REALITY REPORT #59 – DOJ Defines Constitutionalists as Terrorists

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary exposes the propaganda campaign initiated by one Missouri High School and asks you to take action. Nina breaks down this week’s headlines including how preschool students in one California County are now being tracked by RFID and who mainstream media employees give their donations too. She also discloses who the Department of Justice defines as extremists by reviewing their new leaked document. Is your group mentioned? Two very special guests join Gary this week including Richard Gage, the founder of Architects and engineers for 9/11 truth who discusses his 9/11 investigation, and the co-founder of the Constitutional Alliance, Mark Lerner who comes to talk about his new book, “Your Body is Your ID.”

DoJ Terrorism Criminal Extremism Terms

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  1. Now, back to the REAL terrorists. We are approaching the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and still no prosecutions. A nagging question for me is was the British government involved? I think so and they had motive. Please read here for detailed info:

  2. 9-11 didn’t highlight the real terrorists. Though those who flew the planes were definitely terrorists.

    Glen Beck is doing the highlighting, IMO, now.

    Big govt & the ‘progressive’ movement are a MUCH more dangerous threat to We The People, our founding documents & US history. But then again, going back to the 9-11 terrorists, we do have to contend with Islamic sleeper cells: AKA Mosques & those who want to establish Sharia law here.. Though I don’t believe every Muslim is a terrorist, I do think most if not all the leadership are into stealth Jihad, and support an Islamic take over of the USA.

    Obama is now leading the charge against the the USA, but he is not the one who started the assault. We have been faced with threats from wihin for many a long decade. Even before the nefarious year, so to speak, of 1913 when we had the privately owned ‘Federal’ Reserve foisted on us.

    That patriots are being called terrorists by our own govt supports my point. Very well. Too well, I am sad to say.

    Well, from the lib prog perspective, we might be. The way Palin & Beck & other patriots are verbally assaulted lib progs really do seem to be terrified.

    It is a VERY sad day when any one who loves the USA & wants to see the Constitution restored as the law of the land is vilified by being called terrorists., racists, hate mongers & so on. Very sad day indeed!!!!!


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