Soon, You Won’t Have A Choice


By J. Speer-Williams

The US government’s “Green Revolution” is another covert attack on our collective health, wealth, and environment, largely using their mythical peak oil and man-made global warming hoaxes to do so.

The Dairy Queen ice cream cone looking Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs are a perfect example of this kind of subterfuge. These CFLs have become the symbol of the government’s Green Movement, but they should be using the skull and crossbones symbol instead.  

These new light bulbs are not a bright idea

While claiming these new CFL bulbs will reduce carbon emissions, “our” Congress passed legislation stating these new light bulbs must completely replace our everyday incandescent light bulbs by 2014, without telling us of the serious dangers to health and environment, that these mandated bulbs pose.

These new CFLs will make many people sick, by emitting radio frequency radiation that contributes to dirty electricity, that can cause migraines, dizziness, nausea, confusion, fatigue, skin irritations, and eye strain.

Dirty electricity consists of surges of high frequency voltage and electromagnetic radiation that grossly contaminates our otherwise relatively safe 60 Hz-frequencies, and can even cause numerous serious illnesses, including autism, asthma, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and other neurological disorders.

And with 25 to 50 of these CFLs through out your home and office, you’d be exposed to dirty electricity for almost your every waking hour.

But far more importantly, CFLs are loaded with deadly mercury, one of the most toxic elements on Earth. In fact, all CFL bulbs contain – at least – four to five milligrams of mercury, about 200 times the amount of mercury in a flu vaccine shot. There is enough mercury in each CFL bulb to contaminate 6,000 gallons of clean water. To break one of these CFL bulbs is to risk ruining the health of one’s entire family, or office staff, with enough released atmospheric mercury to best require the expensive, professional services of a Haz/Mat Removal Team.

Believe not the “clean-up” methods for broken CFL bulbs offered by those in the mainstream media, which tell us to open a window, then leave the area of the broken bulb for 15 minutes; then return with duct tape to pick-up the broken glass.

Then what is one to do? Put the broken glass and duct tape into a glass jar and screw on a tight lid.

What is one to do with the glass jar? Take it to a special toxic dump.

Where are such dumps? Check your local listings.

All of the above, of course, is sheer nonsense. Want proof? Ask your dentist about the Haz/Mat teams that come into their offices to remove their old collection of dental amalgams, which dentists keep in little lead lined boxes.

All Americans will be well advised to practice a “mercury escape plan” in the case of an accidental breakage of one of these CFL bulbs: Grab your cell phone, babies, dogs, cats, and parakeets (if they aren’t already dead), and get well away from your house. Call a Haz/Mat company to completely clean your house before re-entering it. Such are the serious dangers of mercury.

And our environment? This is where mercury laden CFL bulbs do their most serious damage to everyone of us. This is the same environment that our hordes of “Greenies” are so concerned about dying from global warming. But unknown to our greenie friends, already there are hundreds of millions of disposed CFL bulbs that have contaminated personal garbage cans, fleets of garbage trucks (spreading their toxicity near and far), and garbage disposal sites, that are doing irreparable damage to our ground water, except when such garbage is burnt; then, mercury is released into the very air we all breathe. You see there are precious few toxic dump sites in the world equipped to handle mercury, one of the most toxic, dangerous elements in the world, after radio-active materials.

With over 100 million American households, and tens of millions of other lighted facilities, all over our country, and with each of them disposing of even just one CFL bulb a month … can anyone imagine how much mercury will poison our disposal dumps, our ground water, our air, our lungs, and our entire bodies. If one did not know better, mercury is the perfect chemical/weapon for genocidal madmen: Mercury is in dental amalgams, vaccines, corn syrup light bulbs, and who knows what else.

But, I’m certainly no medical doctor; so, let’s hear from one, a great one, Dr. William Campbell Douglas:

“If you’ve fallen for the compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulb scam, you’re the one getting screwed.

Not only are these things expensive and dim, they’re also dangerous. A reader named ken wrote to say that these bulbs did a number on him.

“‘I think the new CFL light bulbs are death,’ he wrote. ‘I am extremely angry at them for allowing them to be sold without a warning on the box.’

“Allowing? Heck, Ken they’re MANDATING it. CFLs are the law of [the] land, passed by those dim bulbs in Congress. Starting in 2012, America’s beacon of freedom is going to be a mercury-laden death ray and that light will be shining on YOU.

There’s emerging evidence that these bulbs can cause seizures and dizziness, worsen migraine headaches and send lupus patients doubling over in agony. They’ve been linked to skin disorders and even cancer.

“I can only wonder what else they’ll discover when hundreds of millions of people are forced to sit under these bulbs all day, every day at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

“Even worse, CFL bulbs are filled with mercury. They’ll tell you it’s a ‘tiny’ amount, but a single bulb contains enough mercury to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water.

“Does that sound safe to you?

Let me shine a little light in this one: Small amounts of mercury can lay waste to your central nervous system, and all it takes is a whiff, taste or touch. Mercury can damage your vision, ruin your speech, wreck your hearing, turn you into a herky-jerky spastic, and give you the rash of a lifetime.

“Ever hear the phrase ‘mad as a hatter?’ It’s because hatters worked with mercury and it literally drove them nuts.

And when the greenies get their way, we’ll all be mad hatters. After all. Light bulbs break and it’s just a matter of time before you and your family are exposed to mercury from a shattered CFL bulb.

“All that, and I haven’t even touched on what’s going to happen when all the mercury from discarded and ‘recycled’ bulbs seep into the ground and ends up in the already-filthy water supply.

“I’m no fan of ordinary incandescent lights, either I’m convinced they’ responsible for poor health and cataracts. But in this case it’s a lesser of two evils. And if you hope to keep using them, you better stock up now.

“Soon, you won’t have a choice.”

Are our lawmakers simply without a shred of common horse sense, or are they driven by a sinister power, intent on not only further destroying our environment, but our very lives.

In any case, CFLs are yet another example of our government doing one thing while pretending to do another.

Something inhuman drove our CFL horror, and is driving the “Green Revolution,” and its off-shoots of global warming, and the entire climate change circus of death.

J. Speer-Williams

Barb’s note: For more information, please see “CFLs, Are We Insane?” at:

I have made the decision to not use one CFL bulb in my house. I don’t care what type of alternate lighting I will need to use, but rest assured, it will not be this toxic time bomb. Join me in this boycott and just say NO!!!

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  1. Wow, thank you for exposing this, Barbara. This is very important and good information. Well researched, Bravo!

    For the most part, mercury is toxic if ingested or comes into contact with the skin. However it does evaporate, and I do not know how fast such evaporation is. One can find out more by contacting Dr Hal Huggins’s offices at he is a former dentist, and a post-doctoral toxicologist and immunologist who has done extensive mercury-health research for more than 35 years. He has a database of an excess of 65,000 patients world-wide and their health recovery rates after having their mercury-containing dental fillings removed from their teeth, using Huggins’s own highly protective removal method. Again mercury does evaporate and yes, the vapors are toxic. However I don’t know if it would kill immediately, but it does have impact on the nervous and immune systems, I can tell you that from research I have done in this area. It can lead to MS and cancer, as documented by Huggins’s extensive research. Further information from the site above as said, and there is a phone number one can call to consult Huggins-trained people free of charge.
    For detoxification of heavy metals, I suggest seeing a naturopathic physician and as herbalist, the only product I really recommend (many work well, but this is the most protective one I know of) is called Metalloclear by Metagenics company. Find it at deep discount from or from Please note that some medical conditions will contra-indicate detoxification (especially of toxic mercury, said by Hal Huggins to be the most toxic substance on the planet except for two radioactive isotopes which beat it to the punch). Therefore, to see a naturopathic doctor is actually very important for heavy metal detoxing, and one can become re-exposed during the detox process so it is very important to go slowly and with supervision. Always eat fiber when detoxing heavy metals, never do juice fasting because you could be over-exposing yourself to the metals as they are chelated out of your body, writes naturopathic doctor LInda Rector Page. But detoxing can be done and there is hope! Please note too that Hal Huggins writes that the body can store mercury in one’s bones for decades (and affect nerve/immune functioning) unless it is detoxified from the body. So it’s an important thing to do. Best wishes everybody, Drina

    • Can’t take the credit for this one, although I would like to. J. Speer Williams is the one who deserves the kudos for this article. His research is excellent.

      • Thanks Barbara! But the research on your part was that you came up with it, and thank you! This is valuable information.
        It is my impression that he may be exaggerating the facts about the lethality of mercury (simply being in the room with it won’t kill you, as best I understand) but again it can and would cause nervous and/or immune system damage. That is true. It’s usually a long-range effect rather than immediate, and it depends on the level of exposure plus on how strong one’s system is in throwing it off. So it’s not as if you stand in the room with it and drop dead as he implies. Just so people don’t panic. But he is right that it’s highly toxic and yes, this is a bad thing to have in our halogen lights. I didn’t know that before and am glad to know. Risk to the environment, as he points out, if it breaks. And even dentists aren’t allowed to touch mercury fillings without wearing rubber gloves, and must dispose of them as toxic waste, aren’t allowed to dump them down the drain. Yet here goes the gov’t saying we can and should put it into our very own mouths, even if it causes birth defects! nice, eh? There are different forms of mercury FYI and in my best recollection the most lethal is the type found in the ocean, but any form of mercury exposure is always a concern. Hal Huggins has definitively proven a link between cancer, MS and mercury in human and animal experiments, plus in logging the health improvements of more than 65,000 patients world-wide as above after their mercury-containing dental fillings were removed. That is an enormous database compared to most studies one can find at any source, and is not to be sneezed at or bluffed off. Anybody who does, is doing just that; Bluffing.
        Best wishes, Drina

  2. So, what alternatives do we have? Are there other types of bulbs that we can use? Should we go to 12V bulbs?

  3. I was 52 years old and I had a massive stroke in 1999. I’m 62. I couldn’t speak, completely aphasic, and I couldn’t walk; confined to a wheelchair and five hospitals. Nothing clicks. It’s a profound, hopelessly, bleak situation and no way out. It’s tabula rasa; it’s a blank slate.

    I’m not a physician, or a dentist, or a science guy. That said, here’s my events about the stroke and mercury fillings. I obtained medical records 10 years ago. I suffered from funky foul breath and a metallic taste; paralyzing fear all the time, constantly; excessive sweating, and palpitations so heart-stopping, so violent and nasty, for 20 years. I know what I know.

    Read my blog. 20 pages.
    and How to Stroke Out with Mercury Fillings ( It’s an amended version. Three pages.

    Thank you.

    Mickie Yezek Roller
    9 Spruce Peak Rd.
    Acme, PA 15610
    724 547 0157

  4. An excellent tool to gauge how much potential mercury is in the fish you are eating is the free on-line calculator found at

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