Hot or Cold – Which is it going to be?


This year, most of the northern hemisphere, except
for Western Europe, experienced what most
scientists say was the harshest winter in decades.

Global Warming a Tough Sell this Winter

      Despite years of study and analysis, the world is unprepared for climate change and needs to rethink basic assumptions that govern things as varied as choosing cars and building bridges, the National Research Council reports. “That assumption, fundamental to the ways people and organizations make their choices, is no longer valid,” the Council, the working arm of the National Academy of Sciences, said in a report released in March of 2009.

Global warmists like to claim the debate is over.
In one sense, they may be right. We are in a cooling
cycle and the hard data proves it beyond any doubt.

      Back on January 1, 2009 the Space and Science Research Center (SSRC) mailed a letter to President-elect Barrack Obama’s nominated science adviser Dr. John Holdren and nominated NOAA administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco clearly stating that “global warming is over; a new cold climate has arrived.” In this letter, SSRC Director John Casey calls on Dr. Holdren to immediately reverse course on global warming programs and start preparing the country for the next climate change. With the exception of the briefly increased solar wind from a coronal hole, there is almost no significant solar activity. The sun has gone quiet, really quiet.


This is what the sun currently looks like.  If you notice the sun
is completely free of sunspots.  If there were sunspots you would
see some small dark circles forming on the surface of the sun.


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  1. NATURE is Alive.

    This is part of the cosmology that governments, and especially religious governments, are hiding from People.

    When People place NATURE as central in their cosmology, and Be Nature Friendly, then NATURE will respond in kind… less harsh…

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