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A comment on the comments

From the Editor:

If your comment consists of remarks like “you’re an idiot,” “nutbag,” or is completely off-target and it is clear that you haven’t even read or listened to the post before hitting the send button, then don’t expect to get posted.

Thoughtful comments that add to a discussion are welcome. Ad-hominem attacks will hit the trash just as fast as Stinkfly can boot them there.

One Response

  1. If you go to the website http://www.AE911truth.com you will see that many Architechs (A) and Engineers (E) agree with the General. I have seen a great deal of evidence and I find it quite different to what the so-called government investigation suggested. I would not put it past the G. W. Bush and Chaney Administration to have been involved with the bombing. Those guys were the most devious thugs that we have ever had at the helm of our nation. However, FDR and Johnson run a close second. I believe however that it is a rogue element within the military industrial complex and the Bankers, we are now all very fond of, that really runs the show. It’s starting to be very obvious. John and Robert Kennedy found out how devious these people are the hard way. If you think about the Salem witch hunts or the spanish inquisition it will add a little perception of just how devious people can be. Surely one cannot say, that such an action could not have been orchestrated by elements withion our own government.

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