You might be on the ADL hit list if…

Howdy! Here I am again, folks. And this time, I’ve decided to lend a hand to all those people who might want to help out those poor, misunderstood people at the American Defamation League (ADL). After all, they need to know just who to target, and I am sure that all you nice folks out there would just love to give these people exactly what they deserve, or is it exactly what they are asking for? Anyway, I just reckon it’s my civic duty to pass this along.

You might be on the ADL hit list if….

You believe that Obama and his administration pose a threat to the future of the United States.

You believe that Obama and his administration are trampling on individual freedoms and civil liberties.

You have a problem with Obama’s economics and social policies.

You don’t like Obama’s health care reform.

You think that the government is eyeballs deep in a eugenics program.

You distrust the government.

You have attended a Tea Party.

You disagree with the agenda at a town hall meeting.

You protest.

You question where Obama was born.

You subscribe to World Net Daily.

You listen to Glenn Beck or Alex Jones.

You think that the government is not looking out for your best interests.

You advocate resisting government-sponsored tyranny.

You belong to Oath Keepers.

You are a 3 percenter or member of a militia.

©2009 Barbara H. Peterson

4 Responses

  1. It appears that exercizing our consitutional rights, standing up for our beliefs, and voicing our dissent to this government that is so totally out of control and set against its own country……could be a sign…….that we are fianlly starting to wake up!

    If only this would have happen in 2000…….we could have avoided the Bush/Cheney murder cartel, we wouldn’t have the Patriot Act……we might have had a country we could call our own.

  2. This is so over the top. Disagree with the government and you are a terrorist! I guess the American people are all terrorists because at one time or another every one of us has disagreed with these criminals in charge.

  3. Well if they already think you are dangerous to the tyrannical power structure you may as well actually be dangerous to them…. We have lost control of our country folks. Time is short, we must act. The time is ripe for mass civil disobedience and dissent. We must organize and unite and be prepared for the possible repercussions of mass rebellion. Please visit AMERICANRESISTANCEMOVEMENT.COM. Find like minded people in your area, unite and prepare. We are on the cusp of losing open access to the internet and freedom of movement. Martial law is near!!! A.R.M. yourself!!!

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