An extraordinary crime: The senseless killing of 700 Elk in Minnesota

PPJG Original article  4:15 cst  September 23, 2009


by Marti Oakley (C) 2009

When I read that a prized herd of 700 elk in southeastern Minnesota was being destroyed by sharpshooters under the employ of the USDA, I just couldn’t help but wonder what was really going on.  Supposedly, from all published accounts, a dead cow had tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease.  This supposedly occurred in January of 2009 and the herd has been quarantined since that time.  In my opinion, this is what the elk herd really suffered from: 

Chronic, “These elk are in the way of our new investment and building plans; help us get rid of them” disease.

June 18, 2008     


Intro from this publication: (excerpted)

Pine Island, Minn. – (June 18, 2008) Tower Investments, LLC announced today at

the Bio2008 International Convention in San Diego, Calif., plans for the Biotechnology Center at Elk Run (BCER) research, development and manufacturing facility. The center is a nonprofit organization committed to the development of biotechnology firms, technologies and services. Its first home—part of the 200-acre BioBusiness Park at Elk Run—is the first building slated for construction as part of the 2,325-acre master planned Elk Run development. (end excerpt)

Unfortunately for Tower Investments, a herd of 700 elk stood in the way of their grand scheme.  Actually, the herd represented a minor nuisance as Tower Investments immediately began working with local Representative, (D) Tim Waltz which proved quite beneficial.

The Elk Run project (BCER) was to break ground in the last quarter of 2008 but there was that problem with the elk herd residing on an estimated 1800 acres of what had now been re-designated as a development site encompassing a total of 2,325 acres.   What’s a billion dollar investor to do?  Who would help him protect his new biotechnology development plans (like we need more facilities like this); where could he turn for help in ridding himself and his investment firm from those stupid elk which had the misfortune of getting in his way?

Sound the cavalry trumpets: In rides the USDA and the rest is history; along with that herd of elk.

January, 2009

Supposedly, a dead elk cow is tested positive for chronic wasting disease.  The herd is immediately quarantined by the USDA while other necessary arrangements and provisions are secured by Tower Investments.  My goodness! This was a truly convenient event.  Who could have possibly predicted that would happen? 

March 27th, 2009  The Worthington Globe, a small southeastern Minnesota newspaper

Reported that Steven Burrill, a venture capitalist would invest $1 billion in Pine Island’s Elk Run.   Of course, I wondered just who Mr. Burrill was.  Now I wish I hadn’t looked.

July 30, 2009   This article appeared in the

Nashville firm involved in $1B Minn. Project

By Walker Duncan
“This week, the project took a major step forward when the Minnesota Department of Transportation awarded $14.6 million for an interchange next to the property. MnDOT’s investment is the state’s first official pledge for the interchange and the result of extensive advocacy by Tower, Pine Island officials, state representatives and U.S. legislators.

In an announcement about the project, it was noted that the U.S. Congressman for the area, Democrat Tim Walz, has recommended that federal stimulus funds be considered for infrastructure and road improvements that are key to the development” (end excerpt)

I think it’s safe to presume that Tower Investments turned to Rep. Tim Waltz (D) and from all accounts, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R), and several others to help facilitate this new “investment”. 

While the planned slaughter of this prize herd of Elk commenced, water and sewer lines are being laid at the development and the state is expected to advertise for bids for a Hwy. 52 interchange, so that building can begin in early 2010.

September 21, 2009    The killing of the Elk herd commences.

USDA announces it will store the dead animals in cold storage until testing can be completed.  Then the animals will be disposed of using a digestive bacteria which will leave no evidence of the animal…..and no evidence of their fowl deed.

September 23, 2009    The killing of the Elk herd continues.

Knowing the USDA’s proclivity for pandering to giant bio-piracy corporations, and their assaults on private and independent producers to help pave the way for the seizure of food production and supply here in the US, it surprises me not at all to see their participation in this event.  After all, this gives their “sharpshooters” much needed experience in how to drop an entire herd in one of their “stamping out” drills. 

For those who might not be familiar with “stamping out”; This comes from UN Agenda 21 wherein they claim the need to return to a totally disease free environment (which has never at any time existed) once a disease is identified which renders that region undesirable by human beings; unless of course you are planning a big bio-piracy center in which case you can just pile up the supposed contaminated topsoil behind a five foot fence; then everything will be just fine.  But, it wouldn’t be fine if you or I tried fencing off what is claimed to be a diseased pile of dirt. 

I have no doubt that to bouy their claims of CWD as cause for this slaughter, many white tail deer will also be required to be destroyed; one claimed sick elk is not enough.  The USDA will make sure this appears to have jumped into the populations in the wild.

Also, no one mentioned the same method of stamping out being reflected in the new authority being granted to USDA/FDA written into the recently passed HR 2749 Fake Food Safety bill. 


So what is this new Center they are planning?, you might ask yourself.  Here in Towers own words, is what they have planned:

“The state-of-the-art BCER facility will not only promote important progress in the biotechnology field, it will also create jobs and opportunities for professionals in this region,” said Alex Marks, senior vice president of Tower Investments. “We expect to have 40 total operational staff with technical, scientific and engineering experience, and we have already forged invaluable collaborative relationships with biotech experts throughout Minnesota.”

The PR spin aside, I think we all can safely conclude that what is about to be erected in southeastern Minnesota is another bio-piracy corporation dedicated to altering natural biodiversity, or, ending it altogether.  This new BCER site is not good news for family and independent agricultural producers in the state. 

And it certainly isn’t good news for the 700 Elk being used as a practice run in downing herds, by the USDA for the benefit of international policies and private biotech investors.

The really bad news here is:  the obvious planning and staging of events and political considerations and facilitation that allowed this to happen in the first place.  And, while these events and political machinations are by far not all that has taken place to facilitate Tower Investments, it should give you some idea of how far in advance and how well planned most of what seems on the surface to be a series of fortuitous events, is really nothing more than a culmination and coalescing of what they planned to do anyway. 

And to think: 700 Elk had to die in order to make this a worthwhile venture.

September 23, 2009

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