Serving the Wrong Master

By Ed Howes

Awakened Journey

No man can properly serve two masters. How many active military would continue service to the Money Power if they knew what that power was doing to their country? Are these military personnel not all in violation of their sacred oath? They might be if the Oath of Allegiance was not a fraud to begin with. If the military knew whom they serve and their Oath is a fraud, how many would continue their dishonorable behavior? Who will tell them the truth?

The contract a service member has with the government of the United States is the Oath of Allegiance. I am a Vietnam Era Veteran (non combat) and I would like to inform you the Oath is a fraud, therefore the contract is a fraud and non binding. First, the Oath is a fraud in its administration. “Raise your right hand and repeat after me.” Very few have a clue what is coming next. Name me one other contract executed in such a fashion. The idea is to make a recruit believe he is honor bound to follow all subsequent “lawful” orders, unable to know the difference between lawful and otherwise, without becoming a lawyer. It is not executed in good faith, it is a trick, a fraud and legally null and void on these grounds alone.

“I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” The Constitution is a fraud. It was not ratified by the people or the representatives of the people in the state legislatures but by appointees of the representatives, having no authority to speak for the people. A contract can only bind the contractors. No contract can bind the offspring of a contractor who has reached the age of majority or consent, without his/her consent.

How does one protect or defend any contract to which he is no party? How would you defend your neighbor’s marriage contract? Who is an enemy of a contract? Who is a foreign enemy of the contract? Who is a domestic enemy of the contract? Who decides such matters? A commanding officer? What if a superior officer is a domestic enemy of the contract? What does a conscientious soldier do about that? What if the Secretary of Defense is an enemy of the contract? What if the Commander in Chief is an enemy of the contract? How does a soldier execute his duty to protect and defend? No one ever told us, did they?

If your Commander in Chief is serving foreign powers, what is your duty? If you can’t answer these questions, why are you wearing a uniform? Why did we ever wear one?

Let us daily increase in: wisdom, love, gratitude, reverence, healing, peace, joy, happiness, laughter and prosperity.

(C) 2010 Ed Howes

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  1. Thanks for posting this Barbara. While I originally wrote it and posted it as a comment twice on Surviving the Middle Class Crash, I decided to make an essay of it yesterday and post it elsewhere, simply adding the introductory paragraph. What goes around, goes around and around, eh?

    I suppose I ought to finish the job and post this on every veteran and military web site which allows for comment. For if there is truly no honor to be had in military service, as the U.S. Government itself as much as admits in its care of soldiers, they are all in it for camraderie, pay and benefits only – essentially mercenaries in uniform.

  2. Hey Barbara, Progress. I just submitted my veteran testimonial at Oath Keepers with a link to this page. Thought it might be inappropriate before. Now I know it is very appropriate.

  3. I suppose tht this means that all the laws in America are only binding on the people because they think that they are. So, how to respond?


  4. Let our conscience be our guides. When it is obvious we are under natural law, the law of the jungle, survival of the fittest, because the rich and powerful benefit the most from lack of legitimate social contract and this is how they want it, we might choose to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, or we can choose to be co predators with them and serve them.

  5. See, I have difficulty believing this whole line of ” well, they really don’t know who they are serving, or what the consequences are”…….IF that is true, then WHY are they doing it? No one does anything in a vaccuum. People do things for a specific reason. They dont go off to war, people dont drive somewhere, people dont go to work without having a purpose in mind. Aww, gee I’m just a big dumb oaf, not having any clue as to what I’m doing just doing it because I can……naw, that’s a lame excuse for not having to think, but there is a reason, a specific reason as to why. So, I don’t buy this lame excuse that military “men” have no idea what they’re doing they just do it because it feeds their ego??? Because they’re told to? I call bullshit on that one. Not even remotely believable.

    • Hi Luath, I don’t understand why you have a problem with the idea an 18 or 20 year old does not know what s/he is doing. High school grads have pledged allegiance to a flag and a republic for 12 years. May have also been a boy or girl scout. What is the purpose of education in the U.S.? To train corporate slaves and soldiers. If a father or uncle you admired was a soldier who told tales of soldiering you would have better than a 50/50 chance of becoming one as an alternative to some minimum wage job. Why don’t veterans tell the kids the truth? Because for all their years of service, they failed to see and learn. An event such as 9/11 stirs the patriotic emotions, which is exactly why it was done, as was Pearl Harbor and the Tonkin Gulf incident. When your mind is controlled you are kept unaware that is the case. Statistics tell us no more than 5% of a population are natural leaders. What then is a follower to do when the leaders call?

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