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  1. “Don’t assassinate Americans” Mr. Paul says. Well as a non citizen let me state the obvious, which seems to escape American consideration or even incidental thought, don’t assassinate anyone, American or not! That is a Bush immoral, unethical and illegal thing to do. We don’t expect it from the current president who everyone thought was at least going to give the nod to acting legally.

  2. Did Mr. Paul ask the same of all prior president’s or was he too scared to speak up to them, like most folks from both “sides”?

  3. Thing No thing
    Good Bad
    Right Wrong
    Black White

    Something Is Something Ain’t

    Ron Paul is by far the most honest, decent politician – set against the barrel of snakes with which he is to be compared. But, as I so poignantly illustrated in the comparative examples above – something is, or it’s not.

    One more for ya…..

    9/11 Truth Osama Al Qaeda bullshit

    Now, you can check out where Ron Paul stands on this most crucial issue. You either tell the truth, or you lie – unfortunately – Ron Paul is willing to lie about this, and no matter how you equivocate or argue for one’s limitations, there exists a hole in the logic.

    I’ll take that apple – its only got one worm in it,
    no fruit for me thanks – they are all rotten.

  4. Excellent points! If everyone had the critical thinking skills that you guys have, we would not be in the situation we are in now.

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