Peace Doesn’t Work, Obama Informs Nobel Committee

Cartoon by Latuff

Accepts Peace Prize by Defending Merits of War

by Jason Ditz, December 10, 2009


President Barack Obama accepted his Nobel Peace Prize today, and as expected he acknowledged that even he isn’t clear why he got the prize, noting that there were millions of people more deserving.

But President Obama’s “acceptance speech” was far from an expression of contrition, spending most of the speech defending his War in Afghanistan as an inherently just war, and rambling on about all the other recent American wars and his ostensible justifications of them.

Then, in what must’ve been one of the least humble and least appropriate speeches ever given before the Nobel Committee, Obama declared non-violence to be impractical and insisted that the “limits of reason” meant that the American military would continue to have to be used for “moral” reasons.

In extolling the virtues of war while accepting what was supposed to be a prize for radical advocates of peace, President Obama had what could only be called one of the quintessential jerkass moments of American history, an embarrassing exhortation to the advocates of peace to accept violence as the one true way of solving the world’s problems.

Barb’s note:  Hey, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. After all, Yasser Arafat, Mr. throw the old crippled Jew off the boat after you shoot him, got one too, in 1994. Maybe he got it because he was kind enough to tell the hijackers to throw the wheelchair in after him… just a thought.

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