Washington quietly mulls new quarantine regulations – do you have enough food stored?

quarantineJosh Gerstein

The Obama administration is quietly dusting off an effort to impose new federal quarantine regulations, which were vigorously resisted by civil liberties organizations and the airline industry when the rules were first proposed by the Bush administration nearly four years ago. 

White House officials aren’t saying what their rules might ultimately require. But the previous administration proposed giving the federal government the authority to order a “provisional quarantine” of three business days — or up to six calendar days — for those suspected of having swine flu or other illnesses listed in a presidential executive order. 

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BarbBarb’s note:

Have I stressed strongly enough that we need to STORE FOOD?

Go to my Surviving the Middle Class Crash site HERE to learn the basics about food storage. While you are there, peruse the site to gain all sorts of tips regarding growing your own food and making the transition to self-sufficiency. If you have any questions, contact me from the site and I will do my best to locate the information if I do not have it already.

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  1. Pretty dim, 3 to 6 days is not enough for someone to show infection, and once they have eg swine flu they are shedding virus before and during the illness.

    Quarantine, is from the Latin quatro=4 and that was the original time frame, 4 weeks! time enough to allow anything to develop, and for recovery in full.

    I personally, am used to only leaving my home to shop once a fortnight, and could easily survive a month at home. for situations like this simple gate/roadside drops of food etc would not be that hard to do, a lot of places deliver now.

    The US Govts NOT closing borders was Criminal beyond belief, ok some sick folks may have been out already, but the vast majority just kept travelling and spread it further every day! had it been as deadly as some virus are, and they didnt really know it wasn’t?? or did they??
    not just a few deaths, but millions, would have been Directly Attributable to Them! for their incompetance. and the CDC is laughable. cotrol??? what bloody control, they have and had , none.

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