ruling that plaintiffs would likely establish that the state mandates preempted federal immigration laws.

Oklahoma’s immigration statute, known as the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007, originated as House Bill 1804 (co-authored, incidentally, by Key). It has been characterized by USA Today as “arguably the nation’s toughest state law targeting illegal immigration.”

The statute prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving tax-supported services and makes it a state crime to transport or harbor illegal immigrants. It also mandates that businesses take measures to verify the work eligibility of employees and independent contractors.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and individual chambers of commerce in Oklahoma challenged the latter mandates, set to go into effect July 1, in court.

On June 4th, U.S. District Judge Robin J. Cauthron issued an injunction against enforcing the July 1 mandates.

“We’ve just had a federal judge say that our immigration law’s employer provisions are unconstitutional, claiming it as federal government territory,” said Key in response. “That goes right to the issue of (Resolution 1089). The federal government doesn’t have the right to have sole domain over that issue or many of the issues it has spilled over into.”

The bill is also languishing in dormancy in the Rules Committee, as pointed out by Oldphart and Enlighten:

Though House Joint Resolution 1089 received great support in Oklahoma’s House of Representatives, it has now hit a roadblock. In the state’s Senate, where the seats are split, 24-24, between Republicans and Democrats, the resolution was sent to the Senate’s rules committee, where it languished without action until the legislature adjourned.

According to Key, the Senate has worked out agreements on how to manage the political tie, including power given to the Democratic senators to not hear certain bills. Those senators, says Key, refuse to even hear Resolution 1089.

In the House, where Republicans enjoy a 57-44 majority, Resolution 1089 received a hearing and was supported overwhelmingly on both sides of the aisle.

“I was on the Democratic side of the floor,” said Key, “and one member went off talking about how far we’ve gotten, how bad (federal overreaches of power) are getting – it’s the kind of thing you hear in coffee shops.”

We shouldn’t give up hope however, as State Representative Charles Key vows to continue the fight:

Key said his bill “is making a difference” in the way legislators in Oklahoma are talking and thinking about state’s rights. “I think it will make even more of a difference,” he said, “when I bring it up again.” He vows to put the pressure on Oklahoma’s Senate to pass a resolution like 1089, and he plans to begin communicating the cause with legislators around the country, urging them to bring up the issue in their states.

Key passed a similar resolution in 1994, when he was serving a previous tenure in the legislature. But that attempt was only a House resolution. He authored 1089 as a joint resolution because, he said, he wanted to increase its exposure. “As people who believe in this constitutional form of government,” he said, “we need to bring this issue to a national level and debate.” (World Net Daily) LINK


11 Responses

  1. The courts are correct and Oklahoma politicians wrong.

    The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution says that state laws must afford equal protection to all PERSONS within a state’s jurisdiction. Immigrants, whether legal or illegal, are PERSONS and therefore have the same state rights as do Oklahoma citizens. They can’t be denied those rights and that is why the questions must be handled at the national level where illegal aliens can be excluded.

    On the other hand, the 14th restricts “privileges and immunities’ to citizens of the state. The distinction evidently escapes the attention of state politicians

  2. I am an open border kinda guy. But I love to argue that the US CONstitution grants no authority to the federal government to regulate or restrict immigration. Who or who may not become a naturalized citizen of the USA yes. Who can come here, no.

    Historically, this was a state’s power, with states either not having any restrictions to states requiring sponsors to immigrants promising they would be responsible for the immigrants conduct, finances, etc. The federal government didn’t get involved until later to block the influx of competing Chinese with the Irish for the railroads, and then it was under the basis of health (another area the CONstitution gives no power to the federal government).

    Interestingly Oklahoma was an open state then.

    The truth is, if you cannot keep drugs out of prisons you cannot keep Mexicans out of the USA, if there is a demand for them. There is. So all the governments can do is interfere in the free market raising the cost of the product/ service (Mexicans in this case). But government wins big time with new tyrannical powers to combat the problem, bribes to officials, organized crime to wage “war” upon further trampling your freedoms, and more meat for their ever expanding prison industrial complex (slaves).

  3. The other CONstitutional argument is the federal power to repel invasion.

    The Invasion clauses. (Article 1: Section 8 Congress the Power To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions; and Article 4, Section 4 The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.) Clearly the term invasion was meant for armed military invasions (See Federalist Papers 4, 7, 8, 29 and especially 43), but you are on better grounds arguing this part of the Constitution than discussing naturalization.

  4. One is the Naturalization clause (Article 1, Section 8: Power of Congress To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization) which gives authority to the federal government for determining who and who cannot be a U.S. citizen.

    This was modified by the 14th Amendment (1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States) taking that power out of Congress’ hands in regards to persons born within U.S. borders — declaring them citizens whom the government cannot disenfranchise.

    This clause does not grant the federal government the power to decide who and who may not come into this nation. That is not naturalization, which deals with citizenship.

  5. Let’s get real. Since the last two elections were rigged.
    What you or I think about this man doesn’t matter.

    What does matter is that we focus on what is important, that is cleaning out and restoring our government.

    We can never restore the government as long as Bush has illegally rigged the elections, broken laws to insure he is protected.

    Hello dumb asses, he has been out right in the open covering up evidence while Congress has known about it.

    You want to actually do something??? …Call your Congressman and woman and demand change…

    Pick up a phone now …….or …….

    The way Bush is going he’s going to push into all out warfare…..

    Watch the video’s online…This is not where we want America to be……..

    For god Sake’s Congress, CIA, Senate,FBI, Local Police, Firefighters,Teachers, this is your nation and your falling dollar is hurting you.

    If Clinton was a threat because he lied about a blow job, imagine the threat Bush is.

  6. The Original Constitution FOR the usA, Republic, under God, under Man, Individuals, Free Men, redeemed from the bondage of the UK, will always be Free. No mater what name our enemies choose to name this Land of Liberty/Christianity. . The Usa, Republic, under the Creator, is not incorporated, under “men”, Corporations as is the CONSTITUTION “OF” the US, Democracy, INCORPORATED, of DC, under Corporations, “men”, “persons”, “citizens”, “entities”, all slaves of 14th Amendment status, “property” of the state,”‘ US, Democracy, PC, immoral, Corporations, UNLAWFUL, ‘legal’, under Corps. policies. Only “men”, “persons”, “citizens”, “property” of US.Democracy, Incorprated, cannot be Sovereign Citizens “of”, subject to, the usA, Republic, “of” We the People. Redeemed by the Constitutrion, For We the People. 1776!

    That is what the Declaration of State Sovereignity by Oklahoma is saying. We are claiming our Liberty, to no longer be 14th Amendment ‘subjects”, “PERSONS”, “citizens”, “property” of US, CORP., Democracy ,of lies, deception, fraud, smoke, and treason against the United States, “union of the several states”, the republic FOR, Of, We the People, Free Men, no longer subject to the laws/codes/statures/regulations/policies of Slavery/Bondage, claimed by the Commercial Corporation of Wash., DC, District of Communism/socialism, synonomous to Judaism/Zionism. Fraud. Dangerous. The ADL. And, who are pushing to make Christianity a Crime, as in Canada. Why? Because Congress already is in the process of declariong HATE CRIME one of the largest crimes, with triple, sentencing, for ‘hate crimes’, which is anything that is not Political Correct. PC? And what is, who are the most Political Incorrect, Biblical Correct people of God and Bible in usA, republic. That’s right. Bible is Hate is also, with ADL, tremendous political, racist, PC, anti Christian, terrorist group, for decent Conservatives, Christian, Jesus loving People. “in His image”. The Congress says that the Bible is Hate, and is also under attack by the anti Christian, anti USA, sons of Hate Crimes against Christianity. The Bigot, very dangerous, ADL. Only when Christian America has been taken down can these cowardsw of Satan feel free of fear from Good Men “in ” the world “of”, Evil. And the NWO. And, don’t blame Bush.. He is on a payroll, several [?], as the messenger of the Secret Societies, Black Ops, of the International Elite, NWO and UN. As Oklahoma has taken a stand for their God given, UNaleinable, Rights and Liberties, so must we. Our states whores will not obey us unless we ‘encourage’ them to save their jobs. How? Save Christian America, the Republic and renounce PC, US, Democracy,Incorporated, a fraud and treason agasinst, We the People, Government of the Souvereign Masters over the usA, republic. It is ours, contracted for, “under God”, “to further adavance Christianity” with the Mayflower Compact 1620, further solidified with the Constitution FOR the usA, Republic, “of”, subject to, We the People, under God, 1776, verified by Declaration of Independence, and the Constitutions FOR the “union of the several [13] states”, now [50]. “This Land ,of Liberty/Christianity, says Founders and Supreme Court, is our Land “of”, subject to, a nation of Christian People, “, our to claim, ours to redeem, as Christ Redeemed our Souls and George Wahington and Christian Sons redeem this Land of Liberty/Christianity, as a Prize of War and Civilazation, and ‘another gift” from God. Christian America, bar all the Eastern Pagans, Southern Pagans, [so. of Texas?] Eastern Europe Pagans, is to American Christians as is Israel is to the Israelites. Jews of Judaism. [Ashkah-nazis, of Judaism, are not Jews of Judah, Israel, as was Jesus, Peter, Paul, etc.] And there in lies the problem of all Christians, and the world which they choose to rule with Economic Bondage with the NWO ‘one world government”, UN, “armies of the world”, KJVBible. You see! Nothinhgis new about this world’s bondage today. It was prophecied 3500 years ago by Daniel, and 2000 years ago by Christ and John the Revelator of Revelations, who also proclaimed all Sons of God a life of Liberty on Judgment Day. with the Battle of Armageddon. There is a simple remedy. Make, ‘you ‘a ‘spirit,’ , “in the flesh”, of men, a Born Again Spirit, in the Spirit of God through the Holy Spirit and His son, Jesus. This is how “men”, become Man, Eternaly Free. Life in the flesh is a temporary ordeal. Stand up, die for your God given, Unaleinaqble Rights, as Free Men, for a little while ,and be a Free Man Forever. Christian America are “kings”, KJV, “in His image”, Spirit.

    The US, Democracy is as smoke, a Corporation of great substance. Ink on a peice of paper. “of”, subject to, “men”, Corporations. Lies. That is it. As a Son of God and a Citizen of usA, republic, you are a “king”, “god”, “preist”, Son of God, “joint heir” to the throne of God, with the First son of God, the Redeemer, King and Saviour, Yashua, Jesus, the Christ. Be a Pure Blue Blood, a Prince, of the Finest Royality, of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No other line of Royality is even similar to be a Son of the King. Yahweh. Not bad for a beer drinking, country boy, PC attorney, an unsaved Irishman, or any other fool who would reject Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Remember Geo. Washington and his followers were also Followers, “of”, subject to ,the only King they were willing to submit to. To TRUST and OBEY.

    Jesus is Lord. Christian America is our blessing and gift from Him, the Father and Holy Spirit. Alfa and Omega. Jehovah God. And as a Son of God, we get to claim a Perfect Spirit, “in His name, image” Eternally. Be Free!! See, John 3:16. find a Christian Church. Do not find yourself in agreement with liars.

  7. America is not a Christian nation.

  8. Try contacting Stae Senator Dan Partick, owner of KSEV & KVOC radio in Texas. See if they can support this issue in Texas.

  9. Point of historically, documented fact, this Nation was created for the purpose of propogating the Christian faith, not a particular denomination but Christian (Biblical) truths of equality, certain inalienable rights such as religious freedom spoken of in the First Amend. Concerning the 14 Amendment. Many people, including the Courts, misinterpret this amendment. The 14 Amendment was created for a specific purpose.When the 13 amendment abolishing slavery was passed in 1865 some voices in the South protested bitterly. While conceding that former slaves might now be legally free, those dissidents vowed to withhold from former slaves the rights belonging to a citizen in their State. Congress responded with 2 more Amendments, the fourteenth(1868) which guaranteed slaves woud enjoy all the privileges and rights conveyed by being a citizen either of the State or of the nation; and the 15 (1870), which sexured for freed slaves the right to vote and thus to participate in the political affairs of their State In the 14 Amend, the evil intended to be remedied and the intent of Congress was clear; to make recently freed slaves citizens of the State in whcih they resided. Very simply-and very specifically-the 14 Amend was a badly needed racial civil rights amendment. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. No part of this amendment is to be divorced from the other. The original intent is what must be sought to understand this or any other amendment and the Constitution itself for that matter. The ACLU is a master at manipulating our Constitution and Liberal Judges are to stupid to see it and thus bad ruling such as the Separation of Church and State in 1947 and an an increased amount since then to what we have today.
    God bless Charles Key as he can see and knows these things, He is absolutely, constitutionally correct, sorry but anyone disagreeing with him on this does not know the Constitution or the history of this country.

  10. Charles, I saw you on the Fox network and it was gratifying to know Oklahoma realizes we have states rights. I hope you say the Glenn Beck show with a person from Montana working to do the same. They are exerting control of the right to own guns. If leaders, like you, can join with legislators from states we might, we just might be able to keep America alive.

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