Cured: A Cannabis Story

The real reason the government doesn’t want us to have this medicine.

There is no profit in it, and it actually works.

Antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids

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  1. Great thread!!! I am glad you put up the Rick Simpson story.

    Also check out Phoenix Tears. Rick has a letter there to us all.

    I would like to post my condolences to the Jack Herer family. We have lost a hero. Jack bucked the system, like Rick has been doing, hoping to educate people to the long proven benefits of cannabis & hemp.

    Jack is a hero who will be missed by all of us in the RE-legalize cannabis & hemp movement. A movement that was championed by Jack. His contributions are monumental.

    We miss ya Jack! God be with your family. Protect them & guide them. Grant them comfort & consolation. May they know that we appreciate them & miss Jack.


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