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The Southern Poverty Law Center: State sponsored domestic terrorism

Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


” In my opinion, SPLC represents state sponsored domestic terrorism.  Hopefully this organization will self implode, possibly crushed by the weight of its own self induced paranoia or the result of finding itself on one of its own lists.”


One of the most reviled organizations to come to the forefront in recent years is the Southern Poverty Law (Lie) Center.  Whatever this organization was originally intended to be, it has since morphed into a generator of fabricated “facts” which seldom bear any resemblance to the truth.  But the pay is really good and right now they are on the short list of White House and Homeland Security “favs”.

The reviving of McCarthyism via the SPLC, is unnerving to many of us of a certain age.  We remember the red-baiting, the commie scares, the malicious maligning of individuals that resulted during the reign of McCarthy.  At that time every one was afraid to speak about anything for fear of reprisal from the McCarthy-ites; a reprisal that could see you jailed, personally ruined, out of work; The effects would last long after McCarthy was dethroned as the #1 Commie hunter in the government. Many people never recovered socially, professionally or emotionally from being targeted and hunted by McCarthy and his henchmen. And Potok like McCarthy had nothing to evidence his accusations other than his own self induced paranoia. Potok seems to want to emulate McCarthy.

Recently, Potok was again given air time on MSM via CNN.

What really unnerves about this broadcast with Rick Sanchez of CNN and Potok, is what appears to be the intentional (but lets just pretend he just popped up with this) insertion of words like “anarchists”, “posse comitatus” which he wrongfully asserts were white supremacists,  and even references to the Oklahoma city bombings.  Talk about fear mongering!  These references were in no way spontaneous; they were planned and inserted for no other reason than to infer that anyone who might attempt to reclaim their liberty must somehow be a threat to the rest of us. Sanchez and Potok were doing nothing less than attempting to equate sovereignty with murder, thievery and white supremacists.

Sanchez and Potok go on claim those who claim individual sovereignty hate any kind of government.  They do hate the expansion and encroachment of government, but, contrary to what these two hacks would have you believe, they do not hate government overall.

What concerns me here is not only the McCarthy style targeting of anyone who is in disagreement with SPLC, or its sponsor, the US government, but the idea that we would tolerate such a malignant organization such as the SPLC to begin with.

What has happened to us as a country that would make such insidious and malicious organizations as SPLC, the friend of the federal government on any level? It seems to me, what we need to fear and to reject are organizations such as this one that prey on the public, producing self-created lists of people to be targeted by law enforcement and the government, for simply having a different view than they do.  And, no one is quite sure what their view is on anything other than they hate just about everyone else and have made a lucrative business out of selling that hate for profit.

In my opinion, SPLC represents state sponsored domestic terrorism.  Hopefully this organization will self implode, possibly crushed by the weight of its own self induced paranoia or the result of finding itself on one of its own lists.

I’d like to personally hand that list to the Missouri Highway patrol with instructions to arrest them immediately.


Check this site to determine if the SPLC has listed you as a subversive group. Don’t be surprised if you are, they included various broadcasting companies, Oathkeepers, constitutionalists, a church or two and any America first group.  LIST SITE

One Response

  1. Excellent analysis.

    Propaganda Minister Potok is compensated with more than $143,000 dollars a year out of the donor pot to “find hate” behind every rock and tree, so it’s little surprise that he does.


    And the SPLC, despite being located in Montgomery, Alabama, the cradle of the American Civil Rights Movement and literally located in the backyard of Dr. King’s own church, is an all-White institution.

    NOT ONE of the SPLC’s top ten, highest paid executives is a minority. http://wp.me/pCLYZ-67

    MSM outlets like CNN never perform even the most rudimentary fact checks on SPLC fund-raising propaganda. They simply swill down the steaming plates of tripe and then regurgitate them, verbatim, as “news”.

    The Blogosphere will mark the end of the SPLC. Keep up the good work.

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