Another reason to get off legal drugs – microchipped pills!

Barbara H. Peterson

Well, it’s almost here, folks! The chip in a pill by big pharma, designed to make sure that you take your drugs on time, monitor and report your heart rate, temperature, body movement, and whatever else they deem appropriate in order to keep an eye on your internal activities and force you to comply with your doctor’s instructions. This is a Big Brother wet dream. People monitored day and night, and in constant danger of having their health insurance revoked for non-compliance. 

Novartis agreed in January to spend $24 million to secure access to chip-in-a-pill technology developed by privately owned Proteus Biomedical of Redwood City, California, putting it ahead of rivals.

The biotech start-up’s ingestible chips are activated by stomach acid and send information to a small patch worn on the patient’s skin, which can transmit data to a smartphone or send it over the Internet to a doctor. (MSNBC)

For now, the focus is on people who have had such things as transplant operations. But as history tells us, it will not stop there. Considering all of the people who are on legal drugs, this use of chip in a pill technology has the potential to be the greatest invasive eavesdropping assault on humanity in the world. Who needs a camera when you can diagnose imaginary diseases, prescribe “necessary” drugs, then monitor each and every person via an internal microchip?

Mundel said the initial project was focused on ensuring that patients took drugs at the right time and got the dose they needed — a key issue for people after kidney and other transplant operations, when treatment frequently needs adjustment.

Longer-term, he hopes to expand the “smart pill” concept to other types of medicine and use the wealth of biometric information the Proteus chip can collect, from heart rate and temperature to body movement, to check that drugs are working properly. (MSNBC)

Imaging having your every move monitored and recorded by the arthritis medication you took in the morning. Imaging getting a call from your doctor admonishing you that you are walking too fast, and need to slow down because of the information he received from the heart medication you took in the morning or your insurance will be revoked. Far fetched? I don’t think so. This is where they are heading, folks. It’s just a matter of time and opportunity. They have the motive – profit at any cost, with a huge dose of sociopathy.

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