We’re Taking Our Government Back!

i-want-my-country-backBy Old Dog

I would like to express my admiration for all of the letter writers that believe, and publish their intellectually challenged socialistic ideology. You have collectively destroyed the American dream of freedom from tyrannical governance. That’s a considerable accomplishment from such intellectual and physical cowards, but I assure you, we who desire the responsibility of individual choice in the control of our lives have not capitulated, and have made it our mission to make you as miserable as is humanly possible.

We detest you who support such atrocities as hate crime laws, propagandized compulsory education, government by lobbyist, surrender of national and state sovereignty to international governance, socialized medical care, acceptance of lude and crude sexual behavior, and the list seems endless.

We have lain in the bed of apathy all of our lives, while you evacuated in our sleeping faces, made idiots of our children, and murdered your pre-born. Now, the tide will turn, as self disgust has roused us from our folly, and we will organize a force that keeps you terrorized for the remainder of your miserable existence. We will reform, or disband this putrid government you worship, and regain the freedom we were promised as children; amen.


OldDog is the web-master, owner, of ANATIONBEGUILED.COM

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