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9/11 Flight 93 Rare Footage

Barb’s Note: I remember seeing this footage on TV once. Then it disappeared. After viewing it, you will know why.

This video was removed from YouTube – no surprise! View it here:


5 Responses

  1. Combine this enigma with the recent video of WTC suddenly collapsing for no apparent reason and that is enough to make me very suspicious of the American authorities. I hope today’s government confiscates both Bush and Cheney’s passports. They should be going no where until a real investigation has been carried out on 911.

  2. Thank you, Barbara, for all the wonderful information you’re disseminating.

    Please send this one to Glen Beck and all the rest at Fox News.

    • Wake up,

      Who run FOX is a CFR member, who believes in a ONE WORLD ORDER! Glenn is either a NEO-CON or being used by the Bilderbergs-Rothchilds-Rockerfellers…or the Fed Res, IMF, and not to forger the UN. WAKE UP

  3. no bodies either-where did all the people go? vaporized,like the plane?
    we’v been duped
    pretext for war
    a red herring
    a fasle flag
    another gulf of tonkin incident
    a lusitinia
    a maine
    we;ve been duped…again

  4. How can you go after Bush and Cheney for the WTC if they cleaned up the crime scene before they collected the evidence.

    That is the same thing they did with the Oklahoma Federal building bombing.

    They don’t want any evidence.

    Another News release a day or two after the WTC at 3 A.M. before the news was watered down, was there were NO POLITICIANS FLYING IN OR OUT OF THAT AIRPORT ON 9/11. IF THEY HAD A SCHEDULED FLIGHT….THEY CANCELLED. Sounds kind of Conspiracy doesn’t it???

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