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Free-Range Serfdom for Human Livestock

“A serf is the most productive when he imagines he is free.”


4 Responses

  1. Ridiculous!
    I can get on a plane and go to almost any country on earth. I can read any book published, can express my opinions on-line or publicly, can write letters to the newspaper without fear of being arrested, can move to any state in the country to live, can change my job if I wish, or quit working altogether and live (barely) on handouts or what I can grow myself. I can move to another city without telling anyone, drive or hitchhike across the country, talking with anyone I run into about anything that interests me. On an on. I can live in the forest, totally outside of the economy, totally off the grid, or change my mind, take a shower, change my clothes and apply for any job I’m qualified for.
    I may have to pay my taxes and follow a bunch of laws, but that doesn’t make me a slave, as long as I can just chuck it all and walk away, as millions have done.

  2. “I may have to pay my taxes and follow a bunch of laws, but that doesn’t make me a slave…”

    Stan, that’s the DEFINITION of a slave.

    You are a free-range slave, my friend.

  3. Maybe Stan didn’t watch it to the end ….. or maybe he needs to WAKE UP!!

  4. On the other hand, he’s definitely not the lone ranger in his sleep state.

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