Take Action: Defeat the Scanners and Gropers

We Won’t Fly

The Plan is Simple:

  • If you absolutely, positively must fly, opt out of the scanners. Do it to protect your health and privacy.
  • If you can avoid flying, don’t fly. Hit the airlines in the pocketbook until the scanners and gropers are gone. Make the airlines work for us.
  • Raise holy hell. Register your disapproval of the scanners and gropers to your airline, your hotel and all government officials who claim to work for you. Educate your community.


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  1. The best way to protect the travelling public is to stop the constant wars in foreign lands. If the US would act as an honest broker instead of a warmongering rogue, you would find the terrorism attempts would drop to nothing. There is nothing worst than to constantly remind the terrorists that you are in their lands blowing up people, many who are innocent of any criminal activity. Get out of their faces and they will get out of ours.

  2. I think that the boycot is a wonderful idea, except in one regard. That is, that if my hunch is correct—that this probing and nude photography is just one more way to discourage travel and close down the country’s borders (without coming out and saying it in il-“legal” stone), then to boycot flying is just the victory the Feds wanted all along. They have succeeded in their mission.
    The airlines are not the culprits here: it’s the Feds. In fact, the airlines are the victims. Consider that the airline industries struck down CAPPS II, the proposed airline passenger profiling “law”. Next came the proposed electronic remote control stun bracelet to be worn by US travelers—-yup, you got that one right. I am not kidding, and I am not making this up. The ACLU emailed its constituents about this. Well that too was struck down, and my bottom dollar guess is that it was the airlines whodunnit again (struck it down, that is). So now guess what? Three is a lucky charm, and three is the last attempt….to shut down free travel and corral The People to one area?
    Then to impose dictatorship?
    Of course, that last part has been in the making all along. Just study any of the post-911 legislation and you will see that, all over the place. Torture without due process of law or even being accused of any crime (that is right. Most of teh Guantanamo detainees have never been charged with a single crime, according to The Center for Constitutional Rights, Amnesty International, the ACLU and Bruce Fein, former deputy US Attorney General and civil rights advocate). The Patriot Act, police state. The attempted Thought Crimes Bill which would have shut down the internet itself and free speech, even free thought. No kidding.
    So it’s time for us to open up our collective eyes and to rethink what we want to do.
    Boycott the airlines? I don’t know what happened this time, where they lost their power or were bought off. But surely something has gone wrong or they would be striking this down too. Note that airline pilots are rebelling against the probes and nude scans too.
    So what is the solution? The answer: I don’t know.

    Class action lawsuits against TSA, the individual agents themselves, and the government. And, impeach Obama??? After all, he has called this a “frustrating” scenario and has in every way said that we must put up with it. What a character….as in, felon.

    • Acquiescence to sexual molestation by government thugs is not an option. Neither is radiation by dangerous equipment, and nude pictures. Each must make his/her own decision. Standing up for your rights peacefully and confronting the thugs by refusing both invasive procedures is time consuming and will definitely interfere with your travel plans. So most times, visiting Granny overrides getting groped, and most people cave in and submit. I will not fly. Period. If I need to go somewhere, I drive. Another option is pooling resources for private charters if you must fly, but putting up with these invasive procedures is not an option for me.

      • Hi Barbara
        I love the idea of private group charter planes (never occurred, brilliant!)
        As for putting up with it, please know that was NEVER my thought EVER! Good god. Sorry if that was not more clear or if that was misunderstood. You kidding? I perceive this, once again, as a blatant and extraordinarily bold move toward dictatorship and oppression. To put up with it is just the thing not to do!

        Class action lawsuits are published in newspapers where individual ones are not, they have more clout in groups, and are much more affordable than solo.

        I don’t think suits are enough here, I think jail is more like it.

        But of course, if on a practical level that seems not to be something that would “pan out” then we must do whatever we must do.

        And maybe the airlines will step up to the plate when they see that they are going ou t of business. Again I don’t know why they are silent at this point, because previously they definitely did counteract these government sabotages.

        This is disgusting and sick. And I am advised by somoene who is an expert, that the government has been controlling commerce at the borders as well as free travel.

        Time for a new declaration of independence? Methinks yes. “It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government” (when the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness are threatened by the government).

        Again I only advocate non-violent and moral action, but right action you betcha. Not standing for any s**t. Anybody who tries to stir up violent action is likely doing so based on an agenda from higher up (though some may genuinely believe it’s the only way to go and mean well. However I think that violent action will only be discredited and further, it will invite yet more government controls, become their excuse for it. It probably is even their plan).

        JUST SAY NO!!! to government oppression and JUST SAY NO!!! to self-defeating ways of saying no!

        Thank you all for your concern and you too in a big way for all that you do, Barbara.

  3. PS Everybody
    I could be wrong, and nobody has to agree with me.
    But just to suggest, that to put up with being groped/photographed in the nude with cancer-causing equipment said to be safe, is a definite NO…..

    Then so again, is the notion of being held down from free traveling.

    Something to think about and mull over what the solutions might be, on a communal level.

    Thoughts? Love to see them.
    Thanks everybody!

  4. Hello again friends
    Here a few thoughts I have stumbled across:

    Nullification: Urge the State to nullify the unconstitutional mandates for body scanners and public sexual assault (let’s not call it invasive, let’s call it what it is: A crime).

    Downsize DC has a petition to do away with TSA altogether. They point out that terrorist acts such as the underpants bomber came from overseas, not from American soil. Therefore the scans and pat-downs don’t even make sense or help at all.

    Press criminal charges against the TSA agents individually who violated, against TSA itself, Janet Napoleon—o and urge them to strip in public themselves!

    Impeach Obama, who said that this is merely “frustrating” (like hell, so is rape and so is murder, yeah right Mr Obama) and that it is necessary (since when? Felonies as necessities? Sounds like he is himselfneeds to be jailed, not merely impeached).

    Oh as for keeping us safe. Yeah. Try being gawked and followed by some letch after your groin has been searched in public. So much for public safety. I read one true story of a TSA agent masterbating as he looked at nude scans of teen girls, and being fired for it. Surely this is not a unique example, and neither is the public unsafety from voyeurism and probably rape which will be the fallout of this.

    Time to sue them up the butt and press criminal charges like mad, that’s what I suggest! Again this will be ineffective if done solo but in class action it will be a whole other story, especially given the press coverage of the whole matter so far.

    This whole thing is either going to sink us or it will fall, and my bets are that the latter will be the case if people are proactive enough. Problem is, some stupid people are saying that this will keep us safe and it’s necessary. DUH! Please suggest rape and voyeurism to those people and help them to wake up!

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