Understanding Controlled Opposition and Social Counterbalances

By Russ Tanner

Source: Orbis Vitae

Having worked in the political arena for a few years, we learned the tactics and methods used to control and deceive people. In fact, I learned so much that I could write a short book on the subject, but I’ll keep it short.

Before I begin, I want to insert a disclaimer. I am not picking on conservatives in this article. I would be best categorized as one myself. The goal of this article is to expose some mainstream figureheads who are not who you think they are. The education and information applies equally to conservatives, moderates, liberals, libertarians, and constitutionalists.

All of us, regardless of our political preferences, are being lied to. 

A Word About “Operatives”

In the 90’s, we worked with an independent political party called the “U.S. Taxpayers Party”, now called the “Constitution Party”. It was an amazing organization filled with very knowledgeable people who maintained amazing integrity in everything they did.

During that time, we received a mind-swelling education. Our entire world view changed because we researched and were exposed to information that most people never get to see. We conducted our own research by visiting law libraries (Tampa Law Library, Stetson University) and government book depositories (University of South Florida). It was a life-changing time.

Besides this education, we also received another type of education: A type of education that you can only gain through a rare-life experience.

After working in the party for a while, we discovered that two “operatives” had infiltrated our party. Throughout a period of about a year, these 2 operatives had caused division among our members, embezzled nearly all of our financing, hijacked all fund-raising, and effectively derailed all of our efforts.

This man and his wife (actually they were co-operatives and were probably not married at all), were actors. (Throughout the rest of this article, I may refer to the 2 operatives in the singular.) They were playing a real-life role pretending to be people they were not so as to accomplish a specific goal, and that goal was to shipwreck the Florida division of the U.S. Taxpayer’s Party.

In order to accomplish the goal, they had to gain the faith and trust of everyone around them. They had to convince us that they were just good, ambitious people helping out. They had us over for dinner. We had long talks. We worked together, played together. We thought they were our friends.

“Keep your friends close, and you enemies even closer.”

After a long, twisted soap opera, we had finally discovered that the stocks that has been sold to a wealthy member of the party were fraudulent. There was no corporation. There were no real stocks. The operative had committed a felony. Not surprisingly, despite having solid evidence with signatures, witnesses, and a paper trail, the local prosecutor refused to prosecute the case.

After their crimes had been discovered, these operative fled to York, Pennsylvania where they destroyed a world-wide patriot shortwave radio station – both financially and physically – in less than 8 weeks. After that, they moved to Texas and continued their subversive work.

Through this ordeal, we gained a tremendous education about the way the world really works. We realized that these operatives were probably CIA controlled and therefore immune to any prosecution. We also learned about the single most powerful weapon used by operatives:


When you have faith in someone, you give them power to influence you, and this influence is the most important tool operatives have to control people and organizations.

Because faith is so central to the accomplishment of their goals, they will do anything to build and maintain it. They will give you help when you need it. They will do good deeds to build their reputation. They will “confide” information in you (so they say). They will maintain public integrity. They will even cry at times to convince you that they feel strongly about their wife, their children, or their country. They will spout tears to convince you that they personally feel the pain of injustices done to others. All of this is done for a single purpose:

To gain your faith.

When operatives are working on very “important” long-term assignments (years or decades), they may attend church, marry, and have children. They will befriend neighbors and gain a positive reputation in the neighborhood. If they are working to deceive a large group of people, their ability to gain the faith of a small group of local people provides the valuable “evidence” they need to convince the large group that that operative is a good, sincere person.

To support this assertion, the operative will be interviewed with their wife present. They will be shown with their children and with their neighbors. The good deeds that the operative has done will be used by the unsuspecting friends to build and maintain the operative’s reputation.

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into building the facade of an operative, but the careful observer must never forget that this is all done for the purpose of gaining and maintaining faith and credibility, for without these things, the operative will have no influence at all.

Finally, we must realize just how much influence an operative can have. In the case of our political party, the entire Florida leg of the party was rendered inoperative after less than a year. A world-wide shortwave radio station was destroyed in about 8 weeks. Now imagine the power that an operative would have if they had their own national talk show and were watched by millions of people each night.

This operative has an enormous influence in elections, public opinion, congressional actions, and much more. This operative in a highly-public position causes an enormous amount of division among people by carefully spreading disinformation and using emotionally-coercive techniques, and this division is the most common tool used to control and diffuse the power that an otherwise united people would have.

The term “divide and conquer” is used to describe the methodology of weakening an opponent by dividing their sense of unity which hinders their ability to coordinate their efforts. This division effectively renders a target group – small or large – unable to function. This is why the creation of division in a target group is so important to operatives.

In the rest of this article, you will learn about 2 primary types of social “controls” that are used to control people, whether they be in groups, societies, organizations, or countries. Controls are simply roles that operatives play, and these roles have been used by corporations, governments, and subversives alike to influence and manipulate opponents since beginning of civilization.

Never before in history have operatives – acting as controls – been more powerful and effective. The unprecedented ability to communicate with millions of people at one time makes controls more important and influential today than ever in history, and for this reason, they are everywhere.

“What most people don’t realize about operatives is this: Those closest to them don’t know they are operatives. They sometimes marry and their spouse has no idea they married an operative until years later.”

“Social Counterbalances”

A “Social Counterbalance” is a type of social control. This type of control – an operative – speaks in league with their opposition. This makes their opposition feel as if something is being done on their behalf. When the opposition “feels like” something is being done on their behalf, their emotional frustration is relieved and they are demotivated. As a result, the opposition is much less inclined to do anything to solve the problem.

This is the goal of the social counterbalance: To demotivate – and therefore deactivate – the opposition.

If a social counterbalance (or “counterbalance”) didn’t exist, then you would feel increasingly frustrated that no one is standing-up for your point of view. This frustration would eventually cause you to become angry enough to actually do something about it. You would get involved in the political process to some degree, whether it be protesting, making phone calls to senators, attending political meetings, or something else.

This is exactly why the establishment has people like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and the like.

Ponder this question:

Why do you listen to these programs?

If you dig deep, you will realize this: At least part of the reason you listen to these programs is because it makes you feel better. It relieves the frustration you feel. It makes you feel like there are others out there who share your point-of-view. It makes you feel more in-control and less helpless. It gives you hope. And while none of these “feelings” in and of themselves are bad things, the outcome is actually harmful to your position.


Because your “good” feelings are based on a lie.

Although you feel like your voice is being heard, it doesn’t matter because you are losing the battle. Although people are talking about your viewpoint on national radio and although people are expressing your values on national television, you are still losing the war, but again, this is exactly the purpose of a social counterbalance: To disarm your frustration and make you feel better so you will be less motivated, and all this while your opponents win the battle.

If you are a conservative and you believe that any mainstream media figure is “on your side”, you are fundamentally deceived. Indeed, these operatives do some good in their work, but only because they have to in order to gain and maintain your faith.

If you are a liberal and you believe that figureheads in mainstream media are “on your side”, you are equally deceived. These operatives are only quelling your frustration and anger, making you feel like your voice is being heard, and creating a false enemy to blame everything on (conservatives) while they keep your attention off the real thieves of your money, property, and country.

These operatives are not deceived themselves. They are professional actors playing a role. They know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and they consider it the “role of a lifetime”.

For them, it’s a power trip getting paid well while achieving fame, power, and recognition. They get buzzed from the power they wield, but they are professionals doing a job; nothing more. Fooling you and influencing your actions and opinions is what they are paid to do. They don’t care about the issues they speak about but they are simply paid to convince you that they do.

Acting is – at its core – an act of deception. When you act, you are attempting to make people believe that something is true that is not true. Operatives acting as social counterbalances are very good at what they do. This is why they are in the position they are in. As far as actors are concerned, they are the best of the best.

“One of the primary psychological barriers preventing common people from comprehending the enormous level of deception they are under is this: People judge the integrity of other people by looking at themselves. Since they see themselves as basically ‘good’ people, who could never engage in such intense deception, they assume that others could not do these things either. This is a fundamentally-flawed conclusion.”

We must all come to terms with the fact that Newscasters and commentators are paid to do a job in a way that is in the best interest of the controlling stockholders of the networks. The controlling stockholders of the networks are also controlling stockholders of pharmaceutical companies, oil companies, and other large industry.

People who control the flow of information control who gets elected. They decide who gets removed from office. They direct public opinion. They decide government policy. They essentially control virtually everything public. With this level of control, the ability to make money or to divert public money into private pockets becomes trivial.

We must all realize this fact: If a newscaster or commentator is paid by (works for) mainstream media – a corporation, they are serving the interest of the owners of that corporation. This is their job.


If these concepts are new to you, then you will undoubtedly want to contemplate these concepts. In the process of this contemplation, you will want evidence to show whether these things are true.

Since these types of crimes and coverups are secret, how do you find out about them?

We all know that lies leave clues. For example, when someone lies about something, there will be some information somewhere that does not fit together with the lie. This conflicting information is called an “artifact”.

When you consider the fact that operatives acting as social counterbalances are professional (paid) liars, then you should be able to find artifacts of their lies. Of course, operatives will attempt to hide or explain-away the more obvious artifacts, but a real researcher can uncover them.

So, in search of these artifacts, we need to begin to ask hard questions. See the section near the end of this article called “Hard Questions” to see some actual artifacts.


Social counterbalances are the key operatives in maintaining the public faith in mainstream news, and with this faith comes the power to influence, and with the power to influence comes money, and lots of it.

Now it’s time to take a look at another tool in the arsenal of social engineers: “Controlled Opposition”.

“Controlled Opposition”

Controlled opposition is the concept of controlling both sides of a conflict so you can determine who wins. You control the winning side, and you control the opposing side.

For example, with the exception of a few, all herb advocacy groups are actually owned and controlled by the very industry that is their primary competition: The pharmaceutical industry.

How better to decide the outcome of a contest – whether a game or an industrial battle – than to control both sides of the contest.

To maintain credibility, herbal advocacy groups must look and act like they are working hard to support the use of herbs, but because they are controlled by the opposition, they make sure that pharmaceutical companies ultimately win.

“The easiest way to control or eliminate competitors is not to best them in the marketplace, but to use the power of government to exclude them from the marketplace. If you wish to control commerce, banking, transportation, and natural resources on a national level, you must control the federal government. If you and your clique wish to establish worldwide monopolies, you must control World Government.”(The Rockefeller File, Gary Allen 1976)

Health “associations” are another example of controlled opposition.

Enormous pharmaceutical companies profit from illness. If you’re healthy, they don’t make a dime. For this reason, it is in their interest to be sure as many people are sick as possible, and large health “associations” play a key role in this scheme.

These associations – like The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association – keep you busy donating your hard-earned money, running races, knocking on doors, and all the while they are funding pharmaceutical research and paying for self-promotional advertising.

When you stop and think for just a moment, you will realize that they have never financed the cure for anything, and although they may have done some good here and there, this is only to convince you that they are “good” and “sincere” organizations; to gain and maintain your faith.

In reality, they are nothing more than operatives making you feel good by causing you to believe that your marathon helped people with cancer while making sure your money and effort does not find its way into the hands of herbal and nutritional researchers who have literally stopped and reversed cancer multiple times throughout history. The pharmaceutical companies who actually control these organizations don’t want you to even know that cancer has been stopped or reversed, so you will never see any mention of these types of things by these organizations.

The good feeling that you get when you see a little boy or girl with cancer get to fulfill a wish or dream on their deathbed is heartwarming, yet, if the money has been spent promoting and training doctors to use natural immune-based therapies that have actually wiped out cancer in studies, this child would never be in this position to begin with.

So, everybody is happy at some level: The pharmaceutical company sells expensive chemotherapy drugs; The association gets points in public’s eye for making a wish come true, and you feel warm and fuzzy for being part of the process.

This is the heart of the health care industry today. They create a problem, suppress the solution, and patent the management of the problem. This way they can charge outrageous prices for the “medicine” (because it’s patented and there is no competition) that doesn’t cure anything, but it suppresses the symptoms and requires that you keep taking it, thus it provides the pharmaceutical complex with only thing that keeps them healthy: residual income.

Most importantly, none of this great deception would be possible without the hard work of the associations keeping your attention on marathons, door knocking, fund raising, and other endless activities that would be entirely unnecessary if the real solutions were not suppressed.

The amount of suffering and death that has resulted from operatives working as controlled opposition is incalculable.

“Controlled Regulation”

“Controlled regulation” is the concept of an industry controlling the very regulatory agency that regulates it.

It’s no secret that most FDA Chairpersons have worked for the pharmaceutical industry, or will work for the pharmaceutical industry immediately upon leaving their position at FDA.

It’s no secret that many/most doctors at the CDC who set national recommendations for vaccination in the United States actually receive royalties from the same vaccines they recommend. These recommendations are adopted into the national vaccine schedule and become part of the daily lives of children. They also translate directly into profits for the vaccine manufacturers.

The concept of controlled regulation is not limited to FDA. A little research reveals that most agencies – in all likelihood are controlled by the industry they regulate.

“One of the things that political scientists say quite frequently is: Very shortly after a regulatory agency is created, it gets captured by those it regulates. …I think they’re totally wrong. I believe they’re born capture; They do not come into existence until the industry needs them.” -James S. Turner, Esquire, Consumer Attorney

Hard Questions


Why does mainstream media never mention the mountain of evidence connecting autism, ADD, and ADHD with vaccines? In fact, why do they continually deny the existence of the scientifically established connection?


Because that information is not in the best interest of the pharmaceutical companies, and some of the most powerful controlling stockholders of big media are also controlling stockholders of pharmaceutical companies.

If the truth about the connection between these diseases was ever revealed to the public, then the flood of lawsuits would cost the pharmaceutical industry hundreds of billions of dollars. And this does not even address the mountains of evidence connecting mercury – like that found in vaccines and “silver” dental fillings – with over a hundred other diseases.

Revealing this knowledge would also completely discredit the CDC and the NIH (National Institutes of Health), and again, when you are attempting to promote lies to the public, you must maintain the public’s faith.

Dr. Frank Engly, a researcher and microbiologist who served on the boards of the CDC, FDA and EPA during the 70s and 80s, warned:

“The CDC cannot afford to admit thimerosal is toxic because they have been promoting it for several years…If they would have followed through with our 1982 report, vaccines would have been freed of thimerosal and all this autism as they tell me would not have occurred. But as it is, it all occurred.”(The Judgement on Vaccines)

Global Sterilization Program

Why does mainstream media fail to mention the mountain of evidence revealing the global sterilization campaign currently underway through the use of hidden additives in vaccines?


The Rockefeller/Kissinger report from 1973 declared that population growth was a major threat to the longevity of human survival.(The Eugenics Connection)

Their memoirs reveal a different belief. In short, globalists (who are currently installing a single socialist world government) believe that population – in order to be controllable – must be maintained below certain levels.(The Population Control Agenda)

Finally, it is not in the interest of the promoters of depopulation (mass murder) to let the public what they are doing for obvious reasons.

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the Third World.” -Henry Kissinger, 1974

9/11: Steel Buildings Falling at Freefall Speed

Why does mainstream media not mention the mountain of evidence showing that 9/11 was a planned and orchestrated event. Furthermore, why are they withholding the fact that thousands of engineers and architects have now publically stated that the official story about how the towers fell is a lie?


Just as with all wars in history, there are those who profit from battle. Military contractors – who are intimately connected with public officials and even former Vice Presidents of the United States (Dick Cheney) – draw rivers of wealth and ongoing profits from wartime activities.

9/11 was used by mainstream media to justify ongoing warfare in the public eye thereby providing continuing profits for war profiteers.(Iraz for Sale)

Furthermore, wealthy globalists – who are pushing for a global socialist world government – have used 9/11 to justify various acts against public freedom, such as the patriot act. These laws keep people under surveillance and strip them of their God-given rights. Provisions in these laws empower the government to detain U.S. Citizens for any reason and for any amount of time without a trial. In this way, 9/11 was used to empower the government to imprison dissenters where they can not have an influence on society. In short, these laws don’t protect people by protecting their rights. They protect the government by stripping people of their rights.

Herbs are Bad

Why do they continually run fabricated scare stories about herbs and alternative supplements that contain blatant lies and disinformation?


Pharmaceutical companies lose profits to herbs. Keeping the public in the dark about the scientifically proven health and safety benefits of herbs protects pharmaceutical company profits; And the public pays for it, both by their declined health and by overinflated medicine prices.

Oklahoma City Bombing

Why does mainstream media fail to mention the 3 additional very high-tech bombs that were discovered by state bomb squad engineers in Oklahoma City that were undetonated?


Because the official story is intended to scare people into surrendering their God-given personal rights in exchange for more government regulation, security spending, and expensive wars, and these things are in the best interest of those military contractors who profit from them, many of which are high-level government officials (see 9/11 above).


Why do they never mention the massive perpetual spraying campaign that is currently underway in many nations around the world? Why do they never mention that this spraying has been associated with toxic levels of aluminum, barium, and symptoms of mercury poisoning?


Same as “Global Sterilization Program” above.

Comprehensive Government Budgets

Why do they never mention the “comprehensive state budgets” that exist in every state in the U.S.


Because they are the ones profiting from these secretive budgets.(Where All the Money Goes)

More Questions

Why was the cancer solution discovered by Royal Rife suppressed when this solution reversed cancer nearly 100% of the time?


Why was the medical license to practice stripped from Dr. Simoncini who is completely reversing cancer in 90% of patients who have been called terminal?


Why has Glenn Back refused to talk about the massive FEMA concentration camps that have been built all over the United States?

Why does Glenn Beck promote this idea: “If you believe the wrong things, then you are a dangerous person: a terrorist.”

Why did Fox put a 9/11 conspiracy nut on that talked about holograms and disappearing planes when he could have interviewed any of the 1400+ professional engineers and architects who have openly declared that it is physically impossible for the towers to fall under the conditions present that day?

Why does Glenn Beck associate 9/11 truth seekers with terrorists?



Reality Report Exposes Fox & Glenn Beck


You Are America: You Must Wake Up

The naivete of the American people must end.

Americans must become educated and become actively involved in stopping the continual flow of lies and corruption from both government and media.

Put down your video game. Skip your favorite sitcom. Instead, educate yourself about the issues that face us today and get involved in making a real difference in the real world.

People have died to give you this freedom. What are you going to do with it?


(C) 2010 Russ Tanner

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  1. RIGHT ON !!, It is about time something was done to wake people up. I am always amazed at how little people want to know about the things that directly affect them and their loved one or whom ever they care about. I’ve Been talking about things like gmo’s , nutrition, Nwo, the conspiracies (of many kinds) and much more for years I just recently started using the Internet and am blown away about how much information is out there if you really want to look. I have found out so much more, and am always looking for answers. Anyway as I was saying There so many people who don’t want to know or don’t want to be bothered about serious stuff. I am a 55 year old grand mother who wants to know all that I* can as I have people whom that I would die fighting to protect and take care off and am always taken aback by people who dont feel the same way.Since I have learned to use the internet and am learning the things I can I haven’t watched t.v since or even read my escapism books as I need to know like I need to breath. I also got brave enough to enter university with a grade 9 education. to go into the humanities field. Sorry I digress, although I’m p retty pumped about getting in to school. anyway I loved this pice and have copied it off . I hope to see much more articles like this and more It gives me much hope that maybe people will see the light and realize that we can’t just sit on our asses and do nothing and that in fact we have been lied to and manipulated for far to long. HERE;’S TO TRUTH AND ENLIGHTENMENT. and TRUTH and CHOICE is worth everything. THANX

  2. Great article and very well written! I am going to copy it and hand it out to as many people as I can. People are always asking what they can do and I think the first and most simple step they can take is to just shut off the tv. Stop allowing your heads to be filled with all of the oppositions’ lies and manipulation. Then you will be amazed with how much time you find yourself with to put towards educating yourself and getting involved. The first step is as simple as that. Turn off the TV!

  3. I came upon this blog, but I must say I am very happy to have had the opportunity to read and make my comments
    I consider this article very interesting and rich in content, would also be very nice to discuss issues that are present in this paper.
    They still agree with what you said and I believe we can always find new ideas for improvement.
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    Dott.Lorenzo Dall’Olio
    Usui and Karuna Reiki Master

  4. Great article, but you overlook that Ron Paul is an operative himself.

    He is working to keep any serious third party candidate from getting off the ground, did a great job of that in election 2008.

    His positions are not conservative. He is establishment all the way.

    His campaign director in Election 2008 died of AIDS and his campaign headquarters was staffed with queers and queens.

    He quit the race two days before the second round of primaries and took $60 million back to Texas with him to run a primary for Congress. The money left over from that was put into his bogus foundation wherein he has hired homosexual activists and is working to undermine the profamily, prolife planks of the Repuglican party platform.

    A true devil, Ron Paul. No constitutionalist. He now advocates abortion be a states right, and is working to split up the country and start a civil war.

    A wicked, wicked man, who waves the el diablo and whose loyalty is to the Illuminati all the way. Same with his son Rand, a Zionist.

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