Flotilla – Problem, Reaction, Solution

We are being played by both “sides.” This is a classic case of the Hegelian Dialectic – problem, reaction, solution. The Flotilla’s intention is to break the blockade, not to deliver “humanitarian aid.” The people on the boat have been programmed to hate Israel and the Jews that live there, and the people trying to board the Flotilla have been programmed to hate the Arabs on it. This is a manufactured situation where nobody wins but the people pulling the strings!!!

Barbara H. Peterson

4 Responses

  1. If you follow the money who makes a profit from this scenario? Who wants to create a confrontation? Why would they want to do so?

  2. Very good questions, Archie1954. The ones with the most money make the most decisions, and conflict is profitable.

  3. Look no further than British Petroleum. exploiting resources and fomenting civil unrest from Palestine to India since 1903.

  4. This is just the first false flag operation. This will grow . Remember that Israel is hated by the machine and so is America. Inflaming Hezbola against Israel and utimatly America is what they want. Hezbola has been infiltrating or country for years. who better to use to terrorize the American people. How many small bombs going off in small towns accross the country would it take for us to demand the government do anything to keep us safe? With all the Executive orders Bush and BHO have written it won’t take long to implement marshall law under the facade of finding the terrorist. The ends justify the means. Life means nothing. A few thousand lives for a socailist eutopia are you kidding?

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