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Glenn Beck’s True Colors

This is for those who think that Glenn Beck is truly a beacon of light.

Wake up! You are being used.

A little history lesson.

Transcript here:


Note: Due to the amount of hate mail received in response to this posting, comments have been shut down. If you want to comment and say that this site is a “far left hate monger,” or that we will end up in hell for exposing Glenn Beck for the charlatan he is, do it on your own dime, not mine.


Excuse me for getting older and not wanting to put up with people telling me what a degenerate I am on my own site, but understand that my site is like  my home. I do not have to put up with rude people yelling at me and saying  that I will burn in hell.  Not happening.  It is my home. I make the rules. So I shut down the comments, like I shut my door.Barb

2 Responses

  1. perchance you have selective hearing he said again and again it is NOT everybody but about ten of them… AND this was stated while this flood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nE9m63c3sBU
    was occuring in Tennesses which was a flash flood and NO ONE had time out and NEVER got any federal help media coverage or anything.

    Tell the WHOLE story if YOU must tell a story

    • What he said was bad enough. He is a shill, gets paid for whatever view he is told to spout, and has flip-flopped on every issue he has ever talked about. How about YOU telling the WHOLE story!

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