Ashland Oregon Says No Way to Vaccinations


Parents in Ashland, Oregon refuse to have their children vaccinated, and for good reason. With the amount of mercury and/or aluminum in vaccinations as well as other harmful ingredients, it is about time that people stood up as a group and said “the buck stops here. I will not comply.”

Dr. Mercola states:

Nobody, anywhere or any time and under any circumstances has the right or power in this country to immunize you or your children against your will and conviction. 

If they attempt to do so, you can legally charge them with “assault with a deadly weapon” and have the full resources of our laws behind you.

At all times in attempting to avoid unwanted immunization, you have the Law of the Land behind you. Those who would try to vaccinate you against your will are on very shaky ground. Into every compulsory immunization law in America are written legal exceptions and waivers which are there specifically to protect you from the attempted tyranny of officialdom. It is not only your right, but your obligation to use them, if this is what your conscience tells you.

To read the rest of the article titled “How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds” go HERE

In the linked video below, Fox News correspondent riducules Ashland’s parents for being old hippies and actually liking organic food. I say, you go, Ashland!

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  1. You’re kidding, right? Recent information indicates that Dr. Wakefield(who conducted the study that everyone refrences) had alterior motives, and neglected conflicting research.

    Further, current immunizations no longer contain the mercury or alluminum amounts that are blaimed for autism without cause.

    Not immuniziung your kids isn’t just dangerous for them. It is dangerous for everyone they come in contact with-and everyone THEY come in contact with-and everyone THEY come in contact with.

    Non-immunized kids should not be allowed in public schools, buildings, or health facilites.

    When someone can provide a lick of sound research that says what you and every other nut job is thinking, go ahead and let me know.

  2. I believe it is you who have the alterior motives. Here is a URL to some vaccine myths that need to be considered when making an informed decision on whether or not to vaccinate. The CDC’s assurance that vaccines are safe is not to be trusted.

    Vaccination Myths


  3. medicthree said that not vaccinating our kids is dangerous to them and others around. Well if everyone is vaccinated then what are you afraid of if our kids are not? If you are vaccinated, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about right. That was the purpose you got the vaccination…….to keep from getting the virus. No logic.

    • Exactly, Regina! It is the unvaccinated that are at risk of contracting the disease via viral shedding from the newly vaccinated. If the hype was true, the vaccinated should be protected! The danger is in the vaccine and people’s willingness to trust the corporate government with their lives and the lives of others around them.

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