BLM Terror

Man Faced Jail for Removing Branch from Open Horse Trail. Investigative Report exposing Government attack harming people and to close off access to our Land. 


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  1. Is this what we are doing with the stimulus money?

    • This was going on before the stimulus package. The government has been at it for a while, and wants control of every avenue of travel, including the forest trails. I ride horses, and was pretty heavily into endurance riding. These obstacles when placed strategically, are dangerous and can completely stop you from even going around them. We used to clear them routinely when I was endurance training.

  2. Understand Your Right of Access to the Public Domain is under threat of closure by BLM and Forest Service following the Closure Agenda and misguided and unlawful takings presented at:

    These agencies suffer from what a new medical term describes as ‘Compulsive Closure Disorder’. There is hope though, a resent discovery may offer treatment…found here: The Law page.

  3. Last April, my wife and I drove to some BLM land that had advertised gold prospecting allowed. That being our hobby, we drove about 500 miles to get there. It was almost dark when we arrived and I was ready to set up tent and get some rest. A BLM official came up to us and told us it would cost $60.00 to camp for the night and we had to pull out in the morning. I said how can you charge the public to stay on their land? She said it was Government BLM land. I said paid for with my taxes. She told me to pay up or leave because she was off duty. I said goodbye.

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