The State Has Its Way, and the State Has No Mercy

By Barbara H. Peterson


If you don’t think that the state can do anything it wants with you when matters of “urgent health concerns” are at stake, think again. This couple, described as elderly, but not much older than me, and I suspect, a good many of you, had their lives literally ripped from them by the state.

Elderly Couple Forced into State Custody

DALLAS – They’re not criminals. They’ve broken no laws. But they’re being held against their will by the State of Texas. Why? It’s a tragic story about what can happen when you are alone in the world and lose control of your rights, your money, and your ability to complain.

Jean and Michael Kidd never imagined their retirement would play out like this. “I feel like I am not in America,” said Michael Kidd. “I can’t believe I have been hi-jacked off the street, virtually from the hospital, and imprisoned,” Kidd told FOX 4.

Michael Kidd and his wife Jean have been living out of a tiny room for months. They have lost control of their money, their home, even their car. They say they’ve been robbed of their dignity and their voice. And who do they say is responsible? The State of Texas.

“It is a shock to our system,” says Kidd. “We are still kind of in a state of shock,” Kidd told Reporter Becky Oliver.

Why did this happen? It happened because the state snatched their lives from them when it determined that they could no longer be trusted to take care of themselves. The real reason is because they were retired, over 60 and vulnerable. Easy prey.

Listen to the people in the video HERE. Does it sound like they are not competent enough to be given an accounting of their finances, which the state is burning through like so much confetti?

The state of Texas has literally robbed these people of their very lives and is systematically stripping them of all their worldly assets while letting them deteriorate in some corner of a nursing home that didn’t even notice when the woman’s teeth fell out. And all this for the paltry sum of $7,000 per month – $11,000 of it already paid for by the state; out of the couple’s own bank account.

And there they rot until the money runs out. And then? Enter Obamacare. Assisted suicide counseling. You name it. They are no longer useful, have no more assets to give the state, so they must go.

Now let’s put this in perspective. The most urgent health concern of the day is the dreaded Swine Flu. It even sounds scary, doesn’t it? The World Homicide Organization has ratcheted up the pandemic level to 6.2. Wow! That’s even .2 higher than the maximum.

In the light of the power that state health officials have over the couple we were just talking about, just how much more power do you think the state will have over you if it is determined that you are a danger to yourself or others during the highest rated pandemic in all history? All will be subject to the whim of the state. And the state has no mercy.

So, to all those who think it can’t happen to you – think again. It’s already happening to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, golfing buddies, horse pals, and it could very well happen to you.

This is a wake-up call, people. The state is serious about enforcing the NWO agenda of population reduction and asset collection. We are not human to the state. We are assets, nothing more. We are used up and disposed of in the most convenient way.

The story about this couple really hit home with me. What do you do when everything you have been told is a lie, and nothing is as it seems? You find yourself facing the possible extermination of life, as you know it. They want it all.

©2009 Barbara H. Peterson

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  1. Anyone believing this sort of thing is not happening every day is blind. Either by willful ignorance or very lucky to not have had it happen to them,… YET. People turn and look the other way… On every turn a loss, then another right stolen over here, then another from someone else, perhaps small groups at a time with not enough support to make the prime time propaganda rates-for-profit machine… All the while apathetic ignorance blindly saying …”Oh, THAT does not effect me.” Well, it does, Blanch, It does effect you. Or it will some where, some day, or some one you know, maybe your grandchildren… Then who will stand beside you or them for YOUR cause? certainly not your western greedy neighbor because after all,… THEY can not see how YOUR problem effects them!

    • I am only 46 years old. I entered into one of our local hospitals for an 8 hour long insulin tolerance test, right as this test was started, I quit breathing and they called code blue on me on Aug. 5, 2009 around 2:30p.m., for approx 4 minutes, I was dead. Less than 3 hours from going code blue, hospital discharged me, with no tests to tell me why I coded on them. My primary care doctor has not returned my phone calls to get a follow up appt. My chest still hurts pretty bad after they pressed and pounded on my chest to get me to come back, plus nurse injected me with 50% Dextrose, and then I was revived. I am having great difficulty breathing still. Pulmnologist was told I went code blue, he did not care, did not want to see me until one month later. I am on Disability, therefore I am the unseen, and uncared for. Thank God I have a very loving family support, because Doctors just don’t care enough to help those in need the most of their care. They also do not mind one of their initiation laws, FIRST DO NO HARM. I may not be here much longer, but I am at peace with that knowledge, only because I have a very strong faith system in place deep within my soul, heaven is a very good place to be, once you have fought your hardest and best here on earth. My only regret of leaving will be a desire to help others more, and bring more to know the love of Christ.

  2. This is unconstitutional to just pick up an elderly couple and slam them in a nursing home. Do they have any children who can help them? Did they break some kind of law? Iknow they didn’t break any law.

    Someone in that hospital called somewhere and said that we don’t think this elderly couple can take care of themselves or their finances. I’d like to get my hands on the govt. for doing this to them.

    That’s our govt. for ya. New World Order is taking over and most of the American people just don’t seem to give a darn. The American people are like sheep being led to the slaughter.
    People who are old, sick, poor, handicapped and on disability will be gotten rid of by the govt. If u think this isn’t true, just wait and see. It seems like we have to be rich, young and healthy to stay alive.

  3. they must have lived in the nafta corridor,,

  4. These people were not even old – 67 and 70. My mom passed away when she was 87. The real issue, IMHO, is that anything goes when a health emergency is declared. If you, like these people, are declared unfit and a danger to yourself and others, let’s say by being suspect of coming in contact with someone who has the “flu” during a pandemic and refusing the shot, they can step in and remove you from your life. A few indoctrinated health “officials” agree on it, the legal framework is in place, just sign the right orders, and walla, your life is no longer there. You are property of the state.

  5. I forwarded this video link to Oprah, Hannity, FoxNewsDesk, ABC news, and to the Texas governor. Please join me in writing to these same sources and any others you can think of. These people need help and they need it fast. Perhaps the more people who write, it will increase the likelihood of someone helping these folks.

    If good people stand idly by, it will indeed eventually happen to us as well — only just under the name of mandatory swine flu vaccine and FEMA (concentration) camps.

  6. I contacted Fox 4 and they told me to watch the 5:30 p.m. news (CST).
    I called Gov. Perry’s office this afternoon and they knew nothing about it.

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