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  1. March 31, 2010 newspapers across the nation reported that 50-state capitols were locked down “in wake” of mailed threats from sovereign right-wing groups. The reports alleged that sovereign Anarchists from Constitutional and anti-government organizations appeared involved. The “threatening letters” demanded certain state government officials resign. It is important to keep in mind that anyone from the right or left could have mailed those letters to state governments. Following is access to one news story: http://www.nevadaappeal.com/article/20100331/NEWS/100339911/1070&P

    What I immediately noted from reading several news stories, none mentioned that historically U.S. sovereign groups have never before mass targeted government in this manner, mailing threats e.g., to 50 state governments. And curiously, if the FBI knew in advance, warning state governments to expect all these letters, it would appear FBI had an informant inside a sovereign group(s) and or the means to monitor their activities? So shouldn’t we expect to hear an arrest has been made? Some reporters tend to lump together most any group that opposes a government policy whether or not a group breaks the law. As a matter of caution readers should always consider the possibility of agent provocateurs at work, government or private. While
    authorities infiltrate groups to find or stop wrongdoing, Provocateurs generally represent special interests e.g., corporate or political and infiltrate groups to redirect an organizations’ activities; marginalize its lawful objectives by getting a member to do something stupid; or criminalize an organization by getting members to break the law. For example if you web search COINTELPRO you will discover information about past government black bag operations that involved federal, state and local police targeting and framing law-abiding Citizens because they expressed opinions against U.S.

    Consider Tea Parties. There appears to be an effort by some news organizations to link Tea Parties with right-wing extremists because of what a few members might have done or (Provocateurs). Now imagine what could potentially happen if news organizations were to allege the sovereign groups that allegedly sent threatening letters to state governments had ties to Tea Parties. Historically one must consider that U.S. Government; the Rightwing and Left use Provocateurs, which are skilled propagandists to influence public opinion to politically affect civilian populations; affect how people vote; and to gain public support to pass certain legislation. Provocateur subversions include anonymously mailing nasty letters to others to falsely cause the belief , the letters were sent by their political opposition. That is not to say a government, domestic or foreign or the Left or Right sent the recent threatening letters to 50 State Governments, but considering current political upheavals taking place across the nation, it is prudent to always consider who the potential players are and how far they might go to accomplish their agenda.

    • Plus, Alex Jones talking about planes crashing into buildings during the Summer of 2001 is like me talking about children being sexually exploited by authority figures during the old heavy censorship of such things, no?

      I think some goofuses are deeply concerned about the murder of three Pittsburgh police officers by a professional informer and how much risk of exposure it places them in. For real.

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