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Got a Birth Certificate? You are a Fictitious Corporation Created by the British Accreditation Regency (BAR Association)

judgeAn excerpt from LibertyAtStake’s blog located at:

Restore the Republic

In 1926, the codes, rules, regulations, procedures, and Statutes were starting to be placed into the law books by trickery.  The lawful manner for enacting a law is by the introduction of a bill into the legislature enabled by the Constitution, the passage by both the Senate and Congress and then signed by the Legislature, the President, and the Judicial.  In 1926 the Judicial ceased signing the bills and was replaced by the President of the BAR (British Accredited Regency) of New York. 

This was necessary in their scheme of things to come for they were going to declare what had passed in 1871-the DC CORPORATION had now become the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and they had to have Rules, Regulations, Codes, Statutes to run the many and various CORPORATIONS they would be setting up.  BANKS, LENDING INSTITUTIONS, IRS, or any thing to do with the “MONEY” or lack thereof was left UNINCORPORATED.

Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes apply only for the CORPORATION they are written for and apply only for the Employees of that Corporation.  They could not apply to the people of the 48 various states united for America, but only for the CORPORATION.  The CORPORATION is required to abide by their Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes.  By the CORPORATION swearing under the penalty of perjury that a citizen of the states owes them something, can they bring the people of the states into the action. 

When checking the BAR ACT which was placed into every state around 1938, we find that the Attorneys, Lawyers, Esquires, Counselors, etc could only represent CREATED FICTIONS and CORPORATIONS.  Now we understand why the passage of more than 60,000,000 Codes, Rules, Regulations, and Statutes had to be placed into the books.

All Attorneys, Lawyers, Esquires, Counselors, etc were required in 1938 to join the private fraternity called the BAR (British Accredited Regency or British Accredited Registry) for the privilege of practicing in the courts and to be given a License to Practice by the CREATED CORPORATIONS/ FICTIONS retaining them.  They are given a Certificate by the State and a BAR CARD from their PRIVATE FRATERNITY.

Placing this all together the trick was now to establish each citizen of the 48 states united for America, that they had declared WAR upon as a CREATED FICTION.

This was done by the issuance of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE (which had not been done until this point) thereby creating a FICTION, the states selling these BIRTH CERTIFICATES to the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT of the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT then placed a bond on the BIRTH CERTIFICATE (making it a negotiable instrument), and placing the FICTION into the warehouse of the FEDERAL UNITED STATES CORPORATION.  Representation for the CREATED FICTION was given to the BAR for the purpose of Contracting the FICTION in a third party action.

Men and women are born into this world by the creator as Living Souls.  The BIRTH CERTIFICATE then creates a FICTION.

14 Responses

  1. How much of the information in this article is actually reliable and accurate, I don’t know. However, the article itself is so poorly written and grammatically disjointed, it’s credibility would be suspect by most people on that basis alone. I got a headache just trying to read it! For instance…

    “Placing this all together the trick was now to establish each citizen of the 48 states united for America, that they had declared WAR upon as a CREATED FICTION.”

    And then there was…

    “This was necessary in their scheme of things to come for they were going to declare what had passed in 1871-the DC CORPORATION had now become the UNITED STATES CORPORATION and they had to have Rules, Regulations, Codes, Statutes to run the many and various CORPORATIONS they would be setting up.”

    Did anybody brother to proof read this laborious wrangle of words before publishing it?

    I may not be the most qualified individual to critique the writings of another… but this is ridiculous!

    William Raymond: pastor & ambassador for the Christ


    Notify me of follow-up comments via email.

    • Hey there, Church Guy. You might want to rethink displaying your “credentials” as Pastor and Ambassador for Christ if you are going to subsequently resort to ridicule and launch a grammar attack on someone who posted a comment from another blog for the members of this blog’s edification, nothing more. Just where is your Christ-like spirit Mr. Church Guy? Is this the way to show yourself an Ambassador for the Messiah that you profess to serve through your title of Pastor?

      • ‘Church Guy’ never said he was an ambassador for Christ, he said he was an ambassador for, ‘the Christ’. When ‘the’ is added and not capitalized…it makes a person wonder just what kind of Christ he’s pastoring…..when I read it there were three letters that seemed to be missing before the word…..

  2. The essay is fine. It is the implications of law and money that are connected, inextricably, with it. Your consent to trade in debt, being the foremost. That’s right! You SIGNED somewhere. You are claiming to be that fiction.

    Let’s see. What can we do with a puppet?

    needs to do some research before criticizing someone sharing the TRUTH

  4. Well Barbara, it looks like I ruffled a few feathers! I’m sorry you failed to see the main point I was trying to make.

    If you’re going to publish information on a subject as critical and pertinent as what your article deals with, it should be clear and easy to read. That was my only critique. Granted; you are covering a complicated and generally misunderstood subject – all the more reason why it should be presented as grammatically clearly as possible.

    Please allow me to correct you regarding your false presumption that I have a “title” such as Ambassador, Pastor or “Church Guy”. Although I kinda like Church Guy (small “p” though please).

    I am a pastor (lower case “p” as consistent with the Scriptures), who fills the office of pastor (Ephesians 4:11). Likewise, I fill the office of ambassador for the Christ (II Corinthians 5:20). Neither should be used as a title. In fact, the title of Pastor and especially Reverend are themselves a legal fiction!

    And to “NotaSlave”, who I guarantee you IS a slave: Patriot Movement remedies of the natural man (most of which I suspect you trust in) are all a fiction – both legal and Scriptural! So, you want to see some research…

    I graciously invite you to visit our website (www(dot)thechurchatSalem(dot)info), where we encourage God’s people to abandon the ways of the natural man and come into Christ where they can be TRULY free.

    I am genuinely sorry if I offended anyone here. That is not my intention. But understand this: YOUR government has hijacked, not only the people of America, but the peoples of all the earth! THEY have convinced many good, unsuspecting people in the 501 (c) (3) state church system, to believe that the Government is a surrogate for God, and I’m just a little bit passionate about THEIR take- over. Go to the website… you’ll see why.

    In case you haven’t noticed, one of THEIR primary tactics is to make those of us who know the truth (and Barbara, I believe you see the tip of the ice berg) look like they don’t know what they’re talking about. The only remedy for that is to present your case in such a manner as to rob THEM of the ability to do it.

    Again, I am sorry if I offended you.

    With olive branch in hand,

    William Raymond: pastor & ambassador for the Christ
    (aka “church guy”)


  5. Can anyone provide me with the case citation of this:

    In Arizona, there is a 1930s case that came before the Arizona Supreme Court wherein the court stated: “Children are primarily property of the state. Parents have custody of their children during good behavior at the sufferance of the state.”

    Also, can anyone direct me to the actual text of the Sheppard-Towner Maternity Act. I believe it is here where the first registration of the birth certificate system was created.


  6. So ,
    what can we do about this?
    Can I just send in my “memberships papers” and say I do not want to be a member anymore?

  7. Dummy go to the Government Blue Pages in your phone book. There it says that it is Metropolitian Government Offices. It doesn’t say Constitutional Government Office. Then understand that a Metropolitian is a Catholic enclave/exclave operation. It is foreign law opperating in your yard. If I had a email address to send you some info, I will tell you what the fix for it is.

    • not sure if yer typin at me Cuz I have been named Dummy at other times.
      Usualy by folks who want to sell me a paper package for anyhwere from five hundred to 12 hundred babble bucks.
      I think the church guy has a valid point.
      That constitution everyone is so in love with is no great thing.
      It was not recieved my an overwhelming majority.
      That thing with its amnendments and bill of rights was the beginning of the end.
      its the 14nth amendment that really set the stone.
      With its new found FEDERAL citzenship.
      The churhc guy has it right when he says ambassador OF the Christ.
      Christ is not some guys last name.
      it isthe annointing.
      Yes and this “second coming of Christ” many folks look to the sky for some Big Jeezus to come down and raputure his sheeples out of harms way if a cock and bull story if there ever is one.
      The Second coming will not be from the sky.
      It rises up out of men and wombman.
      The nations will rage against it but He will devour them with a sword from his mouth and fire from his eyes.
      Yes out of sion will come saviour(s)
      The stone fell to earth and grows.
      It has no need to fight or toil .
      Consider the lilies….
      The Christ will overcome.
      Not by power or by might, or by crafty little documents.
      Words of men written on paper.
      But by My spirit…. saith Him who lives.
      While men argue over documents and how to say his name.
      He waits.
      any way Id be curous to see what your “remedy ” is

    • id like to hear yo fix

  8. sorry fer da bad spellin

  9. We are infighting commodities to the Queen and only a few of us are awake!

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