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Even the Troops are Waking Up!

A soldier speaks out about the Iraqi occupation and the criminal puppet masters who engineer devastation for profit.

Thank you Valerie, for this inspiring video!

3 Responses

  1. It should be clear by now that O is an SOB. Son Of Bush, politically. O said he would bring the troops home. Still has yet to do that. The agenda they both support, the sellout of the USA to the NWO, did not start with them. But they are continuing it.

    O has changed little if any thing the GWB administration started. Or has not done, like close the borders. Let the ‘Patriot’ Act die? Not Obama!

    What we are in the midst of is an era of perpetual war. One reason for perpetual was is to make people so war weary they will accept peace at any price. Most modern wars are conceived & controlled by those behind the New World Order GWB’s dad talked about. The USA MUST end our foreign policy of interventionism & only go to war when absolutely necessary. Like the war on drugs or any other gov conceived ‘war’, the ‘war’ on terror has at best been only marginally successful.

    Lame stream fringe media, also owned & controlled for the most part by the NWO cabal has most every one thinking that to go back to minding our own business is “isolationist” That propagandist dodge is totally deceptive & was used to hurt Pat Buchanan when he ran for Prez. Lame stream fringe lied by saying Pat’s ideas would cut the US off from the rest of the world.

    Ron Paul is pretty much an authority on interventionism. When Paul said during one of the Prez debates that “they attack us because we are over there”, Rudy J went nuts. Afterwords Shawn H tried to make Paul look bad. The only problem was that Paul is correct., as was Buchanan. Ron cited CIA reporting & findings by the 9-11 Commission.




  2. Now, that is telling like it is! The truth shall prevail. United we stand, divided we fall.

  3. Thank you. A breath of fresh air. Truth is welcomed in this world of deceit and darkness. This young soldier, I hope and pray, will have all of the support from those of us who have seen this war as a heinous crime from the beginning. Doesn’t matter who’s in office, the beat of war continues. Afterall, war profiteering has been the name of the game . . as well as occupation and genocide . . for decades. Many already know how Henry Kissinger’s feels about our soldiers: “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Quoted in Kiss the Boys Goodbye: How the United States Betrayed Its Own POW’s in Vietnam (1990)

    Let’s not forget what depleted uranium (DU) has done to our soldiers who are now having children with birth defects, brain disorders of all types not to mention Iraq women giving birth to children born without eyes, ears, limbs due to having 800+ tons of (DU) dropped on them!

    War in Iraq cost $4 billion per month. Do you recall $9 billion missing from the Pentagon to Iraq was never found? Not much said about that these days!

    Lies, inconsistencies and facts are transparent to those seeking the truth.

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