You might be a domestic extremist if…

By Barbara H. Peterson

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Folks, I jest don’t know what’s happening in this country. Evidently, if you don’t take kindly to having your private parts either fried or groped, you are a domestic extremist. Yep, you heard me. A domestic extremist. Now what in the heck is that? Well, TSA and Big Sis Napolitano say:

You might be a domestic extremist and targeted for identification and information collection by Homeland Security if…

You object to having your privates fried at the airport and naked pictures taken of you and your kids while going to visit Grandma on the holidays.

You throw a NO TSA IN MY PANTS party and tell your friends that you are going to opt-out the next time you fly, and tell  TSA gropers that if they touch your junk you’re going to have them arrested for assault.

You get yourself a website titled “Don’t Fly TSA.”

You encourage all your friends to do the same.

I don’t know about you fellas, but I’m opting out for the whole airport experience, and they can take that to the bank! Or not. After all, a nationwide boycott seems to be jest what the doctor ordered for these folks. Hit ’em in the purse, that’s what I always say.

(C) 2010 Barbara H. Peterson

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  1. I have turned down a free week in a condo in Scottsdale because I absolutely will not be degraded by the government and its stooges in order to fly there. No thank you. I still fly outside the country by simply driving across the border where this kind of molestation still hasn’t caught on.

  2. Hello friends
    I will repeat what I posted previously (sorry for the repeat, but for those of you who didn’t read it, here is the more brief version):

    I agree that boycotting is a good idea. And yet there is also a problem with it. At least, if my “read” on this situation proves correct, that the Feds are trying to close down the borders and inhibit freedom of travel, thereby taking one more step toward dictatorship….then if we stop flying, they have accomplished their mission.
    Further it is not the airlines which are at fault here. THey struck down previous attempts to accomplish this devil’s trick (CAPPS II, proposed electronic stun bracelet. Why are they now silent? I don’t know what happened to quiet them down, but we should be inquiring and suspicious. At least the pilots are objecting to the probes and scans, and that says something).

    Should we punish the airliners for the Federal piece of work?

    I suggest class action lawsuits (Which are much more effective than individualized ones, which get publicity and cost less than a personal one). We should sue the TSA agents individually, their bosses and the Feds, for all that they are worth.

    • PS I want to stress that these are felonies being committed. Or such is what I would think (I am not a lawyer).
      As for Obama saying that this is all “frustrating” and must be endured…what a man! Oust him! Time to impeach? If a blow job got the ball rolling for Clinton, then how about Obama? Oh, perjury, I forgot. Well the man is a law professor and he knows that groping genitals of children and yes, adults too (without their consent) is a serious crime, certainly all the more so in full public view. So he is not perjuring himself too? I would argue that.

  3. I am with Barbara on this. The airlines are transportation monopolies allowing corporate government to abuse their consumers (customers disappeared in the 60s) A lot of smaller airlines flying out of private airports could easily handle the traffic for those who find it necessary to fly. I have not flown commercially for more than 20 years with no more than a sacrifice of some convenience and I have not driven a motor vehicle for nearly ten years since being fined $900 and losing my car for using fictitious license plates. If it is as the state claims, a privilege and not a right to drive, I don’t want it or the expense. We will soon enough be living in survival conditions. How much flying will anyone but governments be doing then? This is an industry like medicine and agribusiness we would all be much better off without. Slow down and smell the roses.

    • Hey Ed, when they start to have state-for-state or town-for-town border checkpoints and put guns in YOUR face as you drive, and hold your family hostage because you had the nerve to drive without government permission, then you will care plenty.

      Do you think I am exaggerating? Absolutely not. Just ask anybody who has lived under dictatorial rule. We Americans don’t know what is coming because we are so used to our freedoms. Try Tianenmen Square as the norm and not the exception, please, and you will get an accurate picture of living conditions a la dictatorship. What are we waiting for? If we protest by not flying now, the next crackdown will be on driving. Just wait and see. Oh and what about train stations and stadiums? This is out of control and we had better nip this in the bud, NOW! Boycots will not suffice and on the one hand I could see where they could go either way: They could work (airlines go to bat for us as they lose business) OR it could hand the Feds just the victory they have been wanting. Control, people corralled, at last! Yippee! And this is only the beginning. “Just You Wait” as was sung in My Fair Lady…only this ain’t so fair, if you know what I mean.

      Hopefully I am wrong and the boycotts will work for us and not against us. Only time will tell. To stress again, I could see where this could go either way.

      Anybody who thinks I am nuts or paranoid had better check out the facts about dictatorship before making such innocent assertions.

      • PS Ed and everybody
        My apologies, by writing “you will care plenty (when…)” I did not mean to imply that you don’t. I can tell that you are very concerned and I am sure so can the rest of us. It simply came out wrong, and again I apologize. Thank you for all you share here, we value your input and insights and appreciate your brilliance.

        I also know I am far from the only person here who has foreseen many things, and one thing I really value is the brilliance of the community posting here. Thank you all!

  4. I’ve been going thru’ most of this BS for the last several years in that I travel with my own wheelchair and cane. You’d think I was using these to transport explosives or drugs the way I was treated.

    First they made me exit the chair and give up the cane to walk unassisted thru’ the Xray machine. Then they insisted I walk, again unassisted, to where they were inspecting my mobility devises more than 20 feet away. No easy task. At the same time they fully re-inspect my carry on luggage and computer and always decide I have something I can’t take on the plane, which passed the initial inspection on the conveyor. They expect me to put my shoes back on prior to sitting – impossible with this level of spinal damage.

    The last time I flew my daughter was with me and she finished her “inspection” no less than a half hour prior to mine. Her anger at the TSA for the treatment of her senior citizen, fully disabled mother was sufficient to where she let them hear about it. “We’re just doing our jobs.” was the reply. This while others who are obviously foreign nationals are passed quickly.

    BTW, I’m second generation American via English and Irish legal immigrant grandparents. As far as I’m concerned, handicapped individuals are being profiled, regardless of age and apparent inability to negotiate any distance on their own (my daughter was NOT allowed to assist me, so I used their conveyor belt areas to cross the space on my own.)

    Has anyone else noted how most of the TSA employees show little intellect and what I consider otherwise unemployable anywhere but fast food restaurants? My God, one woman actually grabbed and pulled my turtleneck top away to see if I had a necklace on. I didn’t, but I do have a metal plate attached to my spine- as I’d told her. She couldn’t get it thru’ her thick skull that it was inserted from the front, as to why she couldn’t get a reading from behind. By this time I had my cane up to use as self defense and her supervisor had to interecede to get her away before I attacked. Idiot personified.

    Again, my kid was with me and heading quickly my way when he stepped in ahead of her. This round put us thru’ secondary inspection where they removed room spray, but not hairspray, due to “no under pressure items allowed in carry on luggage”. Go figure!

  5. Tempest, Apology accepted, though hardly necessary. Many of us have concerns we are particularly passionate about and we want others to know. I find no harm or malice in this. It has been my personal approach for many years now, the easiest thing for any individual to change is their point of view. If some point of view causes me pain, I change it to one which does not. It causes me the least pain to understand the best laid plans of mice and men go awry and nothing is as it appears.

    Let us for a moment tally the current threats against humanity at this very unique time in the history of human kind. We have the global totalitarian state closing out a 100 year plan of dominion, in which our so called leaders at every level are collaborating. We know WWIII is part of that plan. We know drastic population reduction by all available means; starvation, desanitation, direct and indirect poisonings, malnutrition, medicine, plagues and wars, sterilization and civil pandemonium are all tactics toward this end. We know the world is on the edge of an economic collapse which threatens the very fabric of society and it’s deliberate.

    We know we are not alone on this planet, or should know or in this solar system or this galaxy. We can assume there is a 50/50 chance we are loved and might be protected at this stage of the game and we might be better off believing that than all forces are arrayed for our utter destruction, which in so many ways we might collectively deserve, even if I am righteous. 8) We sense among our mightiest enemies, fear is the greatest. We also know nothing ratchets up fear more than angry and bitter confrontation we can make the choice to avoid if we can bear to be called cowards. We are also on the precipice of very rapid planetary change. We can choose to see it as a scrubbing cleanse, long past due. We may have heard the predictions of polar shift, the likely violence of it and it is supposed to occur in the next two years.

    Let us assume that every threat will come to pass in the next five years. What should our priorities be in that case? Should we be protesting the planned advance of the totalitarian state which has so far proved irresistible, or should we be procuring seeds, water storage, food storage, basic energy, fire proofing, medical supplies, weapons and tools? Time is short. How important is it to resist a speeding train?

    • Hello Ed
      Thank you for your kind and thoughtful response. I agree with you: Of course we need to be covering the home base and taking care of matters there.

      But it doesn’t have to be “Either/or”. We can do both: Take care of the fort and also work to hold back the run-away train (if we can).

      I think if we don’t, we are participating in the problem.

      ANd the problem can be very severe. As I am foreseeing it, this is only the wee beginning stages. We don’t want to wait until later or the picture will be very ugly, even heinous. If we just let them do their thing, we are enabling the heinous crimes to come and if we put up a collective fuss, it’s less likely to happen.

      There is a strength in numbers. We can’t do it alone, but we can as a crowd. So long as those crowds do’nt become unruly and thus sabotage their own mission. Unruliness is exactly what they are waiting for, even setting us up for on purpose, as the pretext under which they will declare yet another manufactured emergency and enclose on us with yet more planned power. Just an excuse for them to take over. We ,the People, must not give them that opportunity or that excuse. Our conduct will be key.

      I think it’s important to keep the focus on ourselves and what we can do, where our own options and powers lie, rather than to focus on them and what they are doing. That prevents resentment from festering and exploding. Easier said than done, of course.

      Food for thought.

  6. Thought I would share this wisdom from Simon Black:

    While the notion of staying and ‘fighting’ is a noble idea, bear in mind that there is no real enemy or force to fight. The government is a faceless bureaucracy that’s impossible to attack. People who try only discredit their argument because they become marginalized as fringe lunatics.

    Remember John Stack? He’s the guy who flew his airplane into the IRS building in Austin, Texas earlier this year because he had a serious philosophical disagreement over tax issues.

    While his ideas may have had intellectual merit, they were immediately dismissed due to his murderous tactics. Violence is rarely the answer, and it often has the opposite effect as intended, frequently serving to bolster support for the government instead of raising awareness of its shortcomings.

    Unless/until government paramilitaries start duking it out with citizen militia groups in the streets, this is an ideological battle… and it’s an uphill battle at best.

    Government controlled educational systems institutionalize us from childhood that governments are just, and that we should all subordinate ourselves to authority and to the greater good that they dictate in their sole discretion.

    You’re dealing with a mob mentality, plain and simple. Do you want to waste limited resources (time, money, energy) trying to convince your neighbor that s/he should not expect free money from the government?

    You could spend a lifetime trying to change ideology and not make a dent; people have to choose for themselves to wake up, it cannot be forced upon them. And until that happens, they’re going to keep asking for more security and more control because it’s the way their values have been programmed.

    When you think about it, what we call a ‘country’ is nothing more than a large concentration of people who share common values. Over time, those values adjust and evolve. Today, cultures in many countries value things like fake security, subordination, and ignorance over freedom, independence, and awareness.

    When it appears more and more each day that those common values diverge from your own, all that’s left of a country are irrelevant, invisible lines on a map. I don’t find these worth fighting for.

    Nobody is born with a mandatory obligation to invisible lines on a map. Our fundamental obligation is to ourselves, our families, and the people that we choose to let into our circles… not to a piece of dirt that’s controlled by mob-installed bureaucrats.

    Moving away, i.e. making a calculated decision to seek greener pastures elsewhere, is not the same as ‘running away’… and I would argue that if you really want to affect change in your home country, moving away is the most effective course of action.

    The government beast in your home country feeds on debt and taxes, and the best way to win is for bright, productive people to move away with their ideas, labor, and assets. This effectively starves the beast and accelerates its collapse. Then, when the smoke clears, you can move back and help rebuild a free society.”

    Simon Black

    • Hi Ed
      Moving away is a very good idea. Take the taxes and pay them elsewhere. Thank you!

      I also think state nullification is a way to go. Note how a number of states (even if unfortunately not all of them) stepped forward to nullify the unconstitutional mandate over our own pocketbooks, the so-called health insurance bill. That the States stepped forward to nullify it, in the numbers that they did, is encouraging to me.

      I think there are solutions and we must simply keep on searching for what they are. To allow them to run over us roughshod is to be part of the problem.

      “Sometimes the greatest evils are committed by the silence of good people’ Edmund Burke.

      Note the word “Good” in there. He is right.

      Also, if we allow ourselves to be discouraged and let the government go without due legal pressure, then they will get the message that they can run over us roughshod. And that is just what they have done. The silence of Americans may very well be partly responsible for the uprising of dictatorship and control in America.

      To think that if we send ONE letter to Congress and don’t get the response we want, is to be discouraged, that’s silly. It takes a mob of millions. If ALL Americans participated, or if a GREAT DEAL of them did, we would have a different America.

      Similarly, if ALL Americans checked the Congressional voting record and read the texts of bills prior to voting for ANY Official, of any stripe or color, then we would have a different America.

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