Agenda 21 for Dummies


Individual rights must take a backseat to the collective.

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  1. Apparently some serious education on the UN and Agenda 21 ( and seriously enough.depopulation plans meaning genocide of more then 3/4 of the worlds people- A FACT see the eugenic and other evidence) The many formed grand juries of RAP and the County Assemblys are asking -permission and help from the UN-INternational courts which would take control of the US. They don’t get it. Perhaps all should listen to Rod Class and Carl on AIB talkshoe July 20th, where they state; ” The NWO has been waiting for a long time, waiting on the people who are the people, we are the people ” bringing in the New World Order…? Someone needs to educate all of them fast, while you’re at it try also education people on Dale Livingstons 101 Torture document as insane and evilness and “these” are our American people saying things like this ? No wonder the elitist call us stupid sheeple !!

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