Is This God’s Israel?

By Barry Chamish

May 24th, 2010

In the summer of ’82, I fought in the Lebanon War for the Israel Defense Forces. I was shot at a few times, survived some artillery barrages but came home in one piece. To celebrate survival, I joined my very lovely friend, Michelle Benishu, for beers at a Jerusalem pub. Her family’s experience of the war dampened my selfish joy. Her brother was a member of a religious armored brigade ordered by Ehud Barak into a Syrian ambush above Lake Karoun, ten miles from my position, in a wadi called Sultan Yakob. Before the brigade could be extricated, 23 soldiers had died and twice as many had been wounded. Her brother fell into the latter category, suffering severe shell shock. If that sounds minor, don’t tell him that. He was hospitalized for weeks until he recovered enough to go home. Seeing two dozen killed will do that to you.

I asked Michelle, “So being religious has nothing to do with survival in war?”

Without hesitation she answered, “Not a thing.” 

It was only 15 years later that I discovered in Israel, being religious does have much to do with survival. It decreases the odds. I learned the real facts of the Sultan Yakob massacre as told by her brother’s brigade commander Avigdor Ben Gal to the newspaper Kol Ha’ir. He set out on a jeep tour when two lower officers, took over the brigade command radio against all orders. Both would become leaders of the Labor Party; Amram Mitzna and Ehud Barak.

This was not a Labor Party war; it was initiated by the newly powerful Menachem Begin and his Likud Party. If the war went well, Labor wouldn’t see power again for the foreseeable future. So Barak and Mitzna were ordered to sabotage it by killing Jews. But not Labor secular Jews. Only the religious would serve their purposes. So with the maps in front of them, they deliberately sent a religious brigade to its doom.

Also in on the dirty political game was Gen. Ariel Sharon. Eight years before, he created a secular left party called Shlomzion. After leaving the Yom Kippur War as the only hero, he was invited to New York for a meeting with Henry Kissinger. It was then, in Jan. ’74, than Sharon was strongly urged to unite his party with Menachem Begin’s Herut to form what became the Likud. After the debacle of the Yom Kippur War, it was understood that Labor’s days were numbered. Sharon’s goal would be to nullify the effect by destroying the Herut from within.

In September of ’82, he had his chance. As Begin’s Defence Minister, he ordered his supposed Christian allies, to attack the Palestinian population centers of Sabra and Shatilla on their own. Without the IDF to mollify them, the Christians massacred some 800 people. The attack began on a Friday, reports of the slaughter were publicized on Saturday and Sharon did not order the Christian troops out until Monday.

By then, Begin was all but finished as a leader of Israel. And the connivers against the Jewish and Christian troops, Barak, Mitzna and Sharon would all run for the job of the Prime Minister of Israel and Sharon and Barak would get the post. Pushing murder was its own reward.

The results of Israel’s last elections showed that the vast majority voted for a Right-Religious government. The Labor Party led by Barak received all of 8% of the popular vote. However, with a clear majority at his disposal, PM Netanyahu turned away the religious parties and invited Barak and Labor into his government. The same thing happened when Sharon was elected Prime Minister. He snubbed the religious parties and made the hugely corrupt Shimon Peres his Foreign Minister.

The religious have no genuine say about Israeli politics. Nor were they ever supposed to.


In 1932, there were three branches of Zionism; Labor, Herut and the Orthodox. In the same year, over 250 organizations represented the Jews of Germany. That same year, Labor presented a deal to the Nazis that by 1934, would see the Herut and Orthodox removed from the Zionist shadow government of Israel, and reduce the number of organizations representing German Jews to one: Labor Zionism.

The deal became The Transfer Agreement. The Labor Zionists promised the Nazis to end worldwide sanctions and boycotts against their regime, in return for making life impossible for German Jews, forcing them to emigrate to Palestine. Herut got wind of the atrociously immoral agreement and fought it tooth and nail. To nip revolt in the bud, the Labor negotiator of the agreement, Chaim Arlozorov was murdered in Tel Aviv, and Herut was blamed for long enough to provide an excuse to remove them from power.

The leader of Labor Zionism, Chaim Weizmann, addressed the Herut and religious-less 1936 World Zionist Congress with the following dreadful pronouncement: “Perhaps only 2 million Jews will survive the upcoming Holocaust, (yes, he used that word) but they will be strong and good for the Land of Israel. The rest will be blown into the dustpile of history.”

But the Nazi collaborator was wrong. Barely 100,000 Jews survived where the Nazis occupied and, they were the majority of the world’s religious Jews. No attempt to save them was made and there is much evidence, as in the case of the Hungarian Jews, that they were purposely sent to their murders by the future leaders of Israel. (Read my books, or the classic tragedy, ‘Perfidy’ by Ben Hecht, for more details).

With so few secular Jews to populate Israel after its creation, the Sephardim of Asia and North Africa, the vast majority of whom were religious, were manipulated by created hatred to move to the new state. Their arrival was no cause for their celebration. In an act so horrid that it defies every precept of the 3000 year old Jewish holy works, the Labor governments of the1950s, led by Atomic Energy Commissioner Shimon Peres, had every single Sephardic infant and toddler, some 113,000, subjected to massive blasts of gamma rays through their brains. Some 4,500, mostly Yemenite infants, were kidnapped and sent to the US to die in God-awful, atomic experiments.

Read my book Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust
or watch the award-winning film, The Ringworm Children on You Tube.


Religious Jews are as under attack as ever. The issue now is Jerusalem or the historic biblical homes of the Jews claimed, with the backing of the world, by a historical non-entity called The Palestinians. Unfortunately for them, they are now as caught up in the war against the Jewish religion as the religious Jews themselves. The sad part is, they don’t get it. Even sadder, that today’s religious Jews equally, haven’t caught on that their worst enemy is and always was, secular Labor Zionism.

(C) 2010  Barry Chamish

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