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  1. The headline is INCORRECT. Baxter did not send vaccine to the labs. Baxter sent viruses to the labs.

    It was a terrible mistake, but NO VACCINES were contaminated.

    • Looked at the video again, and changed the title. Thank you! However, your statement that no vaccines were contaminated has yet to be proven.

      • The title is now merely misleading.

        Since no vaccines were made from the viruses that were shipped, it follows that no vaccines were contaminated in this incident.

        Also, if I understand the process of vaccine production correctly, the viruses would have been killed or ‘deactivated’
        when made into a vaccine so that the result would have been a vaccine for the wrong kind of flu, not a vaccine containing
        active viruses.

      • Not misleading at all, but taken from a direct quote in the video. Contaminated vaccine material was shipped. Also, there are three types of vaccines: “live, killed and toxoid. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Here is guide to compare modern inoculations” (http://immunology.suite101.com/article.cfm/compare_modified_live_killed_toxoid_vaccines).

  2. I understand that it was a direct quote from a person in the video. I suggest that the Austrian Health Minister was honest and competent in his statements. I am less confident in the other people who were interviewed.

    A web search will yield more information about at least some of those other persons.

  3. As thousands are infected each day by Baxter’s biological toxins the Amercian media remains silent. In possibly a few weeks it will be the same poison in American neighborhoods. Will the media then stand up for the American people and freedom?

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