Air Force Vet Breaks Silence on What Hit Pentagon on 9-11

physics911pentagonBy James P. Tucker, Jr.

Source: American Free Press

A veteran Air Force mechanic called to help clean up the Sept. 11, 2001 explosion at the Pentagon says the U.S. government’s blaming a plane for the damage makes no sense. The evidence was staged, he said.

He agreed to a face-to-face interview with AFP on condition he not be identified for obvious reasons: the Air Force would punish him severely (the same military harshness that gagged survivors of the 1967 USS Liberty attack for many years).

The airman, a tech sergeant, is richly experienced in hazardous waste cleanup, having been deployed twice to Afghanistan in the first Persian Gulf war under President Bush the Elder and, later, under George the Younger. He has 17 years of Air Force service.

The scene at the Pentagon “doesn’t look right,” the airman said. “There was only a piece of engine and sections of landing gear on the ground. It was like they were placed there. Where were the wings? Tail section? We expected to find a lot of debris but there was very little.”

There were “two massive engines” from planes that had, according to the government, penetrated the Pentagon “but the holes were too small” for that to be true, the airman said. The holes in the Pentagon were of the size made by Predators—the remote-controlled spy planes used in Iraq and Afghanistan—he said.

He indicated agreement with numerous construction experts interviewed by AFP who say the planes that struck the Twin Towers in New York could not have caused them to collapse as they did and bombs had to have been set off from inside.

Another oddity he noted was the story of young Israeli citizens, in this country illegally, who had set up a tripod camera on the roof of the warehouse where they worked and trained their camera on the Twin Towers shortly before the attacks. Witnesses told police the boys celebrated the attacks by joyfully jumping and slapping hands. Police held the men overnight and they were returned to Israel the next day. All this was reported in the mainstream media, but the story was immediately dropped. How did these Israelis know where to be and when to film the Trade Center disaster.

His “first instinct” is still with him. The airman told AMERICAN FREE PRESS: “We attacked ourselves to set up the invasion of Iraq.”

If true, this is the exact definition of treason, the penalty for which is death.

About the author:

AFP correspondent James P. Tucker Jr. is a veteran journalist who spent many years as a member of the “elite” media in Washington. Since 1975 he has won widespread recognition, here and abroad, for his pursuit of on-the-scene stories reporting the intrigues of global power blocs such as the Bilderberg Group.

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  1. Your photo, which even Tucker didn’t try to pass off as proof that the hole was “too small,” was taken in the “C” ring of the Pentagon, well inside, and where only fragments of the disintegrated plane penetrated. This is obvious from the plane debris on the floor in the wall line and just beyond it. Predators don’t carry 757 parts, DNA matching 58 of the 59 victims aboard AA 77, both black boxes from AA 77, or enough jet fuel to start massive fires almost instantly on 5 floors, some of which were hot enough to boil water on the concrete surfaces above them. Predators look nothing like 757s, and no one near the Pentagon saw a Predator on 9/11, but ~105 eyewitnesses reported seeing a large airliner, many identified it as a Boeing 757, and some correctly reported which airline it was.
    AA 77 was also tracked to that location by ATC, Airfone calls were made describing the events onboard, and American Airlines has paid out large sums of money to victims of the crash, and they don’t own Predators.
    Thousands of local first responders, as well as Pentagon employees and investigators from the NTSB, FBI, and American Airlines saw the wreckage of AA 77 inside. There’s a comprehensive list of agencies, along with real information on the crash, at this link:
    Unlike Tucker’s alleged Air Force vet, most of these thousands of people exist and are available for comment. I have links to most of the agencies listed, if you’d like to start contacting them.

    • Next you’re going to tell me you believe that steel reinforced buildings can disintigrate into a cloud of dust and fall into their footprints at near free-fall speed after having sustained only minor damage from falling debris. If you believe that, I have some ocean-front property in Texas that I’d like you to see.

      • Please read NCSTAR 1A before making such patently absurd statements, Barbara. The hi-rise you’re referring to was steel-framed, not steel-reinforced, and the collapse, which occurred in the midst of major, uncontrolled fires which had been burning for nearly seven hours, is clearly explained there. What you cannot explain is how a controlled demolition could have occurred without numerous loud explosions immediately preceding it, and without leaving copious amounts of unmistakable evidence in the debris. There is not one legitimate report of either.

      • Absolutely correct Ms Barbara. And “albury” gets it all wrong once again because of a lack of basic physics. As it turns out, there is video evidence of explosions which, at the distances involved, would not have been all that loud, and considering all the ambient noise in the area, would probably have gone unnoticed.
        And then there is that other nasty little detail about the “molten steel” in the basement of the tower wreckage that was found some FIVE WEEKS after 9/11. Again, anyone with a little HS physics or chemistry could figure out pretty quickly that a little jet fuel in a “cold burn” could not have generated enough heat to melt steel much less create a molten pool of the stuff that would persist for weeks. However, Thermate CAN do that. Thermate is the stuff that is used to bring down buildings in a controlled demolition.

      • not to be a ass or anything but i would like to let you know that the gulf of mexico is considered a part of the atlantic ocean so technically you could sell someone ocean-front property in texas…..just to let you know for next time.

    • Agreed that the photo was of the inner ring however, if you look at the photos of the point of entry, it is a round hole, no marks where the wings or tail should have cut into the building. If you subscribe to the idea that the wings folded back and the tail folded down (which is rather absurd), they you are still left with the problem of how the entire plane and its contents disintegrate without a trace. Any person with some HS physics could figure out there there is simply not enough energy involved in such a crash to vaporize everything – keep in mind that many parts in the engine are titanium which has a melting point much higher than the burning temp of the jet fuel – boiling water is simple compared to vaporizing aluminum, steel, titanium, …etc. And those black boxes? They are designed to survive plane fires. And then there is that nasty detail about the absence of any video that shows an actual 757 hitting one of the worlds most secure buildings? All the other silliness you talk about (witnesses, phone calls, …etc. are too easily fakes/staged. The fragments that were in the Pentagon, if you look closely, are too small to be from a 757 – sorry – you lost that argument too. So, go back to HS, study some physics and critical thinking, and then we can have some intelligent discourse.
      Ms. Barbara Peterson – right on girl!

    • albury, plese look again at that hole and tell me it was made by a Boeing 757. If you can do that, then you are more willfully ignorant than you seem.

    • Think…THINK…THINK.

      Why is it , if you ask 10 people , on the street, they have no idea , not really short of some vague notion, that a third Building , a skyscraper to most people, came down at near freefall speed, on the 11th of September 2001. Why?????? Why do they not know? Cause the media doesn’t want the Truth To be discussed. Why? Because it leads to seeking the FACTS.

      Wake Up…They Are Lying.

      That , in and of itself, should be enough to….
      …………………………. WAKE YOUR ASS UP.


    • see _____________”ZERO 911 INVESTIGATION”

      see _____________”ZERO 911 INVESTIGATION”

      see _____________”ZERO 911 INVESTIGATION”

      AND ……………………………………………………….

      see ____________”NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT”

      WAKE UP, AND DO IT FAST……………………..9/11 IS NOW.

    • @albury, gee I hate be the one to educate you, well, not really. lol
      “Unlike Tucker’s alleged Air Force vet, most of these thousands of people exist and are available for comment. I have links to most of the agencies listed, if you’d like to start contacting them.”

      Rule 1 just because a site is loaded down with ‘links’, check them out YOURSELF before you use the site to prove your point.

      Rule 2 see rule 1, before you add a smart ass comment.

      Rule 3 Until you learn what critical thinking is and pratice doing such, stay away from issues that require the use of critical thinking. (prevents you from looking sheepish)

      Rule 4 Stop using Fox, CNN, MSNBC, The History Channel ect for educational purposes.

      Now, this took me less then 2 minutes to verify your ‘proof’ is BS. From the site you posted :
      “The only two brothers who died at the Pentagon on 9/11 were hijackers Nawaf and Salem al-Hazmi. Remains of two brothers were identified by DNA: ”

      Ready for the truth?
      “The real Salem Al-Hazmi, however, is alive and indignant in Saudi Arabia, and not one of the people who perished in the American Airlines flight that crashed on the Pentagon.”

      I seriously hope you are a paid troll and not really so stupid as to believe what you posted.

  2. The very comprehensive data put forward by Albury’s sources also placed on record the fact that the hijack pilots, whose passport somehow came flying out of the aircraft window as it stuck, were rookies and a 757 flyer training manual was found in their car. Cameras on the nearby road recorded the aircraft flying past before hitting the Pentagon. Why don’t they just show that film and this controversy will be solved?
    So much for factual reporting.

    • Which hijack pilot’s passport “came flying out of a window”? One was recovered on the pavement in NYC, along with thousands of other combustible articles from the plane, but it was not a pilot’s. It also had little to no evidentiary value.

      • I would like to tell you that your being very ignorant just for that fact of the plane at WTC was completely gone with a poof now tell me something. how would the passport be found directly on the ground near the tower number one it was in the plane with him so it would have been burned up in the explosion and second even if it did not it still would have never been near the tower it wouldnt even been in the general area just for the fact the wind would have blown it away…..its a piece of paper not a brick

  3. Watching a video on youtube that surfaced, indicated that someone was taking a video at a starting point prior to the incident. What is interesting to note is that as you watch the manner in which the towers went down, did indictate the possibility of explosives within the building. The fall down was too precise, as the work of a professional demolishion expert. The youtube video that surfaced indeed cause anyone to conclude that such monstrosity was well orchestrated. It was the work of many who indeed show hatred for America and Americans. Each day every bit of drama continues to unfold the reality that America has too many enemies within. England is faced with similar problems. It was disgusting to see the so-called ‘peaceful demonstrations of middle eastern individuals expressing with hateful posters their self granted authority, their demands and how they pland to take England and then the rest!. Some people are outrageous! They are given courtesies and try to throw the owner of the house out! The sad thing is that England to some degree is allowing it and Americans are allowing it also. Americans have got to wake up and stand up to the representatives and vote out those who are only serving themselves and not serving America! Stop being sheep walking towards the will of the wolves!

  4. I get so sick of disinformation agents. 911 was an inside job. Plain and simple. Why bother to argue with someone who will never see that or is paid not to? I have spent a huge amount of time investigating it and the evidence for an inside job is irrefutable and very plentiful.
    Don’t even waste your time on skeptics anymore because if they haven’t figured it out on their own by now they simply never will.

  5. Here is a great magazine with lots of good stuff on 9/11

    Click to access Republic-Magazine16.pdf

    Must Visit 9/11 Site:

  6. It all looks like ‘Wag the Dog’ story.
    Just G.W. ‘Old Shoe’ Bush saved the world.

  7. albury.. either you are one who is led by others to believe something and not looking at facts or your government. my personal opinion. one can be tought the other needs to be charged with treason.

  8. I don’t care what evidence they try to prove about what brought down the towers, the fact that Building 7 fell in 9 seconds, with no plane crash, tells me
    It Was An Inside Job.
    Building 7 had to have been preconditioned with explosives to have a Controlled Demolition.
    You do not bring down a 47 story, 2 block wide, 1 block deep building upon command of Pull it. Unless there was the means to do this, installed before the towers were ever hit. What caused Building 7 to catch on fire in the first place? Then we were told the building fell, 20 minutes before it happened.
    This was so obviously the mode to enact the Terrorist Act, the Homeland Security Act, the War Commissions Act in 2006, the rules on how the Army will control civilians, under Army control, the new rules on how to control civil disorder, to control riots over the lack of food in the near future. The turning off of irrigation water in the California Central Valley, the new laws about what seeds farmers can use to plant crops, the Socialist takeover of our nation, was not, and is not an accident, but treason to destroy our nation, with millions out of work, and the factories closed and gone. It’s time for Americans to wake up, we are losing our nation, by internal treason. PresidentDon can save our nation if you want us Restored, not Changed.

    • Amen! Great conclusive statement to all the rhetoric. Some, such as albury, will awaken only as the FEMA Prison cell door slams behind them. Aoo that you listed here as proof of an inside job is acurately protreyed and matches up with the conclusions of my 30+ years of research. Good on ya, my friend!

  9. Greetings, y’all !

    First of all; “Amen” to the word’s of mr. Don Cordell.
    It is obvious that 09-11-’01 was “staged” or, as you call it; “An inside-job” (just look at all the foto’s and video-material you can find on the internet about this toppic. However: keep in mind that a lot can be forged, these day’s!).
    Apart from that; has anyone ever wonderd why it was an inside-job and why, for example, “they” were socalled “unable”to find mr. Osama B. L. ?!
    Here are, in my opinion, some possible answer’s:
    1st: To inforce all these new law’s and rule’s upon us (as mr. cordell described above).
    2nd: To start “The war on terror” (Irak, Afghanistan, think about oil and ground-recources like gold and metal’s etc.).
    3d: To obtain (more) global power/dominance.
    And last but not least: Why is Osama still not caught??? Well, that one is very easy: BECAUSE HE IS A BUISNISS-PARTNER OF THE BUSH-FAMILLY!!
    They are both in the oil-buisness! I think everyone can imagine that you do not want to throw your buisness-partner in the slammer. That would not work out verry well for your bank-account, right?!
    So, as you all can see; the answer’s to all of the above are verry simple (in my opinion, that is!).
    Never stop searching for the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Peace to you all and God bless!

    P.s.: Please forgive my poor knowledge of the english language. It’s what I learned in school and from the TV.

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