Tech Support from Hell

By Barbara H. Peterson

I’m sure that most of us have run into technical support personnel that have seemed somewhat detached from the real world, and oblivious to the problem, much less able to solve it. Well folks, I just had a doozy of a tech support chat with Magic Jack.

Magic Jack is a computer telephone service that works like a real phone, but plugs into your computer. It is a good service until something goes wrong, and that is quite frequently. At least for me.

Well, something went terribly wrong, and the program would not even load. Read the following transcript, and remember, I did not make this up. This is a real transcript, from the horse’s mouth! I deleted the personal info. 

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with ‘Grace’

Your Issue ID for this chat is (deleted)

Grace: Hello, how may I help you?

barb: magic jack started up, then shut down. when i tried to start again, it would not start and directed me to support. went through the steps and still nothing

Grace: May I have your magicjack phone number please?

barb: (deleted)

Grace: Thank you

Grace: May I have your full name and email address please?

barb: barbara peterson (deleted)

Grace: Is your magicjack device plugged it in right now?

barb: yes

Grace: Is the dial pad is up and read “ready to call” message?

barb: it won’t start

Grace: Please check if the blue light is ON?

barb: yes

Grace: Are you using USB extension cord?

barb: it’s trying to start nowbarb: it just started on its own

Grace: is the dial pad upnow?

barb: yes

Grace: does it read “ready to call?

barb: yes. it did this morning also, but keeps shutting itself down

Grace: I see

Grace: great@

Grace: did you turn your computer OFF?

barb: may i please speak with someone else?

barb: how could i still be online talking with you if i turned my computer off?

Need I say anything else?



3 Responses

  1. I’m having a doozy of a time with Magic Jack myself. I’ve been through the same process with their tech support 3 times now. They get one more chance or its going back to the store!

    • I actually had one good experience with MJ support. Obviously, this wasn’t it. The good experience I had was when I stayed on the line and would not get off until the support person gave up and connected me with “someone who has had good support ratings.” When I talked with her, she solved my problem immediately.

  2. “They took … the plug … out of … the wall … and put … it in … your computer”

    Come on, if you hadn’t figured out they were a bunch of assclowns intent on treating you like an infant from that advertisement alone you kind of asked for this : ) The only thing that is novel about MJ is the ability to plug a normal handset directly in via usb. There are *much* better VOIP services out there. I’ve had very good service through both Vonage and Skype.

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