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Oil Gusher Plug and Play

By Barbara H. Peterson

Hang onto your hats folks, here come the oil gusher plug and play experts. Let me ask a pertinent question. Take a look at the “handpicked team of scientists” panel of experts sent in by Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama, to help fix the BP Gulf oil gusher that is dooming helpless wildlife to a slow gruesome death, and threatening to do the same to us, and tell me what you think.

Oh, and by the way, “their exact activities are cloaked in secrecy” (Bloomberg.com). Might want to remember that particular fact while perusing the following: 

Jonathan I. Katz, a physics professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

Katz’s early work focused on astrophysics, but now he consults on a wide variety of physics puzzles, he said. He is a member of the JASON group, a think tank dedicated to researching complex problems for the U.S. Government, including the Defense Department.

In a telephone interview from his home in Missouri, Katz skipped across topics: computer models for global warming, equality in college admissions and the Mpemba effect — the observation that, in specific circumstances, warmer water freezes faster than colder water.

Katz, 59 wrote articles that he has labeled as “thought- provoking” on his personal website, including, “Don’t Become a Scientist,” “In Defense of Homophobia” and “Why Terrorism is Important.”

The best physicists have been very broad people,” he said.

Richard L. Garwin, for his oil spill taskforce. Garwin, 82, a physicist and IBM Fellow Emeritus.

A military-technology and arms-control consultant to the U.S. government. He helped design the first hydrogen bomb in 1951, according to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

To do interesting science, the whole point is not just to follow the beaten track, but find something new,” Freeman Dyson, another JASON member, said about Garwin.

Alexander Slocum, a professor of mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

Holds more than five dozen patents for devices related to biotechnology, robotics and computer science.

On his website, Slocum describes his research interests delving into nanotechnology, precision engineering, “and staying down longer while SCUBA diving.”

Tom Hunter, 64, from Sandia Laboratories, which conducts research for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration. (Bloomberg.com)

All headed up by Steven Chu, U.S. energy secretary.

So far we have

  1. an energy secretary,
  2. a physics professor who wrote “Why Terrorism is Important,” who solves problems for the Defense Department,
  3. a physicist that helped design the first hydrogen bomb in 1951 and who also solves problems for the Defense Department,
  4. a professor who “holds more than five dozen patents for devices related to biotechnology, robotics and computer science,”
  5. and someone who conducts research for the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration.

Excuse me, but are we trying to stop a gusher, or conduct a military exercise? Two guys who work for the Defense Department, a guy who helped design the first hydrogen bomb, a biotechnologist and National Nuclear Security guy? Does this make any sense to you at all?

My question – what is really going on? What are they not telling us? CURIOUS MINDS WANT TO KNOW!!!

©2010 Barbara H. Peterson



4 Responses

  1. My understanding is that the plan is to nuke the leak like the Russians have resorted to on several occasions.

  2. That is what I think, Les.

    “Russian solution to gulf oil leak: Nuke it!”

    Thu May 13, 4:02 pm ET

    What is it that they say about destroying a village in order to save it?

    In past days there have been many reports of what BP might do to close the leaks that have caused millions of gallons of oil to spew into the Gulf of Mexico since April 20. Some of the ideas have bordered on the outlandish.

    But the latest proposal probably crosses that border. A Russian newspaper is apparently suggesting that BP try the Soviet Union’s successful tack in arresting four natural gas leaks between 1966 and 1981: detonating a nuclear bomb at the site of the leak.


  3. Here is the original article:

    “Nuke the Gulf Oil Gusher, Russians Suggest”


  4. Barbara Dearest,

    You forget that the “spill”; “gusher”; “geyser” or as I like to call it “man-made bureaucratic- administrative laissez – faire economic warfare attack by the BRITISH” is under the “Command” and “Control” of the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD that is now a self-declared, special Branch of Military that is not bound by Posse Comitatus and believes that it can carry on and administer civilian affairs.

    The “COAST GUARD” has been looking to “purchase” submarines under CG Commandant Admiral Allen and this presents just the sort of “excuse” for the C-O-A-S-T G-U-A-R-D to justify this expense.

    The “COAST GUARD” as this self-declared SPECIAL Branch of Military is also the FIRST RESPONDER to any such event, plus owns and controls the National Response Center – as a special branch of military within not the Department of Defense – but Homeland “Defense.”

    The Coast Guard, just as in the EXXON VALDEZ is the key and pivotal player in watching all of this get worse – intentionally – so as to attack and destroy our FISHERIES.

    If the BRITISH can’t have our assets under the command and control of the British [German] and German [ German] Royal families – then they will do everything to destroy them and impoverish us all and starve us out.

    NATIONALIZE the OIL GUSHER, arrest and detain the Corporate EXECS until the gusher is shut down, and bring in MARINER ENGINEERS from our Federal Merchant Marine Academy and from the 5 State run Maritime Academies that our tax dollars go to educate.


    In the 1960’s unemployed NASA engineers were brought in or ended up designing several classes of merchant vessels that were designed like a ROCKET – SHIP and were next to impossible to work on and repair.

    Get the right people for the job.

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