Make Mine Freedom (1948)

Watch this cartoon from 1948. The implications and similarities to today are staggering. By the way, doesn’t the snake oil salesman remind you of someone sitting in the White House right now?

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  1. Unfortunately the system of government that we use today is the reason why we are in such problematic time. If govt can’t take our guns or our speech or property and press, then why has it?
    Simple, govt doesn’t work.
    Corrupt people will always be attracted to the jobs that have the most amount of power over others, i.e. Government jobs. Just look at how police are like now, or politicians, or tax collectors (IRS), or even your local govt workers. All feel entitled or think they have rights that other people don’t.
    All people are born with rights and none of us can gain or lose any of them without our explicit consent.

    Well no thanks I want no part of this or any govt anymore.

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