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Global Warming My Ass!!!

Global Cooling

Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Al Gore’s “global warming” program is a fraud, and the entire global warming hoax is designed to get us ready for increased taxes on everything we do to further the cause of “saving the planet” from “global warming.”

‘Polar frost’ leaves 40 dead in Argentina

MOSCOW, July 27 (RIA Novosti)

Severe cold weather that has gripped central and southern Argentina for two weeks has already killed about 40 people, the Infobae news website reported on Monday.

According to Argentinean media, “a wave of polar frost” came to Argentina last week and caused “a sensational drop in the temperature to minus 16 degrees Celsius.” The average winter temperature in Argentina is about 10 degrees Celsius, ranging from 20 C in the north to 1 C in the south.

Compounding the cold, several southern regions saw heavy snowfalls, including in the south of Buenos Aires province, where there was 40 centimeters of snow for the first time in 50 years.

A representative of voluntary organization “Red Solidaria” said most of the deaths were the result of hypothermia or improper use of heating devices, either by fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Juan Carr added that if the necessary measure are not taken, the number of people killed will exceed the number of victims of previous years – winter weather causes the deaths of about 90 people annually in Argentina.

Weather services reported that the cold weather would continue for about a week. Voluntary organizations began dispensing warm clothes and blankets to reduce the number of victims, while local media held contests for best snow photos.

Buenos Aires last saw snow in July 2007, the first time the Argentinean capital, which is situated in subtropical zone with average annual temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, had seen snow since July 27, 1928.

Here in Oregon, our weather has been unusually cold also. What does it take to understand that we are being lied to by the government and the main-stream media that is controlled by that government?

The bottom line is how much money can the crooks in charge extract out of the people for bogus programs built on government lies before they wake up and CEASE TO COMPLY?

2 Responses

  1. just a year ago I found a book called “the sixth winter” pub 1979 by Douglas Orgill& John Gribbin.
    the story is fiction, the science in it is Fact.
    it covers this phenomenon of massive cold icestorms etc.
    in places they don’t happen, at times that are wrong.

    Then I found Kim Stanley Robinsons “50 degrees below”
    fairly recent I forget the year pub.

    Both of these books should be Must reads to come to grips with how weather patterns change and what I fully expect will happen.
    Some places like here in aus are in for more drought, huh whats new there. some will suffer tornados such as we never get, rain will fall, but not where it does now..
    all this can be worked round by the people, BUT the big corps, industry, will be really affected as they have set a source and place, and have No flexibility to cope otherwise.
    One good thing is GM and its issues become a non event.
    Al gore, well, yes we are damaging the planet, hell the pollution and semi clean ups in the 70’s, tells us all we are trashing our world.
    BUT the carbon bullshit …trading pollution in dollars..
    THAT is just hype and fluff to get gullinle peoples money!
    Individuals can make a real difference , if? they forgo the lifestly that Gore et al, want us to keep having…notice they NEVER push less consumption?
    simply, we will never clean up the planet if industry is not curtailed, and we don,t go back to older methods.
    small things like kitchen appliances for eg, all involve a lot of toxic byproducts to make and use, when a simple hand device lasts 50+ years and uses Human power, until people see and admit the stupidity of todays “haveit all, want it now: attitude..we are in deep poop!

  2. Back in the 1970s the scientists were making headlines predicting a coming Ice Age, but soon gave that up because they couldn’t figure out how to use it to take away everybody’s freedom :)

    You gotta admit global warming is a great cause. So what if it’s only in the 60s in July in Colorado this year, look at them poor polar bears. How long until it’s a crime to drive a car bigger than a motorcycle with a bubble top?

    How can you stop global warming bureaucracy after it gets started? You can’t :)

    Where are them Gaia guys who say the Earth is an organism and therefore adjusts itself to all changes automatically? Getting in line for their global warming grants? :)

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