Murder, Inc. – Collateral Murder in Iraq

By Barbara H. Peterson

While watching this video, all I could think was – those lying bloodthirsty bastards. This is government-sponsored terrorism, and the terrorists are our men in uniform. No wonder people hate us so much. Can you blame them?

These murderers in uniform act like they are playing a video game and are laughing while shooting down unarmed men and children and taking a body count. There were no weapons on the men, these pieces of human garbage enjoyed the killing spree.

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  1. This is what war does to warriors.
    Haven’t you ever seen films of sailors cheering as the enemy ship they blew up is sinking?
    It was Admiral Farragut who scolded: “Don’t cheer, boys. The poor bastards are dying.”
    An edited version of this was shown on CNN 2 nites ago.
    Last nite Amy Goodman showed the entire video on her program, ‘Democracy Now,’ on PBS.
    Apparently the US soldiers mistook the cameras being carried for AK-47’s, and later some spent RPG rounds were found among the dead.
    This type of accident occurs often in war, which is why it’s a good idea to try other alternatives.

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