Pandemic Emergency Measures Activated At UN Request

woman-screamingFR:     Lee Bellinger, Publisher

RE:     Central Authorities Activate Emergency Flu Plans

DT:     June 12, 2009


Since the Obama Administration has a penchant for treating emergencies as “opportunities,” you should be aware that the World Health Organization (of the United Nations) has declared the first global flu pandemic in 41 years.


WHO-Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan has raised the global pandemic alert from “Phase 5” to the highest level of “Phase 6,” signaling a jump in swine flu cases on multiple continents and systemic person-to-person transmission. (Interestingly, the WHO’s pandemic action plan was finalized and put into full effect only two weeks before the swine flu scare began in late April.)


I bring this declaration of “Phase 6” to your attention because the formal activation of U.S. emergency plans are now technically in effect.

Assuming the number of flu cases in the United States climb dramatically (as expected) during the flu season later this year, under the UN/WHO plan, Americans could be subjected to forced quarantines and “pharmaceutical interventions” (i.e. mandatory mass vaccinations), curtailment of public meetings and events, and the shutting down of entire school systems.


Here’s what we know so far:

1.            On Wednesday, the WHO had reported 28,774 swine flu infections and 144 deaths in 74 countries. The WHO raised alert on the spread of flu followed an emergency meeting of United Nations’ global health bureaucrats.

2.            WHO officials say the emergency status is in part based on 13,000 cases of swine flu in the U.S., which authorities say have killed 27 people to date. One important aspect of this emergency, the Centers for Disease Control notes, is the fact that normally flu viruses don’t spread very well in summer weather – but this particular flu strain continues to spread despite the arrival of summer.

3.            Despite WHO designating the current spread of the pandemic as an “emergency,” the U.N. agency went out of its way to urge countries such as the U.S. to keep their borders open and keep allowing international flights to continue. Instead, WHO is recommending each government be prepared to impose emergency measures on their own respective internal populations as desired – an invitation for countries such as the U.S. to use the military or police forces “maintain order” if the opportunity arises.

4.            WHO officials, in keeping with politically-correct thinking so prevalent with globalist planners, do not want countries such as the U.S. to restrict illegal aliens from entering the country and flooding border-state hospitals.

5.            United Nations officials note that in Argentina, thousands of worried residents flooded the entire hospital system in the capital city of Buenos Aires. For example, Breitbart News Service notes that a bus arriving from Chile was stoned by Argentineans who had heard a Chilean passenger had swine flu (Chile has the most swine flu cases in South America).


Keep your eyes peeled for additional government pronouncements on “stopping” swine flu.  If the emergency appears to escalate, U.S. authorities could swing to action – “quarantine” populated areas, order compulsory mass vaccinations (which itself will cause many deaths), or forcibly remove people for mandatory swine flu “screening.”


As I said, the World Health Organization wants the U.S. to declare an emergency and make preparations for “crowd control.” But at the same time WHO wants us to keep our borders wide open.


More to come soon, folks. Swine flu may well be one of the greatest opportunities the Obama Administration has had to date to “road-test” all those emergency war and bio-terror powers.


Make no mistake, there are major health risks out there, including swine flu. But federal and state health authorities are not only likely to crack down and act ham-handedly in a crisis, but their actions are more likely to cause deaths than to save lives.


That’s why it’s critical you develop your own back up plans


Read the WHO statement HERE.


4 Responses

  1. The american public will Not go for forced vaccination, even if dr. WHO says so. Besides, this form of the virus is relatively benign, once it recombines, the vaccine will be obsolite, if it isn’t what actually causes the real pandemic..

  2. And adding insult to injury, not only is the vaccine likely to be obsolete by the time they make enough, it is also Un tested and even more likely to have problems,( and normal vaccines have enough downsides After maybe 3 years of testing.)
    But the government has passed laws absolving the pharmas for any issues at all, up to and including death! Nothing anyone so harmed, or their families, can do for any redress!
    eath and disablity in unknown proportion is considered acceptable?? for a flu?
    NO WAY!! should anyone take it.
    If your state is one of them dumb enough to mandate these insane reg’s. Time to take a journey, a nice long road trip, and leave the phone at home:-)

  3. ‘They’ make the virus. ‘They’ start the epidemic. ‘They’ put the apparatus in place (WHO and the elimination of nation sovereignties) to declare the emergencies. And put in place the military and social apparatus in place to contain and coerce the populace. Whether they use this one simply for a ‘dry run’ and use the next engineered flu to implement full martial law – either way it is coming.

    ‘Their’ opportunity to take the weapons, to herd the cattle, to pen them up, to inoculate the cattle with a little ‘something extra’ to insure illness/death then or a little bit down the time line. Culling the herd.

    I cannot for the ‘life’ of me see how resistance against the pogrom will occur without violence. You either comply and see the end of all you and your family worked for, hoped for in life or you see the end of it all by resisting.

    Was AJ right with ‘Endgame’? What can we do? I only know that I won’t go willingly to any ‘camp’….. Thus they’ll take care of ‘culling’ me with their Blackwater/Xe trained Gestapo police, or the ‘Iraq-created’ psychopathic troops or foreign troops under Northcom…..

    We either resist and likely die or we comply and the totalitarian surveillance/control real 1000 year Reich begins.

  4. best to store 3 months of food and medicines and develop a plan to gather, disinfect and store water. The worst is yet to come.

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