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  1. BRAVO!!!! What a great man! Love him.
    Yes he is absolutely right:

    Any person who “eggs you on” to violence is a provocateur, just as he brilliantly understands. I knew (of) someone who had formerly been an undercover CIA agent, who stated that this is exactly what they do. Agitate people to destructive acts, based on furor and outrage. This in turn only discredits their movement or even causes it to fall. A clever plan indeed!

    Don’t fall into the trap. No matter how mad you are, no matter how *Right!* you are….don’t act violently or obnoxiously. Instead, act peacefully, legally and effectively. And in *organized, well coached and well forwarned groups*. People simply must understand that illegal or violent acts are not only immoral but radically the opposite of effective, as well.

    Let us organize a peaceful revolution now, and pass this video around all over the place as this man requests. Please post it to blogs, ask others to forward it, send it out in chain emails, and notify the underground press.

    Thank you all!

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