9/11 Chronicles: Truth Rising

by Alex Jones 


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  1. I really wanted to see this but the video isn’t working for me.

  2. Appears to be working on YouTube:

  3. Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the heads up! I replaced the video file with one from Google Video, which is the full version in one video, and it works. Sorry for the problem with the previous file.


  4. It is a call to action. Thanks to Alex Jones and his group of agitators.
    The main perps of 9/11 are occupying the White House. But the Pentagon, FBI, The Fed, some Congress members, and CIA were all in on it too. The truth is out there but too many citizens are in deep denial; we need to wake up these folks so that a critical mass be achieved.

  5. Excellent,should be shared with everyone.Where is part 2?

  6. Evidently part 2 is still in the making. If not, let me know if you find it and I will post it asap!

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