Dear Readers,

Recently an article was posted endorsing Acorn, and Roosevelt’s socialist agenda. It has been removed. I in no way endorse either, and this type of article will no longer be posted to this website.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Barbara H. Peterson

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  1. I don’t mind if the ‘enemy’ puts stuff up for us to tear apart. :-)

    Could be very educational. IMO a good thing to see what the progs are trying to push as they seek to destroy the USA as it was originally intended.


    • Hi Sam,

      Sometimes we simply make mistakes. By working together, we can learn from each other and avoid at least some of these mistakes. The person who posted the article has very good intentions, and I choose to focus on that. I will also be looking into the issues that Drina has brought up in her comment below. Any information to help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Dear readers and friends
    Please know that I stand by Barbara in every way, I really respect Barbara’s work very much (and that is why I post here and work in a partnership with her. And I consider myself genuinely fortunate in so doing). I want the very best for Barbara’s sake and for all of you. So I want everyone to know what my intentions were, and what they also were not, in mentioning the ACORN entity and their help with foreclosure assistance to homeowners. A good friend had actually been rescued by them and found no problem with them. Also the scandal in which they were mired, had been mentioned by Truthout and Bradblog to have been fabricated based on a doctored video which had been snuck into an interview with ACORN without their being told about it in the first place, and more things.
    That said, there are always different bodies of information out there in the greater pool of information, and Barbara had read something by equally highly credible sources, from a different point of view. The concern was that the scandal affected the image of other non-profits, and that is a very valid concern. And Barbara is quite right in mentioning that to me, plus a few other concerns. So in the end, we each were informed by conflicting information, and I am sure you all know how that can happen. There’s just so much information out there on the Internet, as you all know, and it can be a tricky choice at times to know which is the right point of view to go with. The point is, that I really respect Barbara’s wishes here.

    Thank you for all your readership and it is wonderful to work with you all. I really enjoy the opportunity to be of help (so I hope, at least) with herbal information on the Surviving the Middle Class Crash site, and have genuinely loved the depth of information and insights of people on this site. I think there are a lot of very informed and deeply intelligent people posting here and some clearly very old souls, and it is wonderful to interact with you all. I look forward to more of the same! Best wishes, Drina

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