Chemtrails Raining Down on Farm Wars

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

If you have any doubts about the reality of chemtrails, take a look at these pictures. I snapped them outside my door. Look at the progression. The sky is now grey soup, and it was clear.


Read my article What do HAARP, Chemtrails, and Global Warming all have in common? and look at these pictures. Now understand that this activity can cause drought. We just happen to be experiencing a drought in this area, and the farmers’ water will be taken away due to this. If you don’t already know this, then WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! This is biological warfare! We are the targets, and the one world government is the aggressor.

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  1. Hi Barbara
    Here is a suggestion. This really worked, when I wrote my open letter about the chemical spraying that you posted on your blog (was it Farmwars or here?) I am reviewing the details for your readers’ sakes (you know the story already) but then getting to the point for you, Barbara, and for all of us, further into the message.

    a) I wrote Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger and his agricultural secretary Kawamura.

    B) I LET THEM KNOW THAT I WAS BCC’ING A MILITARY-TRAINED EXPERT IN CHEMICAL WARFARE (WHICH WAS TRUE, FYI), SEVERAL WHISTLE-BLOWING JOURNALISTS, AND A LONG TRAIN OF CONCERNED CITIZENS AS I WROTE THE LETTER. (Please note: the caps here are not intended to be shouts. Instead, they are drawing the eye to an important point in this message. Same further below).

    C) As you know from the contents of my letter, I demanded that the officials themselves, their best friends and family members, all stand unmasked in the firing line of the jet’s chemical trail, on public tv. Further, I demanded that they eat the still-wet produce, on tv. That their medical exams must be publicly aired on tv (because after all, if they are cooperating with the Feds in the unconstitutional Patriot Act and turning our private medical records over to the Feds on demand, then they were not exempt either, I pointed out).

    D) Well what do you know. I got an email response from Kawamura, Schwartzenegger and Senator Diane Feinstein (whom I had not written). IT HAS BEEN MY REPEATED EXPERIENCE WITH POLITICIANS, THAT WHEN LETTING THEM KNOW THAT CERTAIN PEOPLE LIKE THE ACLU OR MILITARY-TRAINED CHEMICAL WARFARE EXPERTS AND JOURNALISTS ARE BEING BCC’D, THAT THEY RESPOND TO ME, IN PERSON! THIS HAS HAPPENED, TO REPEAT, MORE THAN ONCE. ON ABOUT THREE DIFFERENT OCCASIONS, CONCERNING MATTERS NOT CONNECTED TO THIS ONE AND INVOLVING DIFFERENT PEOPLE….I RECEIVED PERSONALIZED RESPONSES AND HARD COPY LETTERS FROM POLITICIANS SO FORWARNED, EVERY TIME!! (Note: I am not and never would advocate threats, etc that is beyond ludicrous and highly immoral. I am talking about “Forwarning” of alerting those “in the know” with high levels of credibility, that’s all).

    E) Here in this county, it was announced one week later in the newspapers, that overhead spraying would “only” occur in parkland areas but not in urban areas. (Note that I had said something hinting that they were murdering us all, even if I didn’t use those exact words. I stated point blanc, that if they were really serious about going after an agricultural pest as claimed, they would spray agricultural fields and not “urban areas of living, thinking and breathing human beings”).

    F) The moral of the story? Put them on the spot. They pretend not to like it, but the truth is that they don’t. They WILL respond, IF you let them know that the public and some INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE WHO WILL BLOW WHISTLES, WHO HAVE CREDIBILITY, are being carbon copied.

    G) Speak Truth To Power, as you say. We can win this battle. It’s David vs Goliath. The little guy won. Hope this helps.

    Thank you for alerting us and letting us know. You are a wonderful, committed and ethical truth hero, Barbara. Thank you for all that you do. —Drina ps I”ll search for medical info about the impact of these chemicals on people, posted by renowned docs, and will get back to you all. Montsanto and politicians have been, and will continue to very criminally down-play the reality of these health impacts—-better known as severe health injuries—-when those affected step forward. However, they ultimately cannot stand up to a very large community of physicians, nationally and internationally-renowned, who have written about the impact of chemicals on human health. Not when enough of their writings are called forth, and not when there is enough opposition from enough of them, again when they are highly credible authorities. Posting their writings all over the web, spreading them far and wide, will be an important part of the solution, I would think. I’ll get back to you all. Stay tuned. —Drina

  2. Hi Drina,

    An obstacle I can see to this is that the spraying issue in the instance you cite was public and recognized by the government. Chemtrails are not. The government denies they exist. How do you protest something to people who don’t acknowledge its existence and have a very good reason to not acknowledge it because it is a crime against humanity on a global scale, and it would make them culpable for the intentional destruction of the planet and planned genocide for gain.

    Personally, I would like them all to be placed in a room and fed nothing but GMO, and sprayed daily with the same concoction of barium and aluminum they spray on us. An eye for an eye so to speak, or to put it another way, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Hi Barbara
      How do you prove it? Easily.
      Chemical laboratory testing.
      The “stuff” is bound to fall to earth sooner or later.
      There must be ways to test the air quality itself.
      This has to be a civilian effort, needless to say.
      Heh! Can you imagine, catching them lying in court, and proving *after* their assertion of good faith…that indeed it was not? Haha!

      But I also question one thing here:

      Without denying the reality of chemtrails and overhead spraying, don’t get me wrong please…I also have seen trails of the likes you are showing here since I was a little kid (before these programs ever started, that I know of), I saw them overseas (where they don’t do this kind of thing, and are actively opposed to Montsanto) as well as here in the States. I have a friend who is a former airline pilot: I will ask him if these are chemtrails, of necessity, or if there is something else this can be attributed to. I understand the atmosphere up high, being very thin, is prone to not dissipating the stuff coming from jet planes, and these chemicals are surely noxious yes but they are not pesticide sprays either. It would be important for credibility’s sake, and for success, to know for a fact what is what here.

      More links, doc’s articles to come.
      Best wishes,

  3. Michael Murphy is investigating:

    Barium and aluminum are the main ingredients. Check out the article link above. It gives percentages found in drinking water and snow.

  4. So, what are these “chem trails” supposed to do to us?
    Since wind is pretty unpredictable, wouldn’t there be a danger that those responsible would also be “poisoned?”
    Couldn’t the same thing be more easily accomplished by putting these chemicals in the water supply? Then the perpetrators and their families could simply avoid drinking the water, and avoid the effects.
    Wouldn’t trying to poison people indiscriminately from the sky be a pretty stupid thing for anyone to do?

    • Hello Stan
      Yes indeed it is a stupid thing to do, and no so far it has not been a deterrent. Governor Schwartzenegger in California has been spraying pesticides overhead for several years now, one infant nearly died, many by the tens of thousands have reported severe health injuries (MS like symptoms and more) yet the facts are outright being ignored, above and beyond downplayed.

      Confronting them for this homegrown terrorist act is key, and exposing it as such.

      Multiple activist entities are trying to stop the overhead pesticide spraying. I am sorry to say that it is a known fact. This could be Montsanto at work. And the officials going right ahead and supporting all the corporations.

      Is this criminal mentality at work? YOu had better believe it. Normal, sane people with an ethic and a normal sense of regret or remorse, are not capable of such things. Only the criminally insane, lacking any remorse or empathy for their victims, do such things. These people are not normal, and need to be locked up. They can call us the kooks all they want, but the proof is in the pudding. Actions speak louder than words.

    • I am no expert, but after years and years of following this “phenomenon”, the only thing that would make sense is
      that they must have frequent access to chelation therapy that removes these toxins from the bloodstream. As well as having the seed bank in Norway that has stored away all the totally organic seeds ~ thereby insuring that they will always have nutritious food ~ strictly reserved for the elite and certain political figures.

      As for our water, it has been proven in multiple studies that fluoride is a poison and does nothing for cavities when ingested. The same is true for aspartame. It is a poison.
      And yet it was pushed through the FDA for approval because of political monetary interest.

      We have been being poisoned for decades and now they are stepping it up because apparently we are not dying fast enough for them.

      I know how frightening the thought of all of this is, but if you do your homework and research, you will find that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Its important that we shed light on all of this to anyone and everyone that will listen. We have power in numbers ~ we just have to take action.

      Blessings in your quest for the truth,


  5. Following is a letter I sent to Environment Canada about chemtrails – followed by their response:

    From: Peter Zaza
    Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 5:35 PM
    To: Enviroinfo [NCR]
    Subject: INC-MSC-MAY 518-LM/02 inquiry regarding Chemtrails


    I would like you to tell me your official explanation for the Chemtrail spraying program of our atmosphere which occurs almost daily in our country.

    These trails have been studied and found to contain heavy metals, polymers, Barium, and many other elements harmful to our species.

    Please explain.


    Peter Zaza

    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for sending your inquiry to Environment Canada.

    We receive numerous public enquiries concerning the composition and appearance of contrails and whether or not contrails pose a public health risk. Recent years have seen the emergence of popular opinions often carried by the media and seen on many websites suggesting that these visible contrails from planes are chemically laden. Hence, the term “chemtrail”. However, there is currently no scientific evidence to support the existence of chemtrails and Environment Canada cannot provide any scientific evidence.

    The phenomena that you are referring to are commonly called aircraft condensation trails or contrails. Airplane contrails are long white condensation trails made up of ice crystals left behind by aircraft flying primarily at high altitudes. They form when hot water vapour produced by the burning of aviation fuel cools rapidly as it comes into contact with the much colder air. The airplane’s exhaust increases the amount of moisture in the air. As the moist air cools it reaches saturation and the water vapour sublimates to form ice crystals. The cooling of the air and subsequent formation of ice crystals is very rapid so that the contrails appear almost immediately behind the aircraft. This process is analogous to seeing one’s breath on a winter day. Because visible contrails are composed primarily of water/ice, they do not pose a health risk to humans. The appearance of contrails depends on many factors including the prevailing atmospheric conditions, type of aircraft and engine, wind direction, altitude and amount of sunlight. If the air at high altitude is very dry, the condensation trails will dissipate rapidly. If the air at high altitude is relatively moist, the contrails typically last from minutes to hours. Under certain atmospheric conditions, contrails can linger in the air for more than a day and usually grow wider and more dissipated over time. Some of these contrails change in appearance by the presence and the strength of the upper level winds. If the wind is very strong, contrails will move away from the area where they were formed, often changing in appearance and opacity as they are moving. Contrails can sometimes appear to stop and start as the aircraft encounters areas in the upper atmosphere that contain different amounts of moisture. The paths of aircrafts criss-crossing each other may explain the unusual appearance of contrails. Increase in air traffic in the last two decades has inevitably caused an increase in the number of visible contrails in the sky, especially in the vicinity of larger airports.

    With respect to aircraft emissions, aircraft engines and fuel have very stringent emissions standards set by national and international organizations. To minimize the impact of aircraft emissions on the environment, these organizations constantly update their standards to ensure that aircraft engine manufacturers use the best available technology. In Canada, aviation fuel specifications are controlled by the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) which includes fuel suppliers, fuel users and other stakeholders. CGSB sets limits on all important fuel parameters and prescribes test methods for ensuring consistent fuel quality. Aviation fuel such as petrol/gasoline (piston engines) or paraffin/kerosene (jet engines) consists primarily of hydrocarbons. When the fuel is burned, the carbon combines with oxygen to form carbon dioxide; the hydrogen also combines with oxygen to form water, which emerges as steam (i.e. water vapour) in the exhaust. There have been no new fuel additives in recent years that could suggest that new foreign substances are being injected into the atmosphere by aircraft engines.

    Finally, the web sites that discuss chemtrails contain numerous suggestions that chemtrails are a form of weather or climate modification. Under the Weather Modification Information Act, any weather modification experiments legally require that Environment Canada be formally notified. Environment Canada has no such notification from any group, and has no knowledge of any weather modification experiments related to aircraft contrails.

    In conclusion, there is no scientific evidence, data or information related to aircraft emissions that supports the idea that contrails from aircraft are chemically laden. Similarly, there is no evidence that aircraft contrails pose a health risk. I hope that this information adequately addresses your concerns.

    Yours truly,

    André Cyr
    Meteorological Inquiry Specialist – National Inquiry Response Team (NIRT) ISO 9001:2000

    Environnement Canada/Environment Canada

  6. I guess that explains the criss-crossing too,eh? No flight paths criss-cross like that. And let’s also forget the independent lab testings that show extremely high levels of barium and aluminum in water and snow after a heavy dowsing of chemtrails. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Deny everything and support it in mainstream media by not allowing any rational discussion of the subject. By the time the masses figure it out they will be so sick that they won’t be able to do anything about it.

    Thanks for sharing this letter, Peter. Very eye-opening regarding the total denial governments are putting out to dupe the public and get away with murder.

    • Went to your site. That is exactly what happens to my sky. This morning, more jets were spraying again and the entire sky looks exactly like your second picture.

  7. Hello friends
    Well, if I have been wrong about these not being chemtrails, then trust me I am not on the side of those who are firing them off. Why else did I write my vociferous letter? I *Knew* for a fact in that situation this was being done. Where these streaks in the sky go, I just didn’t know whether to attribute it to condensation or to actual pesticide spraying. If it really is proven that soil, snow, etc beneath are contaminated, then trust me I stand with you and reprimand the powers that be. Thank you all for briefing me in! Best wishes all, Drina

    • Please read Mike Murphy’s article referenced above at This gives the chemical composition of the substances found after heavy chemtrail spraying. These ARE NOT pesticides. They are heavy metals – Barium and Aluminum. Not the same spraying program as the Bay Area one for the moth.

  8. I have been researching and compiling information on the chemtrail programs for nearly a decade. Email me and I will send you the report.

    This is bad stuff!

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