U.S. Presidents and the Royal Bloodline

By Barbara H. Peterson

It seems that all U.S. presidents except for one, share the same bloodline.

King Plantagenet 1167 – 1216, known as John of England

Some of his attributes and accomplishments:

Lack of prowess in battle

Penchant for treachery


Heavy taxation

The first income tax

Confiscation of all church possessions

Lecherous behavior

Signing of the Magna Carta under duress, which he tried to break by starting a war


King John’s reign has traditionally been characterised as one of the most disastrous in English history, earning him the nickname “Bad King John”: it began with military defeats – he lost Normandy to Philip Augustus of France in his first five years on the throne – and ended with England torn by civil war and himself on the verge of being forced out of power. In 1213, he made England a papal fief to resolve a conflict with the Catholic Church, and his rebellious barons forced him to seal Magna Carta in 1215, the act for which he is best remembered.


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  1. Both my sons are related to bad King John through their mother’s side of the family and it is through Eleanor of Acquitane that the relationship is based. They are also related to the kings of Wessex and Sussex back to the sixth century. I believe most people can find some type of bloodline to former monarchs if they look hard enough.

  2. Barbara,
    I think you missed something. Integrity! I have spent a large part of my life looking for the “real thing” to head our government. Hundreds and have only found two. One died and keeping an eye on the other.
    I am so sick of voting for either of “not qualified” and “who cares”.
    What should be the very top ideal of a politician is honesty. The GOP has been dishonest, lying directly to my face while smiling, shaking my hand. This I do not forgive or forget!
    Is our government based upon ideals and integrity or does greed trump our ideals? Any politician taking corporate funds, even funneled a law firm (like Sen. Kyl) will not get my vote. VOTE THEM ALL OUT! The GOP has proved to me that individuals, main-street is not who they represent.
    A senior GOP Senator tells me to my face that the citizens are like sheep, “we can say anything to these dumb creatures”, “the rich and powerful will always control the weak masses”! Unless you, Barbara, are a rich CEO, what group do you think you fall into? Right out of the horses mouth.

    • Exactly. But even a good portion of the rich CEOs will one day fall because they are not in the same monetary league as the top dogs.

    • Until we determine the legitimate functions of government and determine when we should acquiese inalienble rights for the public good, we will forever be bound in a battle between those that govern and those being governed. The force of taxation is inevitably used to extract more and more wealth from those that produce and redistributed by corrupt political means to those who have the greatest power and money. Taxation is for the King, not the peasants. Until such time as the majority of the Citizens understand that taxation is force and therefore unethical and that it cannot be an economic foundation for any civil society we will remain in battle and the ruling class will most often win both the economic and physical wars.

  3. who was the one who wasn’t related – I would bet on Harry Truman.

  4. As a family member I suggest looking into the works of Gary Boyd Roberts…to say just one or two are not related is a bit over-blown.

  5. There is a big difference between those who are “simply” related to the various Royal families or their “Patrons” or “Matrons”…

    Almost everyone… serf, peasant, slave, fallen noble, current or former knight, free men and free women can trace their lineage or a portion of it back to the Old World Royalty… most were subjugated by them and were considered as property….

    Others however believe in MONARCHIES….

    And believe in Royalty…. and Kingdoms of this earth and work to actively protect and to further the interests of “organizations” like the United Kingdom [under the Windors] or the European Union [under the Habsurgs] and they HATE Republics and systems of “self-governance” or any form of or sign of “Independence”….

    Everything going on today boils down to one issue and one issue alone…..

    KINGDOMS vice REPUBLICS…. which will it be?

    Those identified by this young lady as related to KING JOHN believe in Royalty and their own “divine” right to Lord themselves over and to rule others…. to steal from them, trick them, impoverish them, enslave them, live off of the backs of and from the fruits of their labors…. America is in the midst of an attempt to “flip” the country back to the ownership and control of Old World European familial control…. taking everything that was good about our system like out system of “Self-defense” in the Courts and turning it against and using it against us all…..

    These peopel are no better and no smarter than you or I… they just know from a long history of being corrupt just how mcuh they can actually get away with before the people turn on them…

    When the people do they will carry on mis-direction and blame someone or smoething else… and the cycle will reinitiate..

  6. windsors… habsburgs…. oops…

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