I urge handling this information both as reality, and as a possibility that the information that this lady received was purposely given to promote hysteria and force a confrontation, or as an excuse to shut down the Internet. We must be cautious.

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  1. I am a plain Jane sitting in my home who has been watching a pandemic ‘develop’ for years now. The government doesn’t *need* to ship anything anywhere in order to start something with the American people.

    I am no fan of this administrations policies. I have written a blog about my impressions over the years of watching the stories come out of far away places about H5N1.

    I have no *inside* knowledge. What I think that this woman is seeing is the ‘push packs’ of supplies to be delivered to each region of the country from our strategic national stockpile…our taxpayer dollars at work…and its about time!

    A direct return for our dollar for a change.

    Avian flu would not need to be transported and delivered and/or inoculated into us in order to spread the deadly virus. I tend to believe that what this woman witnessed was pandemic preparedness materials. The way that I see it, this is something for me to pay attention to because if the federal government is preparing this much I better be too.

    It is good to know that there ARE people out there who ARE paying attention and ARE willing to get involved so my hats off to this woman for doing what she is doing but not everything is a conspiracy. I am sure that there needs to be discretion about where these things are to be stored for safe keeping.

    Just my 2c.

  2. Based on the number of people who survived avian flu, nearly 50% of the time, yes. What drugs can help increase chances of survival? Is there a vaccine against avian flu? “Avian Flu Treatment,” “Treatment,” and “Alternative Medicine” sections provide up-to-date information on status of drugs and vaccination, and the medical help available for avian flu patients.

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