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Why healthcare reform is not about quality or access

Marti - Thumbnailhttp://ppjg.worpress.com

by Marti Oakley

In a recent article, I reported the underlying themes and problems with the healthcare reform proposal.  Basically, that it had nothing to do with reform other than establishing a backdoor REAL ID.  Otherwise, the entire proposal is nothing more than a directive on how you can access care, what care you can access and if and how you would qualify and who is going to get crowned the “czar”.

Also included in this legislative slight of hand is the “public option”.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  And you can keep your private insurance if you want to.  Well, of course you can!

Here’s the deal. If your employer decides he doesn’t want to offer insurance to his employee’s, he will have to pay a fine (tax) which as it turns out will be only a fraction of what it is costing him to offer you that insurance.  What do you think he will do?  How long do you think it will take your employer to realize he could make a lot more profit if he dropped your health coverage?

Where does this leave you?  Looking for that “public option”, I would think.  Both public and private insurance will be managed by the same insurance companies whose former employees reported to the senate committee hearing that they were paid to deny legitimate claims; to avoid paying claims and were paid bonuses to do so.  But the governments remedy is to put them in charge of these two options.

In either event, public option or private insurance, political talking heads are now saying that insurance companies must somehow find a way to be able to identify their clients as legal citizens.  That will be the only way the American public can be assured that all those illegal immigrants the government has allowed to stampede across the border won’t get access.

I know!  Let’s put a biometrically sensitive chip in everyone who is a legal American and store all their medical, dna and personal info on it, including gps location at any time, and feed all this info into Homeland Security for dispersal around the world to inter-governmental agencies and that will make sure those darn illegal’s can’t get an aspirin without going home.

This is a backdoor REAL ID.  No chip; no healthcare.  Not private, not public, not any kind.  Either you submit to the chip and the system or more than likely you will suffer consequences you never dreamed of.

Tort Reform

From: The Medical Malpractice Myth: by Tom Baker:

“This is the medical malpractice myth.

Built on a foundation of urban legend mixed with the occasional true story, supported by selective references to academic studies, and repeated so often that even the mythmakers forget the exaggeration, half truth, and outright misinformation employed in the service of their greater good, the medical malpractice myth has filled doctors, patients, legislators, and voters with the kind of fear that short circuits critical thinking.”

“Part of the art of politics is keeping supporters focused on the things they agree upon so they don’t break up the coalition by fighting about other things. Tort reform is one issue on which doctors, health insurers, and most businesses clearly agree. The medical malpractice myth helps to maintain that alliance, by keeping rank-and-file doctors and the medical societies completely committed to tort reform and grateful to the (mostly Republican) politicians who deliver it.” (end quotes)

Ending the right of the people to access the courts in the event of harm, injury or even death as a result of the actions of either or all three of the interested stakeholders: big pharma, big insurance and medical industries is the second intent of this proposal.

The phase “tort reform” is appearing more frequently than ever; in other words the idea that any of or all of these stakeholders would be held accountable for mistakes they make that affect the everyday lives (and many times end them) is somehow the cause of the reasons healthcare costs are so high.  If these industries, which post profits in the billions each year, could somehow not be held accountable for damages caused by their services and products……why! healthcare costs would go down.  Well, sure they would!  After all, malpractice costs amount to 2-3% of the total cost of healthcare, so I could see where denying people their constitutional right to seek damages for harm done in the name of profits could really have a major effect; on profits for the three biggest stakeholders.

This healthcare plan is has only two true objectives:

  • Forcing a backdoor REAL ID which has been rejected by 38 states as unconstitutional and an assault on our rights and,
  • Ending our right to access the courts for damages suffered at the hands of the three major stakeholders in this scam.

As I told you before, neither party is arguing about the contents and intents of this government proposed scam; they are only arguing over which of their political donors will get what piece of the pie and how they will go about convincing a very angry public that they “fought hard” to protect them from whatever boogey man they have allowed to be created to facilitate this crap.  In my opinion, markers are being called in: the stakeholders are at the door wanting their favors returned.

Right, left; it makes no difference.  This is not about access to quality healthcare.  Politicians take massive amounts of money from these stakeholders to finance their elections and a lot of other perks too; and both sides are equally culpable.

So who is it our royal jackasses are really representing here?

(c) copyright 2009 Marti Oakley

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