Afghanistan – State Department Spin Exposed

By Barbara H. Peterson

As usual, the U.S. government’s official position on the living conditions of women in Afghanistan is rosy. Things are improving, and we are proud of our country’s role in their liberation.

Afghan troops

Washington Post

Kenyan-born Barack Hussein Obama has recently sent even more troops into Afghanistan, so things should be getting better, eh?

Here is the State Department’s official position on the plight of women in Afghanistan:

In late 2001, in the infancy of Operation Enduring Freedom, the U.S. war waged in Afghanistan, President George W. Bush signed into law the Afghan Women and Children Relief Act of 2001. This law authorized the president to allocate funds to organizations like UNICEF that promote human rights of women and children. (S. 1573) In a joint statement in early 2002, then-President George W. Bush and Chairman Hamid Karzai issued a joint statement, articulating their support for the cause of protecting women’s human rights in Afghanistan, and stated it was their pledge to “ensure women can gain the skills and education deprived them under years of Taliban mis-rule.” (Bush and Karzai)

In July of 2002, the the State Department issued a report that suggested the quality of life has begun to improve for Afghan women since the U.S. occupation began. (U.S. Support for Afghan Women, Children, and Refugees) The report stated that women have begun to have access to health care and education denied to them under the Taliban. They have also begun to be able to move more freely in public and work outside the home. The State Department highlights the appointment of two women to important political positions, Dr. Sima Samar, AIA Vice Chair and Minister of Women’s Affairs and Dr. Suhaila Siddiq, Minister of Public Health, as proof of the significant improvements in women’s rights since the beginning of U.S. occupation. (U.S. Support for Afghan Women, Children, and Refugees) (Canes International, 2009)

The real story:

And just why is this blatant cover-up going on? Just a hint – CIA, opium.

…a few days ago, the New York Times threw some more light on the US’s relationship with the Afghan opium trade. As it transpires, it’s not every drug dealer who gets marked for death, since, as a former CIA agent explained: “Virtually every significant Afghan figure has had brushes with the drug trade. If you are looking for Mother Teresa, she doesn’t live in Afghanistan.”

Mother Teresa might not but Ahmed Wali Karzai certainly does — and he was publicly identified by the White House more than a year ago as a major player in the opium business. As Time magazine puts it, “on the streets of Kabul and Kandahar, the name Wali has long been synonymous with someone who can get away with a crime because he has friends in the right places.”

The most obvious of those friends is his big brother Hamid, the current Afghan president, and the guy whose regime the West thas been propping up for years.

But the Times now reveals that Ahmed Karzai has other backers. Wouldn’t you know it, he’s on the CIA payroll — and has been for eight years.

More specifically, Karzai helps the CIA run a paramilitary outfit called the Kandahar Strike Force. He rents buildings to the CIA; he organises meetings with the Taliban. (New Matilda)

So, it would seem that as long as the Afghan president is in bed with the CIA in the highly lucrative opium trade, Afghan women will just have to endure whatever happens to them, while the women in the U.S. can just count their blessings that something like this has not happened to them…..yet.

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